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  1. Yeah, i really wanted to try the multiplayer but heard you can't use your own character if you join a game. Only experienced the single player. This I find strange though. I actually just finished working on a dungeon crawler called "Pocket RPG", you can view it here: Dungeon siege 3 does a lot of things right in how much control u have over the character actions and abilities. I love how you can string together moves to form combos but character customization is practically zero. But in the end I think what matters most is if you had fun, and I did. I had a great deal of it
  2. Just wanted to add my 2 cents and say that I was very pleased with Dungeon Siege 3. I am a huge fan of dungeon crawler games and the Obsidian team has made one of the best combat experiences I've so far played in one. Well done guys, keep up the awesome work!
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