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  1. Thanks SW - Yes I did get the DLC.. do you recommend completing the core game first or doing the DLC as soon as its an option? BTW Saints Row The Third suffered the same fate - great game, but just not what people wanted / expected from the previous titles. Here is hoping Obsidian takes another swing at the hack 'n slash genre... minus it being a sequel.
  2. Hello everyone.. first time poster on this forum. Anyways, I just picked up DS III on a whim off Steam as it was on sale. To be honest all I have heard is how the controls are bad and the camera is broken and how it is NOT a Dungeon Siege sequel... it's just too different from DS I and DS II.. so I was expecting to be let down.. but eventually the great screenshots made me think how can this game be so bad? I played a bit with the other classes but settled on the knight for my first play through, the first level, in the burned out mansion was actually pretty bad.. however I am now up to opening the first causeway and am really impressed with the game I really don't understand what the issues are! Mind you, i have been playing with the Microsoft PC controller from the get-go so that may be in my favour, and also I dropped all expectation of it being a dungeon siege game - which to be honest.. wasn't that great of a series to begin with. DS 1 was innovative and had some nifty load-less technical feature but other than that? And DS II I never enjoyed much, so no love lossed. A few hours into DS III and I started getting the thematic vibes from other games such as Dragon Age and *especially* Jade Empire - any of the dev team from Jade Empire? The combat can get a little technical, I was shocked that I actually had to block or evade attacks.. so that bumped it up a bit in my opinion from the mindless hack and slash. The AI seems to do an alright job with the fire chick, she usually casts an area heal when I need it and revives me when I'm down. Anyways I just felt compelled to come on here and give this game some fanboy service.. I haven't heard anything especially good about it - but coming from someone with a Diablo III beta key, DS III beats the snot out of Diablo III graphically. The only things I can criticize would be the multiplayer (I actaully have to back and see if there is even a multiplayer option) and the loot / inventory management screens.. I dunno I just prefer seeing a character /w slots rather than lists. So... wow what a great find! If this wasn't titled Dungeon Siege III and had a different lore background it probably would have been contender for GOTY... people feel misled about the title seems to be the biggest irk.
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