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  1. Right now, I say no, Obsidian should make this game and just them. If it takes off, then others that these guys have worked with in the past may come into the fold for future games.
  2. So it wasn't DS1 or 2 but I did enjoy the game. I enjoyed the combat, the characters, the art and the story. If I had to say something negative. it would be that there was no bow character I dig me some bows. Thank you Obsidian for making an enjoyable game that lets me escape into a different world.
  3. Sorry, I got my video games mixed up with my table top games. The video games were indeed gold box games, D&D 1st edition table top game was at one time released in a white box verion.
  4. I hope some of you people are left from the Black Isle days, if not sorry to bug. Black Isle actually is what got me back into gaming after a hiatus after the "White Box" games. Are Bishop and Fergus still there? If so Hi!
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