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  1. You can direct them to go to a location and they will stay there and fire if you don't want them rushing in. Very good option for ranged companions. Lots of times it is just stay where we are at the start of the fight, they stay, they shoot.
  2. FO3-FO4. yes this feels more like Bioware to me than Bethesda.
  3. You might want to check out some reshade mods and then tweak on your own, perhaps reduce saturation on the colors, that should tone it down quite a bit.
  4. This is a good question, I just figured the number in () under each Skill is the number we all enjoy and use, but I guess I don't really know that. I do know items with stat modifiers do not stack, the greatest number will be all that is needed. I thought Josh has talked about this in the past and he prefers stacking because it is easier for the game player to understand and I agree, not stacking adds a lot of going back and forth on the companions to max out what you could have, make sure you have one high in hack and then no one else uses hack mods, it becomes cumbersome. I thought his preference was stacking and then with that the bonuses singularly are not as great but have a higher top end if you really want to focus on a few, to me that is a better micro-managed situation.
  5. What if you changed their AI setting to Ranged only? I've kept balanced and I have noticed they switch between both.
  6. It's been a common theme lately for RPG's, but this game will need a balance pass and probably be part of a larger patch, possibly even an enhanced version, yes it is too easy on hard, Supernova has some weird difficulty choices to it, so I steered clear. Yes there is room to pick it apart, perhaps I just find the overall sum greater than the pieces. As far as more of your advanced concepts, yeah gaming has a long way to go and it's been a good while since barriers have been broken into new ground.
  7. If not mentioned, even when holstering on the PC, when you go idle and it shows the team in 3rd person, the weapon is still out. Small but noting.
  8. FO's and OW's to me have a very different gameplay vibe, the gameplay in OW to me is like an enhanced ME 1-3 gaming loop, multi-location, limited world scope. FO's to me felt much more like a isolated survival game in a wide open singular world, totally different in feel to me. I like both types, but the games to me are just different. The FO things to me are the terminals, the perks and the dialog pov.
  9. I do agree with you, realtime-pause combat is a mess to control, I don't have this game yet, but I know there are AI scripts you can build in POE2 and I look forward to trying them out, to me Obsidian needs to focus on that. Then we can play realtime and if the team isn't cutting it, we can go back to school and work on our scripts and try again. To me it makes an interesting game play mechanic. I'm playing Tyranny now realtime, because it just doesn't feel good TB (doesn't feel all that great real time either), the skill/spell choices seem ehh overall. So I drop difficulty down and just do my best spamming, which then brings up two issues. Only 1 skill bar available and the specific sections spells, skills, potions etc, there needed to be an option to always show all. It is incredibly bleh working this area in true real time, you have to open the darn section up and then trigger it. These games including the classics have always at best had a little frustration with them, realtime-pause to me feels like master of none. There are plenty of pure TB games now and those play great in general, I've always felt there was a world that should exist in realtime between TB and Diablo type ARPG's (spreadsheet blenders) and to me this is where Obsidian games wants to play in or should want to play in. Either make the UI much more manageable executing realtime orders to a group of characters or give us a superior scripting AI interface where part of building your character is building their attack/support scripts.
  10. Can't you turn the tables in Tyranny and pretty much go against the bad factions, taking the side of the oppressed? To me that makes if feel like you are the good guy again, but instead of one antagonist, you have two, double duty good guy. The reason I turned on them both is one side is taking over the world but it is splintered perfectly down the center with two factions that despise one another, so when the world is conquered you still have two opposing sides and inevitable civil war. I found that profoundly stupid and no peace there, so... a total purge of the aggressor was in order, since their plan was no better then the world prior.
  11. Yes to load times. Perhaps give us something like a ton of stats to look at while it loads. If you can't fix the time, give us something to chew on as we wait. As for the quick flirt. I have a family now of over 20 years and I met my wife out of the blue and it became romantic from the start, tons of people have similar stories. They don't all and in fact most don't fester like Sam and Diane (Cheers), love/lust at first sight is a real thing.
  12. My #1 issue with the first game. Look at these long and routine loading screens as sports commercials, ech. It isn't like most players don't have the horses, they need to pre-cahce some scenes.
  13. I seek and read them, being around the block enough, one should be able to read the room and figure where things are at and not get wrapped up in the emoitional. Would I be incorrect at this time to think PoE2 is a bit buggy and not tightly balanced, that some patches over the next couple months have a chance to fix? Because that is what I feel about the product currently. Reasonable?
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