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  1. It's not comparable to MS Office by any stretch of imagination, but it's probably enough for an average user and everyday use.
  2. Well, considering the way most BioWare titles are coded, it wouldn't surprise me it had a line of code to the effect of the following: if (System.CPU.Count > 1) System.Reboot(); Jokes aside, I guess that's possible, but I haven't encountered such errors with any other game - older or newer than KotOR1.
  3. This is probably one of the most bizarre problems I've had with a game so far. In anticipation of TSL completion, I decided to fire up KotOR1 to refresh my memory of the first game before delving into the (restored) sequel. So, I installed the game, downloaded and installed the patch 1.03, and installed two mods (one which restores the Carth "romance" and another which removes random turrent minigame occurences). Next, I started the game, configured the settings (it doesn't recognize my GPU so it recommends 800x600; I put it on 1280x1024 since a GF7900GS shouldn't have much trouble with a four year old game, right?), and started the game. After the Ebon Hawk image, the game... rebooted my computer. So, I tried once again, with same results. I fiddled with some settings, but the end result was identical. After the third restart, I got a Windows message saying that the OS managed to recover from a critical error. After that message, I am not really willing to risk any more spontaneous reboots. I considered registering at BW forums (which I really, really, really don't want to do) but decided to perform a search for the issue first. Sure enough, another guy had the exact same problem, and he never got the answer. Therefore, there is no point in me asking again. Any ideas? Here's my configuration: Intel Core2Duo E6400 2 GB RAM GF7900GS/256 MB (Forceware 93.71) Integrated sound card with latest drivers (although I tried disabling sound in KotOR and it didn't do anything... it still rebooted) Win XP SP2 with latest updates I do have DaemonTools installed on the computer, and, of course, a DVD-RW... but I've never had SecuROM do anything like this before.
  4. I originally finished Torment in one marathon session which lasted 36 hours (with bathroom breaks and two food breaks). These days, I rarely spend more than 2 hours per day gaming, although the total time I spend at the computer is 12+ hours daily (job+free time).
  5. Eh, the whole "Lolth is gone" storyline was just an excuse to justify the changing of Demonweb Pits into an independent plane, rather than a layer of the Abyss. She is back and everything is pretty much as it was, minus a few destroyed drow cities and such. Much ado (and a whole series of novels) about nothing, really.
  6. I got bored with it about halfway through. I'll probably finish it at some point, but it's horribly repetitive. Buy only at bargain bin price.
  7. Patch 1.04 decreased performance (particularly in the city) for me.
  8. 1. Too front-loaded. I would not give the sorcerer Bloodline Manifestation at 1st level; instead, delay the ability to 3rd level (which is pretty much a dead level for sorcerers) and adjust the progression accordingly. This also solves the issue I have with giving both Bloodline Manifestation and Sorcery at 10th level (avoid giving two such features at one level). 2. d6 HD is fine; this was the designers' intent in the first place 3. I don't really understand why you haven't rolled up Innuendo into Bluff as per 3.5 revision (and yes, I know this is not intended for 3.5, but you do have other house rules). From my experience, no one EVER takes the skill by itself. 4. Bloodline Manifestations are far from being internally balanced. You need to work on balancing the benefits, or assign a minimum level to each Manifestation. 5. I also feel that 6 sorceries is too much - that's more than bonus wizard feats per the core rules, and sorceries seem to be on par with feats, and more powerful in some cases. In case you decide to keep all 6, you need to provide a bigger list of available sorceries - as is, the player will have taken 6 of 7 options by 22nd level. 6. Stylized Arcane is worthless mechanically which means that it is not balanced with the other benefits; take a look at the revised Spell Thematics feat from Player's Guide to Faer
  9. Are the DVDs laid out the same as the other recent compilations? That is: BG1 DVD, TotSC CD, BG2 DVD, ToB CD, IWD DVD, HoW CD, IWD 2 CDs and I'm guessing NWN + exp DVD. BG1 DVD TotSC CD BG2 DVD ToB CD IWD DVD HoW CD IWD2 2xCD NWN 3xCD SoU CD HotU CD I am slightly disappointed by the large number of CDs in the compilation, I was hoping most of it would be packed on DVDs, but oh well.
  10. I just got the FR Deluxe Pack for about $55. Damn good value for 5 full games and 5 expansions, IMO.
  11. You can quote me on the fact that the Armageddon will happen in 2036. In fact, if you do a search of my posts on various forums, I am sure you can find one in which I've already said that. I speak with some authority on the matter, being an Archdevil and all.
  12. Latin is compulsory in Serbian high schools - one year of Latin for students on the science path, and two years for students on the social studies path.
  13. While the object of the sentence "I have a catapult," Habeo catapultam, is undeniably the catapult, when you change the sentence to "Catapult is mine," I think that the catapult is no longer the object - it is now the subject of the sentence. If this is the case, and linguists can correct me, then it should read "est mihi catapulta," or "catapulta mihi est," which is (IIRC) the preferred order of words in a sentence. Compare with Caesar's "alea iacta est," which has the same structure (and, incidentally, it's not "aleam" but "alea"). Hope this helps.
  14. If I only had the time to add that to the FAQ... /me goes back to work
  15. Once they get down to 50-ish, I'll fire up KotOR1 in preparation.
  16. Funny, that's what I'm doing with my shelf. (can't wait for MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron to come out in March)
  17. Microsoft's definition of what results in a "new personal computer" is variable and has changed at least three times since I started selling MS products. Last year, they were considering a combination of "motherboard + processor + hard drive" to be a computer, but I think it got shot down.
  18. Not quite true. You can stop being a Dustman if you admit to being immortal. You can stop being an Anarchist if you sell the Anarchists out to Godsmen.
  19. Unless your XP was also freshly installed, that's probably an illusion caused by a clean install.
  20. You've successfully piqued my interest. Which version of JA2 is needed for the mod? Will it work with Gold? Are patches necessary, or are they integrated into the mod?
  21. Are you aware that if you activate it on the eMachine, you won't be able to activate it on another computer without a MAJOR hassle?
  22. I have really grown fond of C# over the past couple of years. As for the IDE, Visual Studio 2005 has no equal that I've had a chance to see - although it's still far from perfect.
  23. Well, when WinME came out, Whistler was on the horizon. Whistler was the codename for Windows XP. I'm unaware of any other consumer operating system in development by Microsoft at the moment. Yes, that's commonly known history. I meant to say I currently consider Vista to be an unnecessary upgrade, like I did WinME. There'll be another edition of Windows so long as Microsoft continues to exist. It's just a matter of when. I see no reason why they should stop now; they've had a regular upgrade schedule (more or less) since releasing their first DOS product back in the 1980s. The operating system paradigm is shifting. From all I've heard, Vista is the last MS OS in the classic sense of that word. Unified OS upgrade is no longer something most users care about or want to go through.
  24. I already have it through my MSDN subscription. However, I am not going to install it until SP1 comes out, and even then it'll be on a secondary partition.
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