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  1. Saw Ted in the theater last night and I can recommend it - bear in mind that I don't generally like comedies, but this one just... worked. Then I saw Iron Sky at home and I am not entirely sure if I like it or not.
  2. I voted "no" because I honestly believe the house mini-game should not eat up such a huge amount of development resources, which are going to be extremely limited. I think the house/stronghold stuff should be mostly left for the second installment in the series - you know, the one where they already have the world, the rules, and the engine pinned down. People are having loads of unreasonable expectations already.
  3. This is a purely commercial decision, not a developer/designer one, so, Feargus, if you're reading this: PLEASE. NO. DLC. WHATSOEVER. Expansion packs, OTOH, are fine.
  4. As we ALL know, PST purposefully avoided dwarves, elves, fireballs, swords, and armor, despite the fact that Planescape (as a setting) incorporated all those elements.
  5. Perhaps there can be a version of Visceris in every town in the game? They would all use the exact same character model, have a very similar outlook/attitude, but have different names.
  6. Yes. They are 14-15 feet tall, completely bald, wear chainmail leotards, generally wield rapiers and bows, and speak with a French accent.
  7. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, and which one should be used depends a lot on the exact nature of the game. I lean more towards skill-based systems, but a well-executed class system (that supports robust multiclassing) can be just as fun.
  8. Yup. http://www.jazz2online.com/jcf/images/macro/
  9. The protagonist and up to five party members, with the ability to drop party members and then pick them up again at convenient locations without too many detriments.
  10. I sure remember you from way back then I picked those two at random, but there are so many different memories that we all share that it'd be impossible to list them all.
  11. In my conservative estimate, the game development cost will be much, much higher than $1.1M. Consider just the size of the team that must work on it and their annual salaries and we're already way over the initial figure. And that doesn't include a lot of stuff that must be contracted. I very much hope that the Kickstarter brings in at least 5M, and 7M would make me confident that Obsidian can complete the game without financial hardships.
  12. Stop the presses, we have breaking news: I agree with Volourn.
  13. Let's do a roll call of The Old Guard. You are qualified if you (1) know what BISIMG stands for; (2) know who primarily controlled the Overseer account; and (3) remember these two pieces of information from your own experience, not from reading about them somewhere. This is not meant to be an elitist thread, merely a place for us old farts to reminisce about the (good) old times.
  14. Fan input is a double-edged sword: if you listen to the fans too much, you may steer away from your original idea and deliver something that you are not 100% behind. On the other hand, if you don't listen to the fans at all, you may be out of touch with what your customers actually want. Probably the best approach is to take the ideas you already have and pitch them to the public to see their reactions. Josh did this for several aspects of IWD2, and I believe it ultimately helped the game become something more than a mere IWD expansion pack (as originally envisioned by Feargus).
  15. Jeremy Soule is, unfortunately, probably too expensive for this project. Mark Morgan would be my first choice, but I would love to have at least one theme composed by every single composer who worked on IE games: Morgan, Hoenig, Soule, Zur, etc. That would be a true homage to these great artists.
  16. I think giving Visceris an homage in Eternity is a wonderful idea. Despite whatever quirks he may have had, he was truly passionate about Interplay/BIS/Obsidian, and all that passion should warrant a recognition.
  17. Hello. I actually stopped by a couple of weeks ago, it must have been a premonition of some sort (or, perhaps, the work of one of my diabolical informers).
  18. TBH and the cancelled F3 used 3D engines and looked almost EXACTLY like IE games / original FO. Citing NWN, a game that looked dated the day it came out, is not a good example of why a 3D engine should not be used. There are loads of reasons for using a 3D engine, and pretty much the only reason against is nostalgia.
  19. Haven't played Rolemaster, but my friends who have say that it's a very fun system, provided you ignore all the rules. Personally, I'm intimidated by all those tables. In other related news, I'm probably going to buy the Enchanced Editions, although I'm not holding my breath.
  20. This, I think, is a top sign that you should play more games. Examples? I start a lot of games, but very few of them manage to capture my attention these days. Arkham Asylum had it all - story, characters, learning curve, gameplay, graphics, music, and voice acting. The few minor qualms I had about the game were so insignificant compared to the game's merits that they are barely worth mentioning.
  21. A couple of years ago, I became the lead developer in the company I've been working for since 2000. ATM, we are working on the third version of our insurance information system (not the most exciting area in the world...). Lots of work and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of stress (since my job includes analysis, design, development, testing, I'm rarely playing computer games these days. The last two games I actually finished were King's Bounty: Armored Princess and Batman: Arkham Asylum (best damn game I've played in a decade). I simply do not have the time or the focus to play longer games these days (never managed to finish the Witcher, despite liking it quite a bit). I play PnP often, on average once per week - but some weeks are crazier than others (three saessions last weekend - played in one Mage: the Awakening session, ran one Planescape session and one FR session). The system I'm using is a homebrewed version of D&D I've been working on for the past 3 years.
  22. Gah... I just read that Visceris passed away last year. That just sucks, regardless of the many arguments we've had over the years (over a decade... damn). I hope others are well...
  23. So, I've been away for a while. A long while. What's new? Are the old regulars still... regular?
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