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  1. I hope so. There was a job listing indicating so https://www.dualshockers.com/avowed-game-xbox-pc-multiplayer-cross-platform-leak/?amp Obsidian made one of the best RPG co-op games I've played: neverwinter nights 2. RPG, story and co-op are a great mix, as seen on baldurs Gate (the old ones), icewind dale, divinity and baldurs gate 3. People that say otherwise don't have good friends to play a good story together, probably never played tabletop RPG (like dungeons and dragons) or never played these games I mentioned. If it has co-op, it has single player as well, so it's a win win situation Hopefully Microsoft games don't turn out like Sony's: too focused on solo.
  2. I would love co-op as well. I mean, you already play with some npc companions... It's sad so few RPG games feature co-op, when it has been proved it works greatly with co-op, as seen on neverwinter nights, divinity, baldurs gate etc
  3. All of my friends saw only one problem in this game: the camera (especially on multiplayer). Aparte from that, the game is awesome. The reviews compare to Sacred 2?s, but I think this game sells a lot of copies
  4. Rafoca: - Any plans on developing Dungeon Siege IV; also what about Neverwinter Nights 2 for consoles? - You guys seem to know a lot of how co-op works and DS3 is a proof of that, but why the decision on the shared screen? Thanks!
  5. MonkeyLungs is not trolling. He is disappointed with the game. I know how he feels. It sux hyping a game that turns out to be completely different than you expected. It is disappointng as hell. He is trying to get his voice heard and there are others like him that share his thoughts. As for me, I ignored some things I dislike in the game and I am having a blast, but some people can?t do it sometimes. I couldn?t have a blast with Two Worlds 1, but I kow a lot of people had fun ignoring all the terrible mistakes that game had.
  6. I wish we could get an expansion. I am loving this game. The only problem is really the camera. The rest is awesome. I could think of some ideas that would leave it even better, but this game rox
  7. Yeah. The camera really needs some fixing. I wish I cuold zoom in to see how my character looks in co-op
  8. - Keep the combat system and co-op (except for the shared screen). - More spells (polymorph spell, please) - Different races to play - More freedom
  9. I loved the fact you ton?d have potions at all.
  10. Very true. At least on consoles, I haven?t found a single bug yet. They really should let us "zoom in" in co-op, as well as leaving us with more freedom with the camera and screen.
  11. The funny thing is that the small 360 patches actually fixes a lot of things. If you have PS3 and XBOX 360, the same patch fixing the same things on both consoles would be like: 4mb on xbox 360 and 40mb on PS3.
  12. Hi, guys! I want to write this to encourage you to play the game. I am having so much fun playing the whole game in online co-op with my brother. I?ve been skeptic about the co-op aspects of this game because of what people told here. Poeple are right in a lot of their comments. Co-op is not perfect, but it has some things other co-op games don?t have. Before playing co-op: if you want to finish the game in co-op, play with someone that will only play if you are online, that way you will get the feeling that the co-op character you are playing is yours. If you enjoy the story and dialogues, find a partner that likes it too. Things that went right with co-op: Sharing - you share the gold and the inventory with your fellows, so anyone can pick anything from the ground, because it will end up showing in the same inventory. Also, the loot is exclusive to the characters, so when you see an item that belongs to Reinhart (as an example) it will show his portrait in the loot, so if any other character gets this loot, it will show directly on Reinharts part of the inventory. Everyone can sell everything that is not equipped in the merchants, even if the item belgons to another character. I loved that. Note: the loot actually changes the appearence of your character, but since there isn?t a bigger version of your character on the inventory (Obsidian mistake), maybe you won?t notice the changes in the beginning. Abilities - Your abilities really help in co-op. Don?t let people fool you: this game was made for co-op. You can feel that when you play with friends. This game features a lot of nice abilities and powers to get. I really enjoyed it. Dialogues - When the host strarts a conversation with important NPC?s the game will focus on it, so even the co-op partners will see what happens (similar to neverwinter nights), with the difference that players can select what answers they would rather the host chooses. So, in fact, everyone feel that are part of the story too. Never stop action - you don?t depend on your friends to unpause the game and follow you, because the AI take over their characters everytime they enter the menu screen, similar to Left 4 Dead. Nice addition this one. Local and online co-op mixed - Nice touch. You can play local and online at the same time, even with a guest logged. Things that didn?t go right with co-op: Camera - I?ve playing the whole game in 2 player co-op and the camera really got on our way sometimes, because everyone share the same screen. Camera rotation is exclusive from all players, but you will alll be tied to the same screen nonetheless. It is not so bad and it is perfectly playable, but it could be better. Also, you can?t zoom in to see how nice your character (and your friends?) are looking. Now, I imagine how chaotic would be playing co-op in 4 players. But I got passed of this issue and I am having a lot of fun, but it needs improvement. Your Character is not yours - As I mentioned above, if you get to play all the time with the same people, this won?t be groundbraking at all, but if you don?t have some good friends, that will be an issue to you. 4 players offline co-op - Where is my 4 players local co-op? General notes: the controls work like a charm with the xbox 360 controller.; this game is similar to how I imagine co-op could work in Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Overall, I think Obsidian did a great job implementing some features we are not so used to see in co-op games. I just wish they could change the camera. They need to fix this. But, in the end, I am glad I bought 2 copies (one for me and another for my brother), cause we are having a lot of fun. Thank you!
  13. *facepalm* I'm glad that you enjoy the game enough that you want it improved (that is a good thing!). But I think you need to broaden your scope of understanding. Read some developer notes and comments as well as listen to this PodCast http://ia700500.us.archive.org/11/items/Cl...Episode_056.mp3. The game was designed around consoles and then ported to computer. Which means they have a console focus for this game. Normally PC gamers would complain to high heaven about this but Obsidian did a decent job of making the average PC gamer feel like they considered them and their style of gaming as well. Although they sort of botched the Keymapping issue but only because they ran out of time and had to hand the game over to SquareEnix to publish the game. Which is why Obsidian is doing damage control and giving the PC gamers a "hotfix patch" in order to lessen the blow-back ire from the PC crowd. Most of the other issues are shared across platforms so you can rest assured your console issues are being fully considered by Obsidian. You bet the fixes will come to PC faster because of the simple fact that is easier "uploading" a PC patch. On consoles, you have to pass MS certification and pay for the second patch and forth (the first one, at least as stated some years ago, is free). The good thing about console games are that they usually have much less things to patch than PC versions, but we, console users, are used to be left behind, even when the game is developed firts on consoles. I?ve seen that happening several times
  14. Hotfix Probably just solved 1-2 minor issues. Was probably the one for the console texture bug. 4mb is considered a big patch on xbox live. Maybe there is something more, or maybe the textures thing required all 4mb. Thanks!
  15. My game arrived and I put it on my console yesterday for the first time. I was prompted to download a 4mb patch, but I didn?t see anything related here in the forums. Can anyone explain? Thanks
  16. It seems the fixes are targeting only the PC version. I own DS3 on console!!! I wish the fixes for consoles.
  17. Are there any news on the console patch? I wonder if the multiplayer camera will ever be patched.
  18. Some games are just lame (not saying anything about DS3, btw), and that isn
  19. The only thing downgraded is the graphics. The rest, if any, is dev
  20. Yes. Also, it is known that the more you put in the game the more you have to sacrifice the graphics in order to everything run ok. I am amazed on how Sacred 2 looks better and have more depth. The natural thing would be Sacred 2 looking worse because it has much more features than DS3. I can imagine how great the game could be today on consoles if Ascaron have not bankrupted. Those guys were talented. I had some framerate and slowdowns in Sacred 2, but I also got in DS3, but in areas that, to me, should not happen at all. Btw, I love the water in Sacred 2.
  21. But everything have mixed opinions. This same argument would be valid for everything in life, because there will always be people that like something and people that don
  22. I have to say something about the graphics. I hate to say this, but I played Sacred 2 yesterday and that game looks better than DS3. Wow!
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