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  1. What would you post about if EA did go bankrupt?
  2. I think that could actually be an interesting idea. I don't know if there are any security concerns by giving users access for X time, but I think it sounds... well, sound
  3. If you play a game all the way through until completion, it obviously couldn't be THAT poor of a game. I'm much more forgiving for the guy that tries a game for a bit and then deletes it, rather than someone that plays a game through its entirety, and then makes rationalizations for why he shouldn't bother paying for it.
  4. What purpose does this serve over the already existing forms of suicide?
  5. Hmmm, I'm not sure where I found 8 million. So let's assume my bum! It was up to 4.7 million in a couple months: http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2008/11/fallout-3-launc/ If you believe unreliable VGCharts, the combined 360 and PS3 sales top out at around 6 million. http://gamrreview.vgchartz.com/browse.php?name=Fallout+3 Mass Effect 2 may be a follow up, but I wouldn't be surprised if Fallout 3 sold more than ME and ME2 combined. ME2 is a follow up to a game that sold decidedly less. Even if you just focus on the 360, New Vegas is a follow up to a better seller still. And New Vegas did a good job of not deviating too much from the FO3 formula. So I wouldn't at all be surprised if New Vegas continued to see success from the "non hardcore RPG" market <gasp>.
  6. It's not really that surprising when you think about the fact that it's a follow up to a game that sold upwards of 8+ million copies. That said I'm happy for their success.
  7. I'm pretty sure BioWare is already well aware that no solution to anything is going to be ideal for everyone lol.
  8. Disagree immensely. You can argue that it can be improved upon (and it can), but I love that it actually exists. Blowing out chunks of wall as someone is hiding behind it is copious amounts of fun in the game.
  9. Do you really think this is Volourn not liking KotOR2 and us getting angry and not Volourn trolling the crap out of everyone? If you just think he's trolling you then why do you keep responding to him?
  10. I'm not sure if this is actually the case, or if it's become that way as a part of the rationalizations of piracy. Googling the definition often comes up with someone taking property without paying for it. Why would "property" not include intellectual property. Because honestly, I've never understood why people get their panties in such a bunch when people DO refer to piracy as stealing.
  11. It's probably more along the lines of Square Enix is not exactly doing awesome and probably needs some money aka "Hurry up and get it out the door bceause we need to recoup some investment!"
  12. Based on the copious amount of new threads started by him, he certainly seems... chatty.
  13. I hurt my hand pounding your fist
  14. KOTOR 2 doesn't have Carth! That's a huge plus.
  15. Sorry, but if you're asking Sovereign to just chill back and relax while taking pot shots, and for the Alliance to run away from the Citadel in order to engage at a "proper range" when some seemingly invincible force is heading right for them (one that happily plows through other ships without blinking an eye), then you're being absurd.
  16. The tactics thing was a wonderful inclusion. In fact, assuming the tactics actually work, then the game devs DID handle it. Unless you're implying that the characters should always behave in some other predefined way with no influence over how it works is somehow a positive :S
  17. Of course it didn't. Or were you expecting the Reapers to abide by the same doctrines as the Citadel fleet and not rush in so it can take control like it actually did? The Citadel makes perfect sense, even with the codex statement. It wasn't a conventional fight, and was, as stated, unique and desperate. What other space battles in the game feature dreadnought class ships going at it? It's been a long time so I do not remember. Or is the only one you have to go on the Citadel fight, which is a situation where one should not expect that standard doctrines be adhered to. Space battles themselves are a relatively small part of the entire experience in the Mass Effect games. Unless you're hoping for the cutscene to actually include downtime during the cooling of the weapons. Might as well nitpick why people don't use the bathrooms.
  18. Was there another space combat that wasn't involving just the Normandy? THere was the Citadel fight, but that was a pretty unique (and desperate) encounter.
  19. Eh, I don't know if fans would have been okay with "We're ignoring KOTOR 2 outright." I especially don't know if Lucas and all the messed up system they have for canon would have been okay with it. I wouldn't have liked it if they just ignored it, personally. Then wtf was the point? And I think Lucasarts/film/whatever has engrained it into the actual lore of the game, so BioWare wouldn't be able to just out and out ignore it. I'm curious how much of the game will touch on Revan and the Exile's history. 500 years ago is kinda old news type stuff. Having said that, I don't think that there would have been a KOTOR 3 otherwise, so IMO I don't understand why so many are up in arms. It reminds me a lot of the Fallout fans getting all upset about Fallout 3, even though the "true" Fallout 3 they all wanted clearly wasn't going to be made.
  20. I remember COD2 having health regen, but frankly I don't remember much about the game aside from some tank battles, which weren't that great. Though, for myself, this is probably more of an indictment against COD2 as a whole rather than the health regen aspect. Given all the IW drama that has gone on, it does sound like COD2 was the "phone it in" game that they felt had to be made in order to make Modern Warfare.
  21. Personally I spot on agree with their assessment of the health regen. I still die plenty on games like Modern Warfare (only played the first) with health regen, but never run into situations where I find myself scavenging for a health pack and having to reload an older save and redoing an encounter several times simply because I didn't need to just win the encounter, but also needed to make sure I win it with X% of health lest I find the part immediately after that teeth pulling difficult. Ironically, this is something I did have to do with the original Call of Duty (for the record, both MW and COD are FPS games that I really, really enjoy). When games have less forgiving health mechanisms, I typically just find myself spamming quick save a lot.
  22. Uh oh, those Extra Credits guys talking about why Health Regen can be a good thing (as well as a bad thing). Among other things of course. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/vie...Designer-Part-1
  23. That was only during the climax in denerim wasn't it?
  24. Does it really? Is that the deciding factor here? Are there a bunch of guys on the fence who are going to now run to pre-order the game because it has fellatio? Maybe there are, I guess I am disconnected. I was referring to why the magazine ran with the article. Look at the buzz it created in just this thread.
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