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  1. I played FO3 on 1920x1080 and super-duper detail, and examined some of the millions of super mutants in the game up close. Not the issue. It was simply a model / texture thing. A brilliant and practical way to handle texture space / engine constraints, I must say. A mix between yellow, green and red, distributed on various parts of the body. Mostly yellow honestly.
  2. The fact that MW games let you customize your character any way you want is awesome, I must say... But it must be avoided in a class based game system like in BF games. All in all it goes to show BF games are squad games, CoD games are lone wolf games. Personally I prefer the squad way. And I disagree that the classes are poorly balanced. For example the "weakling" assault class can actually be a monster anti-personnel / room cleaner dude with his 40mm grenades + improved explosive kit + endless ammo supply. And the "tank-killa" sniper is pretty much screwed at close range. I know, I've been both. The point system also highly encourages players to "do their thing". Resupplies, revives, heals, motion sensor assists etc. (in a round, as medic, I remember getting 4000+ or so points with less than 10 kills) so even if you're playing with complete strangers, it's not uncommon for a decent squad to form on it's own, naturally / spontaneously. But it's a sad truth that the game indeed punishes newcomers. Otoh, it took me a week or so to get to lvl 15-ish and I have all the equipment (and more) that I need to go against lvl 30-40 players, so no big deal. Also, if you are determined to play a single class for about 3 days, and you're at least as good a player as I am (and I'm not that good) you can get nearly all the weapons / gadgets for that class. This is also from personal experience.
  3. ^^^^ EDIT: Looks like I'm a bit late, as always. ^^^^ The ones I played so far (all on the PC): - MW - SP & MP - MW2 - SP - BC2 - SP & MP - Modern Warfare (the first one) was a decent game overall when it was "the thing" but I wouldn't recommend it at this point. - I played both MW2 and Bad Company 2 single player on hardest setting. MW2 was definitely harder, longer, and more enjoyable (God, what the hell did I just say ) - I can't vouch for MW2 MP since I haven't played it, but [some] people seem to hate it, for some reason... But BC2 MP is just awesome, played it both alone and with a close friend, great fun either way. - NONE of the games we're talking about here are worth the price only for SP. Just so you know. Hope it helps.
  4. I haven't noticed before (not that I was looking very closely) but supermutants have definitely seen some work. Not the exact same assets as we were told originally. They still look a bit like orcs (or The Incredible Hulk, or Frankenstein, or, or... ) but at least they're detailed orcs now.
  5. I don't think they were unsuccessful in putting skills into San Andreas. In fact, I think the skills in San Andreas is a major part of why I think that's the best GTA to date. That and the gigantic world, of course. To me, it was immensely satisfying to notice improvements in my character after playing for a number of hours. I could run longer, I could bike faster (and not fall off as easily), I could drive cars better, I could shoot, reload and aim better and so on. I actually think those skills worked better than the skills in most RPG's! Mainly because after playing San Andreas for 100 hours, I still hadn't maxed out anything except the weapon skills. I still had improvements to make. In most RPG's, there's an upper limit to the skills you're advancing and you usually reach if pretty early in the game. Not so in San Andreas. Personally, I liked the skill system in SA, I meant it wasn't successful financially / publicly*. And that's not all that surprising considering it was a bit "experimental". If they indeed put skills or a similar RPG aspect in RDR (like the reputation system) I think this time it'll be smoother, more matured, and readily available to a wider audience. *I think the target audience simply couldn't "connect" with the system.
  6. In GTA IV, you could see the first attempts at implementing a C&C system for R* games, though the consequences were generally small . I still remember Niko saying "decisions, decisions..." near the end of the game, which was like *HINT HINT* They simply like mixing genres, I guess. Which is something I'm comfortable with I love when done succesfully. They tried putting "skills" in San Andreas but I think it wasn't very succesful so they dropped it in GTA IV. They're again going for something like that in RDR, aren't they? Or am I simply misinformed?
  7. Just to be clear about my previous post, I do want to learn about & discuss game mechanics (like the companion wheel or repair system or damage threshold and the red shield etc.). I just don't want to learn anything about the game that could potentially ruin the story / plot / surprises / whatnot. And I don't want to learn about the game mechanics / gadgets that could make me go "wow" if I didn't know about them beforehand, to put it simply. Like that orbital laser thingy which is a little bit of both. And I know about it. I might even find it "lame" in-game now, let alone say "wow". Even seeing Tabitha for the first time would give me a good laugh, which it won't now. I know these are simply PR things and are probably inevitable, but, you guys see what I mean, right?
  8. I read it, and forgot where I read it. Not sure which one is worse...
  9. I laughed real hard at that, for some reason... About the game, just to be clear, I'm one of those people who are very excited about this game, and also quite dissapointed by the fact it's console exclusive. Wow, that's a lot of commas.
  10. Back on topic, I'll definitely check out this "Xenogears". I found out that Xenosaga is not only a spiritual successor, but also a prequel (not officially, of course) to Xenogears. And almost everything I read about it was positive. See, like this one. Seriously though, I quoted your post to say that they originally planned 6 games.......... And then I remembered where I read that: ... The internet is a scary place.
  11. I would recommend that you get a PS2/USB adapter and a controller if you are planning to go the emulator way. It makes things much easier, although regular gamepads work as well. Gamepads / controllers are a big part of what I meant by "basics". I'll be an epic n00b with it, but still... Hm, maybe I'll just borrow one controller from my friend and give it a shot. Whatever... Again, thanks.
  12. Don't see why you can't do both. Well you see, I'm not exactly a console guy. I haven't owned one in a longer time than I care to remember. I would be lost in the basics instead of playing the game. But I might give it a try if I buy these games. After all like I said it'll be free in my case.
  13. VEHICLES FTW !!! Yes, I'm serious. Same here. I don't want the story to be ruined just because we're curious. It may sound weird, but that's the reason I like discussing the "potential" mechanics & plot elements / lore and not getting an actual response from the developers, especially about story. The more they throw at us right now, the less we'll have on our plate come dinner time. My work here is done. Running away now.
  14. From what I read on the net, you should definitely play all of them if you play one, because the plot / story aspect is the true strenght of this series (along with the soundtrack ), and because yes, they are heavily intertwined if not a "direct continuation" of each other. Thanks for the reminder, it might even be free in my case. I can borrow my friend's PS2, good to know they're all PS2. But I have a decent rig, so I'll go the emulator way if I can. Now I need to actually find the games and buy them... Thanks for this as well. Emulation for beginners.
  15. fixed HA! Good Fun! Now that I think about it, it is "good fun". I don't want it as well, simply because it's a bit overused as FO cover. Much like The BoS is overused in FO3 and now will make only a small appearence (if at all) in NV. Like I said, it's just a fresh breath of air imo, I don't have a problem with Power Armor (except that the overall design of it could use a little work).
  16. I think people meant generic as in "not fitting for a unique setting like Fallout's". But, meh... I think every game (or movie, or song, or book...) is a bit generic and a bit unique in their own right. No big deal.
  17. @ Atom523 First, thanks for taking the time to write all this, seriously. Second, "45-60 minutes long" cutscenes? Like, one, uninterrupted cutscene? That doesn't bother me at all but it's definitely something new to me (yeah, I haven't really played the FF series ). Having read through your post, I'll definitely have to check these games out. I wonder if a "Trilogy Pack" is available... Will check it out and write about it. Edit: O.K. there's no Trilogy pack or anything, but that wasn't the painful part for me. Typical of me to not even think that a JRPG would be PS exclusive. Goes to show how much of a h4rdc0r3 PC gamer I am; not that it actually does any good for me. Maybe it's time I started digging around for some console emulators. I used DOSBox, how hard could the others be?
  18. Fact: My best friend had never played Portal until a couple of days ago, and didn't know what was so special about it. Then he watched the trailer. Then he got The Orange Box. Then he played Portal. The game was awesome. He was happy. - The End - Edit: Then Portal became free. Thankfully there are a lot of games in the Box and he bought it mostly for TF2.
  19. Damn! Now you got me interested too! That "marvellous diamond" you mentioned is a Yuki Kajiura song (also listen to this one if you haven't). A composer that made me hunt for some anime & related manga that I wouldn't be aware of otherwise. Shame she isn't well-known outside the anime world. I saw the list on youtube, some songs (maybe all?) are definitely her work. Guys, MOAR INFO on the game(s). Pretty please? p.s.: Both songs are from the 2nd disc of Xenosaga III soundtrack.
  20. I can definitely agree with that. Lose the guy and it would be pretty awesome with just the Vegas strip in the distance and the great logo. I would also agree with that, if we were talking about a book cover. As the box cover for a game, I think it's near-perfect in that it communicates the general setting of the game (alternate Vegas in a desolate wasteland) to every potential buyer, while still getting "attention" from the not-so-picky-about-their-games customers. As a gamer (and not an art critic), I'll probably see the cover only a couple of times before, you know, I actually start playing the game. Which is the reason I'll buy it in the first place... But still, "No Power Armor" is a fresh breath of air for the "face" of this new game.
  21. YES ! That's the little bit of info I couldn't find on Steam. Spreading the word starting..... now. Seriously, nobody should lose this chance. Not at this price.
  22. *shrug* Personally, I don't have a problem with its "obviousness".
  23. IMO as long as it's integrated to the game nicely (or even the whole franchise; in other words, Fallout universe) the fun factor is o.k. Not even just "o.k.", but great. Even excessive fun / goofiness. And if we're so confident in Obsidian's writing & story talent (we are, aren't we?) than I see no problem whatsoever there.
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