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  1. Limbaugh is still peddling that line? I guess the classics never get old. I assume the last 30 pages or so are about the same?
  2. Looks like a standardish serif font. Can't think of the name. Just to go to like dafont.com and grab stuff like:
  3. So, multiple protagonists or something. Maybe at specific dialogue node points, allowing for different player-created party members to interject into the conversation. Could be interesting. Could also seem very random. We'll see. In any case, as much as I liked the party members in MOTB, I'm fine with personality-less party members. Worked fine in IWD. My main concern would lie more with how NWN2's engine isn't that great, and having emphasis put on combat might potentially backfire, given how it's certainly not the engine's strength. Implement turn-based, jerks. Maybe they can talk to any number of the people that did it in NWN1 or other games (UOAbigail's was released publicly iirc for one). The scripting is out there, isn't conceptually difficult and isn't even that tedious. I like general turn of the game focus, have some reservations on how they can deliver it if major engine changes are off the table.
  4. You made this topic on the wrong forum. Start NWN2 then go read Brothers Karamazov while it makes sure you don't have a parrot on your shoulder. What French describes isn't the end of the world, as long as you've run the game within 10 days and it was able to connect to the server (thread linked in article). However Derek French is a writer who has shown a remarkably poor grasp of technical issues in the past. Bioware's NWN1 auth server is a joke security-wise and goes down for the count often (it's been a while, maybe they've improved--it would die Friday night like clockwork for the longest time two years ago). Well, it's also the NWN2 auth server and was up a few hours ago, but it's still utterly trivial to play on anyone's account Granted reading Bio dev posts for the last few years, it's pretty obvious I'll never play another of their games anyway. I'll summarize: RockStar doesn't have a clue about how to make a game.
  5. So why even try to make a sequel to a game that sold fewer copies than some NWN1 crappy community efforts were downloaded (i.e. a Stefan Gagne or Adam Miller module)?
  6. I thought that was the point of selling the specially prices 29.95 game guide to the drool dispensers? Granted that money probably isn't going anywhere near the people that actually built the game...
  7. System reqs on World of Warhammer? If you can plug tab a into slot b you can probably get two. Let's see: - Video (8800 gt equivalent) ~ $250 - 3 or 4 GB decent DDR2 RAM ~$150 - Mobo ~$100 - CPU ~$150 - Power ~$100 - HDDx2ish ~$150 - Sound, DVD r/w ~$50 - Whatever you want to waste on an OS. - Monitor: decent 22" LCD ~$300 Yeah, easily. Can't imagine a game coming out within a year that wouldn't run decently on the above.
  8. 900% actually. I guess he can't do math while he rants. Doesn't matter, take his 50% scenario. If the suits can't be convinced that is a problem, why the hell would you want to work for them? That's what they get paid 10x as much money as you to handle so you can do the heady game-design stuff they can't.
  9. Hayes and DC 2000 immediately come to mind, stupid facts. Luckily failing your poli sci course means winning at life.
  10. I don't see what you're saying. To me it reads nerf clerics except those who follow a militant religion? Anyway, here's one variant.
  11. still, it depend on how the dogma thing is implemented... It is non-existent in NWN. I liked the 2E rule according to which clerics could only use bludgeoning and blunt weapons (we could also add their deity's favored weapon). I don't understand why such restrictions were removed in 3E when Druids still cannot wear metallic armor and are proficient with a very specific set of weapons. What do you guys think of the changes I have suggested? That's the point I would have made. Wizards are inconvenienced by a few things like anti-magic field (inconvenienced, not helpless), and I'll wager clerics have looser restrictions than Paladin in most games... As for your suggestions, everything in NWN1 is determined by the power of items available. If you have immunity to all spell schools and potions of heal and Greater Restoration and +20 weapons, there is no point to playing a cleric except to have 5 fewer BAB. On a server that uses items with comparable power to stock items, I'd address stacking effects of certain spells (especially AB increasers) and things that are outright ridiculous like Holy Word probably before tinkering with what feats they get by default and things like hitdie. In core PnP, it's things like Divine Power and Righteous Might that take clers over the top...either fix the range: personal part or rework those spells to be in line with other buff spells.
  12. There's a reason that I make clerics when playing out of the box rules and want an easy time of it in NWN* NWN1 is 30 point buy, NWN2 is 32...there's little reason not to get a little bump in int plus there's the Trickery domain power to cover that you have less skill points than anything else. The fighter gets uppity about his feats, Hold Person him and coup de grace him with a sling You don't get Grasping Hand which is the win button in NWN* for some dumb reason (Bigby hands are underpowered if anything in PnP, there's many counters and weaknesses to them). You don't get the horribly OP Isaac's. Otherwise you get a huge and versatile spell list plus more spell slots than any other casting class. PnP like NWN1 depends on what books you use, how the world is set up, how you interpret rules and house rules. Outside of the divine metamagic + Nightsticks cheese (like spell metamagic except it burns turn undead uses, Nightsticks are a cheap source of turn undead so in a fight you quicken righteous might, divine power and divine favor as your swift action if not a quickened empowered flame strike or something then melee like the fighter--outside Tome of Battle I don't think there's anything a fighter can do as a swift action) I'd say don't go nuts and you shouldn't be Clericzilla. Druidzilla on the other hand In general, I'm not quite as sure of the supreme power of magic as say Frank magic >>> everything Trollman (note that when discussing PnP as it's written you'll normally see a lot of agreement that direct damage is usually the poorest option for what a caster should do with his time).
  13. Still leaves 3174 posts on which I disagree with you The only immersion was in how the world reacted to your character: water, grass and the like, which Obsidian devs should take a damn hint from. Story immersion was almost non-existent: fourth wall broken every 30 seconds in some unfunny way, convoluted plot (granite octopus territory here), huge railroading. The mini-game healing system was probably the worst idea at least in how it was presented, etc...
  14. Exciting new image selections Haven't bothered with too many other ways to waste time recently.
  15. Imbred hicks. WoW their major export was booze. No hos or dope. They sucked. I would prefer to wipe them off New Reno but you'll get that nasty killing kids tag and that makes Sulik leave. Which is stupid that he leaves since he's the one who kills them in combat. More irony! The Wrights are the only way to get Skynet--and that's the NPC you want if you're going to be running around killing kids. Not only doesn't he complain about anything you do, he heals himself to boot...which means more drugs for Myron
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