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  1. Definitely feel this would be a great addition
  2. I would like some sort of machine gun on a turret that fires thorns or seeds or pebblets... would be great to add that to a base tower to defend against hostile flying creatures.
  3. Honestly I don't have a problem with "Insta-death" situations as long as the player knows the risks going in. For example, if I am just starting out the game and I knowingly pick a fight with a wolf spider, it is entirely appropriate that I reap the consequences. The Larva feels a little unfair because you don't actually know what's under the dirt... you go into the situation with limited knowledge. Therefore an instant death feels like a punishment rather than a just consequence for being adventurous.
  4. Thanks, I'll avoid spoilers for now and try to find it on my own.
  5. ^^^ No, I haven't heard of that at all. I'll keep my eye out. Thanks!
  6. So, is the issue that they added mosquitoes right on top of your base with a new update? Can you not make a run for it, or load a backup save where you are in another location? I'm not understanding exactly... I mean, the mosquitoes do pursue over way too far a distance, but they will eventually stop chasing you. You may just have to build somewhere else. Have you tried starting a new game? The creatures do definitely level up as you obtain higher-tiered items. I'm currently using Tier II items, and I rarely die unless I'm deliberately picking a fight with something beyond my level. I'm still
  7. Dear Devs, when you announced after the last major update that Larva would possibly be a surprise when digging for Grubs, I was excited. Now I hate it. You want us to make smoothies (like, that's a big part of the game, no?). But finding Grubs for Grub Goop is nearly impossible now unless you make that your sole mission. I haven't found a Grub in my last 3 sessions - It's always Larva. It would be a total joke trying to make Grub Armor now, especially since the armor set isn't even that good. The only reason I can still make smoothies is because I had ample Grub Goop saved up from before the 0
  8. One thing I might suggest is getting the additional health mutation as soon as you can. You have to purchase it from Burgl, and it costs 5000 Raw Science (don't get me started on how unbalanced the Raw Science system is). Once you have that, you might find that surviving and successful combat is a little more attainable.
  9. I am suggesting that when a player has multiple types of arrows in their inventory and they deplete one type during combat, another type of arrow is automatically equipped without having to manually select the new type. As for example: If I have 5 crow feather arrows and 16 basic arrows, I could equip the crow feather arrows first and enter combat. Once those 5 arrows are depleted I should be able to automatically continuing firing the remaining basic arrows. As the game currently stands, if I run out of one type of arrow, my bow is useless until manually selecting a new arrow type to fire, wh
  10. So, I'm having a lot more fun that you it seems, however I'm not disagreeing with you. The combat in this game is very challenging as a single-player. I think it's very hard for the Devs to make the game challenging in multiplayer without making it too difficult in single-player, and vice-versa. I don't know what the solution is, but there are definitely some major balancing issues that still need to be addressed.
  11. ^^^ All good points. I feel like armor items get damaged much too quickly. Especially the Weevil gas mask. It makes the haze zone hard to navigate carefully because your gas mask is taking constant damage. I'm still on the fence about changing the armor repair to require original components. I think it was a good idea mostly, but I feel that some of the requirement amounts are a little imbalanced. Overall, I feel that the latest updates are adding quality features, but I feel like the overall game balance has been negatively affected.
  12. Strange, I have not encountered anything similar in single-player mode. Maybe it's a bug in multi-player?
  13. I accidentally dropped some weed stems and grass planks in the water at the pond edge. They are just under the surface. The pieces highlight and the button to pick them up ('E' - on PC) shows up but is grayed-out. They are far enough down that my character is in "swim mode" to get the prompts to appear. This may be by design but is frustrating to have them just sitting there unusable and for the game to imply that they can be picked up when they actually cannot be picked up.
  14. I've found one so far, but I have only explored the western side of the grasslands, the haze, and I'm currently building a base on the pond. I definitely think that they should give us more than 2 arrows for a giant crow feather though.
  15. I took the time to read through your entire post, and I agree with your feelings on just about everything. Thanks for being so detailed, I hope the devs take the time to read this. I REALLY agree that Raw Science cost for upgrades is way too high for most items. And I feel that way for all the same reasons you enumerated. I have also noticed that the balance between digging up Larva versus Grubs is off since update 0.09. Since grub goop is essential for making smoothies, they need to spawn more frequently than the Larva, not the other way around. I also think the smoothie effects should la
  16. I agree with LadyBugWins, there are either too many hostile critters everywhere, or they respawn too quickly. The infected mites and weevils in the haze are the most annoying things in the world. Also in terms of bugs, I have noticed that the "enemy detected" notification when inventory is open does not go away. I think others have commented on this. In terms of balance, I like the concept of dehydration affecting stamina, however it is way too imbalanced currently. Hydration level needs to drop slower and have less overall effect on combat performance.
  17. ^^^ I wonder if making things like that would be too hard to balance and control proper spawn rates... I dunno. So evidently these bugs are simply programmed to be hostile to certain other insects and not others. I hadn't realized that before, but it makes sense.
  18. I think adding a Black Widow would be epic as the ultimate baddie, but only in a super reclusive area like under the porch. I really think that they should implement the Subnautica game mechanic where your water and hunger levels don't drop while you are sitting on a piece of furniture (maybe they already did that? - I haven't built any furniture yet to test it).
  19. I think those are some good drawings! I think grasshoppers are a good idea! Maybe they could be passive towards the player but potentially damaging to your base because they like to eat grass/plants.
  20. I feel that combat is very difficult as it is, and adding a snake would be pretty over-the-top difficult.
  21. ^^^ I agree with all of the behavior modifications you are suggesting. I feel like the backyard has gotten a little too crowded and it's hard to enjoy some of the other aspects besides combat.
  22. *Edit* I apologize I intended for this post to go in the Feedback and Suggestions category. Perhaps a moderator can move it? - Thanks. I came back to grounded after a few weeks away. I immediately noticed some great changes, however I feel that the dangerous insects are too plentiful now. It's getting hard to venture out anywhere without running into trouble, and while I understand that may be by design, it makes it more difficult to enjoy other important aspects, such as exploring, base building, resource gathering, etc. My suggestions based on a few hours with update 0.9... 1)
  23. I really approve of suggestions # 1 and 2. I think having spiders able to climb walls etc. in pursuit would be epic. HOWEVER, I feel like they should be fewer in numbers. Insect spawns overall have been increased since patch 0.9 to the point where I almost feel like the dangerous bugs are too plentiful (or they may just be increasing as my level increases). Either way, I feel like it is currently imbalanced. So if they decrease the frequency of spiders, they could compensate by making them able to climb.... I feel like that would be a more exciting experience. As for inventory management,
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