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  1. Oh noez, so the ghouls in repcon really want to travel into space.
  2. By now, I think the Fallout 2 one is a different. On the 6 years old photo, it's a bit smaller than the Fallout 1 image. On the new photo above, the Fallout 2 image looks bigger or at least the same size than the Fallout 1 post.
  3. Heh, (in the background) the frame is different, but it reminded me a lot of this 6 years old photo. If these are the same, then the Fallout 1 post has still it's original frame. Just say'in. :>
  4. Stupid idiots, just running around, gunning down everything. No wonder that Fallout is today what it is.
  5. If I am not mistaken, he wasn't the only one with a 'lil beef with Feargus.
  6. Lexx

    Jerky mouse fix

    "OneFrameThreadLag=False" worked for me. Thanks for the tip.
  7. You have too much time! :>
  8. http://elder-geek.com/wp-content/uploads/2.../45617_orig.jpg That's some really hawt mutant there! Hah, that's great.
  9. Maybe the red light is just there to make it look evil.
  10. The official forum is now open. Shame that it is in the Bethesda forum...
  11. Happy birthday. :> Man, 34. It's slowly going up to the 40. :p

  12. Jason said a while ago, that he will look at his old zip discs for backups and so on. But yeh, he could find old stuff, but not Fallout related, if I remember correctly. To 2238: We could find and fix the source of the heavy lags. Now it runs pretty smooth again. We now start to concentrate on other stuff.
  13. Yes, it is possible. But also a lot work and I have no clue how the outcome would be (if the quality is good or not, etc). Also a possible way is to recreate the original animations based on the frm's and build new models who are using these animations then. But recreating the animations is - just like frm editing - a tedious work. Nobody has done it yet and I also think it will never happen. (Best thing would be if... somehow... a cd with a lot raw original Fallout art content would be leaked... accidentally of course.)
  14. Wow, stop. This are approx 3000 animation images. This is a ****load of work and with a ****load I mean a really really ****load. Just for recoloring the basic animation set of a critter I needed one week working from morning to evening. For creating my bald head combat armor dude, I worked one week from morning to evening and it doesn't have half of all needed animation sets right now. Seriously, you never have done any critter editing work on Fallout yet. And: Yes, we have new critter graphics. One fellow russian (I think it was one, I don't know his name) edited all vault suit images and deleted the 13 on the back. But only from the male ones. Also we could use some graphics from other Fallout modder who have done the tedious work of creating new critters. The next character we want to introduce is the so called "long hair dude" from x'il, Brother Soifran and Josan1. Three people worked on this several weeks. So you see, it is very time consuming and annoying, especially if you don't get paid for doing this.
  15. We can't allow you to use these characters. The redhead character as example has only melee animations. So if you could play with this, you couldn't use any weapon except strict melee weapons like knuckles, etc. And as long as nobody wants to edit thousands of animations, it will not be possible. That's the oath of 2d graphics. It is really no fun, you can believe me. Even when I teleport with admin-commands, it is often annoying. The police force is NPC only for now. It would be too hard to try to get if a player made a "good" kill right now in a town or a "bad" kill. So even if someone is flagged as police, we could probably run around and kill other players without getting somehow punished by this. The Life After is in russia, 2238 is english. This is because of too much traffic. The hoster is gone crazy... heh. To the lags: Yes, we are fighting since the start of the beta now with the lags. We still try to figure out what causes them and this is not really easy. At the moment, the lags are responsible for 90% of all problems. Still, there are always approx 200 to 250 people online and even if we take down the server for maintenance, as soon as he is up again, 80 clients are connected. This is just for 2238--- The Life After has three times more people online. It's practically a mess right now. Didn't know that the hype would be so big... there are more people on one server than we got in the last two tests all together on three server. The lags are the biggest problem right now and we are working hard on fixing them. This is something we didn't noticed before because in closed test, the most people online in the same time have been 20 and not 200.
  16. First of all, 2238 uses the Fallout 1 and 2 worldmap merged to one big. Beside this, forget every quest and stuff you remember from the original games-- 2238 is set 77 years after Fallout 1 and 3 before Fallout 2, we have a different scenario. Quest wise, the 2238 server has not much to offer yet because we are still working to get all basics done. At the moment there are the factions, brahmin trading, slaving, etc. etc. We use the same Graphics as Fallout 1 and 2, also we are creating new scenery graphics, etc. etc. We have some new critter graphics too but nothing that can be used for players. So, yes, all people in metal armor will look exactly the same. You can only play humans because humans are the only critter-types who offer all animations. It could be also possible to add super mutants and ghouls and disable for the player that he can use weapon x and y but even then... trust me, it is damn annoying if you cannot run and super mutants and ghouls cannot run. In the beginning it is still fun, but after one or two days it just sucks because you are very slow. We (the 2238 devs) are mostly roleplayers. We don't like endless stupid grinding and so we try to avoid this and give other things you can do. For this we are working on a big crafting system with professions and so on. It is already in game and will be updated from time to time. Beside this, we have the other stuff named above... brahmin trading, slaving, something that is called "Town Control", etc. Beside this, we plan to introduce special events every now and then. They will be lead by game master and offer more or less unique quests. We will se how this will work out. Yes, 2238 started approx 8 months ago as "Faction Mod" that aimed to allow players to found factions and manage their members easier etc. You don't need a faction- it is still possible to move around alone. If you don't want to be in a faction but also don't want to run around alone, you can team up with other players and roam around. Beside this.. travelling with other players in a group is always saver... we have no non-pvp zones. Everybody can kill everybody everytime on every place. Some locations are saver because of police forces and so on but you can still die everywhere and loose everything. The open beta starts tomorrow, yes. Time is most likely from 15. to 16.. but don't ask for exact GMT time... I have no clue right now. (I would say GMT+4, not sure tho')
  17. You need to keep in mind, that the FOnline: 2238 release is still a alpha release. We are working hard on adding as much stuff as possible until the 15. (well, at the moment we are only fixing bugs) but even then the game will be still in early stage. Our target for the open test is to balance everything: Weapons, encounter, etc. etc. So I think especially in the beginning some parts of the game will be very unbalanced. But heh... thats why it's a open test. FOnline: The Life After on the other side is already a lot more complete in quests, dialogues and so on because the russian dev team is working on it some more years. Only problem here: Mostly no english language support.
  18. This thread is now 8 pages long. Discussions about FOnline ended on page two. This is funny in a very... special way. And it isn't even really funny. In fact it is not in any kind of way funny. Is there no Fallout 3 thread or so in this Forum?
  19. I can tell the same story as Lisac... in the beginning I just thought "this will suck anyway", then I tried it and well... yeh. That's it. Many people have this kind of feeling for FOnline.
  20. Even on NMA we have a lot people who will play on 15. august. : p
  21. Beside the normal chat stuff, Lisac already mentioned, players can buy radios in the game and set own channels and chat over them, etc. Yes, Lisac, but I always just see the time we worked on it yet. 8 (in fact it should be 6 or 7) months and what we have done in this time is a big thing. Other (mod)teams can't get this done in 3 years... So, we rock. :>
  22. Well, FOnline: The Life After has already a lot quests, a storyline, etc. etc. but it is 100% in russian language. With FOnline: 2238 we started a short while after the second open test ended (December 2008). So we have approx 8 months of work behind us and in this time we mostly worked on the basics of the game. The Faction system, npc scripts, locations, the maps, new combat system (mechanics), etc. etc. We don't have a story yet 'nor much quests. This will be added ongoing from time to time. We have a lot material because the year 2238 is a kind of break in the Fallout timeline. Short after the NCR beginns to rise, the Enclave comes up to the table, etc. You can play the game alone too of course but the focus is on playing with other players in the way of social and economical development. Also I think it is easier to play in a group because the wasteland is a dangerous place...
  23. Since when did Bethesda made Fallout 1 and 2? In the end, FOnline is still just a Fallout 2 mod, because you need a legal copy of Fallout 2 if you want to play it. And even if... if Bethesda is scared by us so much that they need to sue us, then wow, we must have some big balls or we work on a mega project and they see their income shattered. To the rest: I for myself don't like MMOs in general. I played a lot and "different" games and they all bored me already after one week. The longest time I played a MMO was with UO but this is years ago. When I first tested FOnline in late 2007, I was excited-- not in the first moment because it was strange, but on the second day everything changed, I got my first equipment, I met the first cool people etc. etc. Then I played the whole open test long... so approx three weeks, a new record for me, yay. In the second open test it was nearly the same, one could say.. a lot people who never really played any MMO played FOnline the whole three weeks long. And some of the people (heh) are now the developers of FOnline: 2238, the english game based on the FOnline engine. One question tho': You already know our core concept? (Yeah, I love to post that story) I personally hate grinding. It sucks, it is boring and hell, I hate endless grinding for exp and leveling up (in every game). Most in our dev team are roleplayers in their hearts and they don't like grinding and all the other generic MMO stuff too. That's the reason why we try to do something unique with our game and not put the focus on endless monster bashing. At the moment, we try to include as much different ways to do stuff in the game, as possible. But this needs time and we don't have much (next open test starts soon). I think, it will be still good, even in the beginning. FOnline: 2238 will be playable in alpha stage and then updated from time to time. We will see how the outcome will be.
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