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  1. If it's not WoD related, it's strange, because most of the answers of the test remind me vampiric clan's stereotype (For Toreador, Nosferatu, Ventrue, Brujeh, Gangrel...) from VtM... So, if it's not any related to WoD, it's a very bad teasing.
  2. Hell... Bad news for Obsidian. But I can't wait to see what Mr Avellone will do next !
  3. Still no release date ? I hope this project won't take too long, for the staff can work on a more ambitious project...
  4. http://www.enworld.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=63470&d=1407858544 A Pathfinder cRPG by Obsidian ? True or fake ?
  5. Hum... I'm hoping for a RPG who takes place in modern times, with a little touch of horror... But if Obsidian will create a new IP, It will be not a game who set il the World Of Darkness... Sniff.
  6. Yeah, It would be fantastic if Obsidian will develop a Vampire : The Masquerade (or the Requiem) cRPG.
  7. Yeah, I expect anspiritual successor to AP, or a fantastic/horror cRPG who sets in modern times...
  8. I'm cleary unhappy with the mind's change of the team. If durability is a pain in a game focused on action (Hn'S like Diablo), it could be an interesting parameter in a cRPG, who could influence our gaiming ways. Same thing about specific crafting skills, who can totaly change the player's team. With this mind's change, It seems that the game became combat focalised, and I hope I'm wrong, I don't want to Obsidian make a Dragon Age 2 copy, but a Baldur's Gate/ Planescape Torment/ Icewind Dale mix, like they wanted to.
  9. Existing IP : -A New World of Darkness cRPG (Vampire the Requiem, Werewolf : the Forsaken... Or why not a Mummy : The Curse cRPG ?) -An Exalted cRPG. -Call of Cthulhu cRPG. -Deadlands cRPG. -a cRPG inspired by the universe Alastair Reynolds create with his novel "Revelation Space" -My Little Pony cRPG (What you say ? "No" ?) Non existing IP : - A cRPG who set in the modern days.
  10. What a mess... I hope this will not affect too much Obsidian's financial situation...
  11. I think this poll is too oriented for reflect everybody's opinion. Also, like Tale, I Truly think that the idea of a dynamic economy is a good one.
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