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    Relfections On the French Revolution Edmund Burke This is a good book, if anyone wants to contrast Thomas Pain and the American revolution.
  2. Hello, Starwars, I enjoyed the Fallout3. How is NewVegas? I'm waiting until the "complete" edition roles out. It should be pretty soon. Are the graphics any better, at all? How is the story? I might just wait and play some other game. Fallout 3 got pretty bland quicky.
  3. Excellent news. Now I'll be able to play it without having to keep swapping CDs at moments of high drama. Steve Exactly. The CD swapping took the atmosphere out of the game when changing chapters or settings. Gabriel Knight 2 is a masterpiece. Good to see people still are playing it. I gave it a play through last year again and enjoyed every minute of it. I'm still hoping they make another Gabriel Knight game some time in the future. Jane Jenson is a great writer. She was a part of King's Quest 6 with ROberta Williams and the rest of the Gabriel Knight series that rocked. Phantasmagoria is also on GOG. I loved that game too. Ahhh the old sierra classics from my generation... the nostalgia is great. That woman has some nice ta-tas.
  4. I'm still waiting for someone to post Mass Effect 2.
  5. I picked up Indigo Prophecy during the STEAM winter sale and I must ay I've been really digging it! The control is absurd, and the time frame to answer people is new, im not sure if I really like that. But the story is intriguing so far, being an adventure fan, I tend to like more story then action, so this is nice. Anyone else play this game?
  6. You can get THIS 16GB S Series Walkman
  7. Wals have you tried working out before you eat instead man? Also to prevent throwing up make sure your getting enough oxygen, Im thinking you should take more breaks inbetween that way your system doesn't fill up with that acid to replace the lack of oxygen.
  8. I bit at Batman and FarCry2. Man I spend to much money on the Steam catalog. I shouldn't even be playing games when i have so much stuff to do! When is STEAM going get get Kotor2? They already have Kotor1.
  9. There is a difference of a person have duty and a person have a duty of conscious where he knows what he is doing. That if the Nazi's won he might of been considered a hero, and he might still even thought it was consciously the right thing to do. Even Heidegger was a Nazi.
  10. I Have a tree outside my home. I wonder how many leaves it will fire this fall? I mean times are tough since the season is changing.
  11. Ehh i guess we might have different definitions of toxins. I personally wouold call air pollution, pesticides and other things that are "unhealthy" that would escape out of our sweat glands.
  12. sauna might help you lose a little weight and help your body breathe getting rid of toxins. Which should improve your immune system!
  13. Bah defining art is difficult and it can take away from the beauty of it! I perosnally don't like to be labeled either, then people can over generalize about my stances and assume too much, while forgetting the rest about me. Its like looking at my hand when its the whole of me that is me. Why look at one part of a game and define it by that one part? I suppose it has its practical needs so one can find that game, and find like games, but I don't see it as important on my part. Alas another opinion from a opinonated person!
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