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  1. They'll most likely just have the DLC take place before the "point of no return" message that can appear, much like other games including New Vegas. So saves beyond that point would most likely not work with any DLC since you'd be unable to go anywhere but to the end.
  2. Can more detail be given on this? Specifically as the companion death bug can be separate from their respective quests and it was stated as "Companions dying and failing companion quests on modes other than Supernova" within the "Coming Soon" topic. For example, I did Parvati's quest with no issue, then when I finished the game, I was given a "Parvati did not survive the journey" message. Then read online about ladders killing companions (well... triggering their death flag), reloaded a save that I knew would have been before that as her companion quest was never failed,
  3. While I still enjoy Bethesda's RPGs, they aren't really all that complex and their base games are usually broken messes. They tend to rely heavily on community mod support to fix the issues in each game. Outer Worlds is more comparable to games like ME1 -- a team size that isn't too large and a game that is more focused in scope. In that regard, Outer Worlds fits with that level of time-to-complete, which for me was around 40 hours, and that was with doing everything and finding all unique items. If you choose to just rush the main story, then of course you'll be disappointed, hell, Fallo
  4. You may end up having it also say she's "dead" at the end slideshow due to this, though that's just speculation on my part after having a different bug occur regarding a "dead" companion. If you have a save from before this happened, then I'd suggest reloading from that point, otherwise to wait for a patch and see if that fixes it for you as they did state having a fix in the works for dead companions while not on Supernova. That may not end up covering your specific issue though, but too early to tell. On the matter of an email address, I have seen one mentioned in a few othe
  5. Those specific locations are not available at the moment.
  6. Also on the side of preferring to not have the voice, mostly after seeing how it turned out with Fallout 4. Even just adding a toggle to turn it off wouldn't remove the issues with having it in the first place, specifically.... Cost Hiring a minimum of two actors for all of the dialogue the player can choose is going to be very costly Limitation of dialogue Even with it off, it still has to allow for things to "fit" when on Availability of the actor What if the actor just doesn't have time and the studio wants to create a DLC / sequel?
  7. Shouldn't be difficult. I could see it being as simple as checking if the character is currently available in the selection screen, then if so, to then remove the underlying flag that has them marked as "dead".
  8. If I had to bet, you opened up a dialogue with an NPC while Parvati climbed a ladder. From what I've read, any follower doing that will just keep climbing and then will ultimately have their underlying death-flag triggered. If their companion quest is active, then it will fail due to this "death", but if you already finished the quest, then you won't know what happened until the very end of the game. I ended up reloading a save from when her quest was active (to make sure the flag wasn't triggered), then made sure no followers were on ladders during any dialogue, and then
  9. Suggest uploading images to a seperate hosting website like Imgur or Flickr. Then just grab the direct link to the image (the one ending in the file's extension), and pasting it into your post at the specific line you want it at. After that, click on the image and click the spoiler button so it won't take up much space for other people. Here's a few of my images, none contain dialogue. Emerald Vale: Scylla:
  10. Epic allows for a solid foundation for companies and has been known to buy up a certain amount of digital copies of a game prior to launch, thus ensuring revenue for the developers / publishers. This can mean a lot for independent / smaller companies as they won't have to struggle as much when it comes to funding, and this would have also been before the Microsoft acquisition. At the end of the day, the game is on PC and not even exclusive to Win10, just takes a separate & free launcher (one that admittedly still needs a lot of polish), though GoG2 will really help with "launcher fati
  11. I don't mind the lack of romance options, but just on the subject of ADA's awareness... Trigger some of the off-ship dialogue between Parvati and Nyoka as Parvati tells Nyoka that ADA is something "more"; the original Hawthorne then having some hand in that. It feels more like ADA is lying and trying to hide that she is actually an AI, even some bits of dialogue with her directly appears to allude to that. I could see this end up being something expanded upon in a DLC and finding out some of what was done.
  12. While I can see the majority of the characters moving on, the one that surprised me was Nyoka as she explicitly asks in a late-game dialogue tree if she would be able to stay with you.
  13. For the moment, I just switch to melee whenever I go to a hub area. Oddly this issue does not affect melee, only ranged.
  14. Beyond what's already mentioned, here's a small list of bugs & suggestions Minor bug involving ship decorations, specifically where some don't appear in the ship after being found. Specific ones that come to mind are Tossball #3 (from Byzantium) and the Systems and Serfdoms book. The ladders-triggering-death-flag bug. While I see "Companions dying and failing companion quests on modes other than Supernova" in the notes for the upcoming patch, just want to make an explicit mention as, at least for me, I did not know anything actually happened until I was at th
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