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  1. Well, i think it's easy to answer you could 'turn off voice' and just read as good as it is right now. Of course it's hard to match every taste, but i have this desire and i understand it's not the first thing to work on in the future. But i hope this can be an option for the next rpg by Obsidian
  2. Hello everybody! I'm Renovatio and i'm playing The Outer Worlds, of course. After so many hours with that, i've to say there are some pro and cons (when i'm inside NPC's homes, some of them should get inside to tell me i've to get out; it's to easy to steal. Obsidian should insist to show us some realism, and in general, they should see at some very old games that still are loved by rpg players, such as Gothic 1 and 2). Anyway, dialogues are very well written, and some sentences should be even listened, not only read. When i got to read "you had my interest, now you have my attention"
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