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  1. Cheers for the email address i'll have a look at what they say. Sadly i didn't actually notice she was "undead" till a while into the game and past any auto saves. In regards to what console im using i am using the PC so no it's not just a console issue. Here's hoping you don't get it as it quite frankly ruins on of the story lines.
  2. I've had this problem with Nyoka. Does seem to be any fix short or restarting your game yet.
  3. Does anyone have a rough idea of a patch day? Still looking for an email address or something to get in touch with someone about this. Seems the only fix is to restart the game.
  4. Glad im not the only one with this problem. Has kinda put a halt to my game as i can't progress in any of Nyoka story line and don't really wanna progress too far away from it.
  5. Still the same...Does anyone reply to these or anything? Hard to find much in the way of actually getting in touch with someone from the game to ask about this bug..
  6. Still having the same problem after progressing further on in the game. Any help would be deeply appreciated.
  7. Hey there So i've been playing the game and loving every bit of it so far and i've just reach the part where you meet up with Nyoka, everything is all funky dory until i left the colony to go shoot some things and continue on with the quests. I soon noticed that even though she was talking away to me her physical avatar wasn't anywhere to be seen. Upon looking around i found her "corpse" but i couldn't interact with it or do anything of the sort. yet she talks and follows me (teleports when i get to far away) like she is part of the living, her health bar is full to the brim and al
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