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  1. Some speaking characters the player can't kill are required in story-driven games. We're not big fans of just marking them immortal like most modern RPGs do it these days. That would be the lazy solution, IMHO. Yay, for animancy! Sorry you don't like the Steward, though. Hopefully you do appreciate the freedom characters like these help provide. As always we appreciate the feedback and support. -B
  2. He also worked on a metric ton of scripted interaction images, including the beefy Battle of Yenwood, and all sorts of other stuff on the expansion. Both he and Lindsey are cranking out a ton of arts for Deadfire.
  3. John Lewis is doing things that will blow your mind. A typical day at Obsidian. I'm working on something in my office and I see John Lewis flashing a devilish grin at me through the glass of my closed door. He opens the door and sheepishly asks, "Do you want to see something cool?" Being the ever-eloquent linguist I reply, "****, yeah". Minutes later, sporting the same grin John was just rocking, I go by Sawyer's office and I'm like, "Dude, cruise by Lewis' office". Josh's eyes light up cuz he knows some fancy-pants, John Lewis magic is afoot. Minutes later Josh is walking
  4. If you did decide to do that, please consider to reserve that island slot for us. If you just open another slot on the Fig campaign it may happen that just somebody else snatches that slot away from us. So if you do decide to add another island slot, then please find some way to reserve that island slot for this community. I am fine with that, too. The most important thing about backer content is, that it fits SEAMLESSLY into the game world and does not break immersion in any way. My idea of this island is as followed: It should be a "Black Isle" reference and maybe a reference to
  5. So drop a dragon into every encounter on PoTD? Got it. In all seriousness, I'll pass along the request to the system designers so you can be properly punished this time around. Many of the encounter changes we are making should vary up the tactics needed this time around as well.
  6. Sorry all, been busy the last few days. My thoughts in no particular order. 1. I'll admit I didn't realize all the backer islands were filled when I posted. 2. As far as I know, none of the filled backer islands will currently be called The Black Isle. Talked to Adam about this today. 3. It is not out of the question that we open up a new island slot for this request. That said, we limited this to 2 for a reason. 4. Backer content is tricky. Some of our high end backers are fine with a little input on naming a couple things and giving us a little paragraph of the flavor they
  7. You would be correct. However, we designers scrap ideas almost as fast as we think them up. I would be more than happy to do so if the community wants to back a "Black Isle". You have my word that your Black Isle, will be the only Black Isle. -B
  8. So I pushed pretty hard for these. Of course being a crazy designer, I wanted full painted portraits for every NPC in the game (one can dream, right?). For giggles Adam and I projected out some costs for something like that and it was beefy to say the least and well out of scope. The water color portraits were a compromise (Josh's idea if I recall correctly) and I'll admit, I felt a little iffy about them when I looked at them individually. This isn't a knock on the art, it's just a reflection of how long Matt Hansen spent on each one. When we saw the cost (time) vs. quality the decision was a
  9. Hey Everyone, Figured I'd chime in here for a second as this is a bit of a hot topic. I've been so swamped recently I've not been very good at being a good spokesman for the game. I'm just so used to being the dude designing in the shadows of my little office that I sometimes forget my responsibility to you, our awesome fans/backers- my apologies. So I figured I needed to poke my head out of my dungeon and join the conversation. Let me address some points in no particular order. 1. As the community seems to be dubbing me the Obsidian Grognard, it won't surprise anyone I am a fan of van
  10. I'm curious what area(s) you are having problems with and what your current party level is?
  11. Little known fact. Clothing can hold more enchantments than heavier armors. Helps make up for the lack of DR.
  12. Are you sure he didn't die? The companion portrait is removed from the UI when a character dies.
  13. QA and design are looking into the issue. Thanks for bringing it up, but in the future, it will be easier for us to find these issues if you post them in the Technical Support section of the message board. The Q/A dept checks that board regularly for issues and problems players may find while playing the game. Thanks!
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