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  1. Well there was 7 narrative designers on TOW1 and Obsidian make writing-heavy games, so i assume that Avowed will be like their other games.
  2. So, with the announcement of TOWII we now know that Megan Starks, Nitai Poddar and maybe Kelsey Beachum are working on this game. Here is my question, does Obsidian has enough writers for Avowed ? I mean, it will probably be bigger than POEII and it seems to have less writers, especially with the departure of Lucien Soulban. Maybe they have narrative designers that i don't know.
  3. My bad for Jorge Salgado. For Lucien Soulban i'm not very worried by his departure, he joined Obsidian at the start of the pandemic and left when face-to-face work resumed, perhaps he wanted to stay in Canada. Furthermore I'm not sure he was working on Avowed, it's still unconfirmed.
  4. Since two years they seems to hire a lot, yes. But for example Jorge Salgado was a lead narrative designer so i hope it doesn't indicate a bad development for Avowed.
  5. Yep but after eleven years of work I can imagine why he want to move to another place. Oh and Justin Bell also left.
  6. And Jorge Salgado who was Lead Area Designer on Avowed left Obsidian last month.
  7. Did you know anything or you are just making assumptions ? Because nearly every Obsidian's RPGs have a non-voiced protagonist, to allow more reactivity.
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