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  1. I've just played two hours and the story or the tone are not very good for me. No setting up of atmosphere, the companions seem to me little interesting or real, the beginning is very fast and does not raise pa great interest in me.
  2. He is loyal to the Watcher and this Watcher is near-dead, so yes he left is position of mayor. I don't see how it is unbelievable ? They literally say that the farther Eothas went, the more the Watcher seemed to weaken. That plus the fact that Eothas probably absorbed the souls of Caed Nua, the conclusion that we should follow him seems natural to me.And as he was going to sea, he had to find an emergency ship, which they did with the remaining money.Honestly, I don’t understand what the problem is in that?
  3. This is the same author for the 2 games, Eric Fenstermaker. And I think you’re in a very bad position to call a writer incompetent, given that in my opinion you didn’t even understand Eder’s writing.In the first game, Eder is lost, he doesn’t know what to do and is even ready to let himself die. Why? Simply because he no longer has any reference: his brother and Eothas were the two important figures for him, but these two figures disappeared and acted in an incomprehensible way for Eder. Eder is someone who needs a guide and that’s what the Watcher will become for him in the first game. Because the farmer is not someone who aspires to greatness but he will participate in great acts by following our character.During POE1, Eder will become loyal to Watcher and participate in his great quest, while helping people because he is a benevolent person. He will understand that he too can help people at his level, that’s what he tells us at the beginning of POE2. Thus, during the first game, Eder learned to do without landmarks, he discovered the true nature of the Gods and learned that he could never really know what had gone through his brother’s head.So that’s why Eder does not mention his brother in POEII, because he has evolved, the author explores other themes of the character in the game. Did you play to the game ? This is literally mentioned in the first few hours.
  4. I agree with that, for me there are three things that distinguish Eora from other fantasy universes. - The original inspirations for the cultures and the will to create a culture in depth and not just superficial, not just a flavor. - The cultural and historical approaches of civilizations. - The Renaissance period and especially the idea of a progression of cultures, of an evolution. Civilizations and the world are not frozen in time, it is not a sort of eternal High Middle Ages.
  5. I really think that, even if we get a third POE, it will not be published before at least 3 years. Obsidian are on four projects, 2 AAA and 2 smaller. Furthermore, for me it will really depends on the success of Avowed, i think it will determine the longevity of the universe of Eora. Obsidian seems to be pretty inclined (and competent) for the creation of new universes.
  6. Yes you are right. Anyway, right now Obsidian has four projects in dev (Grounded, Avowed, TOWII and Josh Sawyer's Project) and we know literally nothing about three of them. So I think (hope) that we will learn some infos about one of them this year.
  7. Are you sure that the preprod of Avowed started before the acquisition by Xbox ? I think they said that Avowed was possible thanks to this acquisition.
  8. There is also the question of the scope of the projects : -According to the leaks Avowed is an open-world so it's a pretty big game. -For TOWII Cain and Boyarski said in interviews that they don't wanted TOWII to be an open-world, so maybe it's a smaller game. However we now know that the Game Director of TOWII is Brandon Adler so i don't know if the interviews of Cain and Boyarski are still relevant.
  9. Well we don't know the scope of TOWII but this one is in development since less than two years according to Linkedin's profiles while Avowed is in development since late 2018. So I think Avowed will release before TOWII.
  10. Yes, i hope these rumors about the good state of the game are true.
  11. I meant fired from the project, not from the company. But again these are rumors.
  12. Actually we don't know, there is rumor that Chris Parker was fired from the post of Game Director of Avowed. But on the other hand Sponger (an insider verified by the mods of Resetera) claim that Chris Parker is co-directing the game with Carrie Patel.
  13. Well there was 7 narrative designers on TOW1 and Obsidian make writing-heavy games, so i assume that Avowed will be like their other games.
  14. So, with the announcement of TOWII we now know that Megan Starks, Nitai Poddar and maybe Kelsey Beachum are working on this game. Here is my question, does Obsidian has enough writers for Avowed ? I mean, it will probably be bigger than POEII and it seems to have less writers, especially with the departure of Lucien Soulban. Maybe they have narrative designers that i don't know.
  15. My bad for Jorge Salgado. For Lucien Soulban i'm not very worried by his departure, he joined Obsidian at the start of the pandemic and left when face-to-face work resumed, perhaps he wanted to stay in Canada. Furthermore I'm not sure he was working on Avowed, it's still unconfirmed.
  16. Since two years they seems to hire a lot, yes. But for example Jorge Salgado was a lead narrative designer so i hope it doesn't indicate a bad development for Avowed.
  17. Yep but after eleven years of work I can imagine why he want to move to another place. Oh and Justin Bell also left.
  18. And Jorge Salgado who was Lead Area Designer on Avowed left Obsidian last month.
  19. Did you know anything or you are just making assumptions ? Because nearly every Obsidian's RPGs have a non-voiced protagonist, to allow more reactivity.
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