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  1. I don't believe the government has ever told me what to drive, eat or drink. Where has it been said that returning veterans are "domestic terrorists".
  2. He can still speak freely. He still can't threaten freely. If I sent a letter threatening you, then it ceases to be a matter of freedom of speech, and turns into a matter of an individual's safety.
  3. His freedom of speech has not been affected.
  4. Went to the Mariners game today. Could have turned out better but it was fun.
  5. No he has not. He said they have the right to build it. Not the same as supporting it.
  6. I feel like you are generally a pretty level-headed and fair person but these statements just seem to be huge and deliberate overexaggerations. I know you genuinely dislike his ideas for the ideas themselves and not for who Obama himself is, so if you could stop representing this as a battle against Hitler and the Nazis that would be great.
  7. It wouldn't matter if he was a muslim, but he isn't. And the people who believe the things are either bigots or they're just plain stupid.
  8. It didn't get Quincy Morris or Arthur Holmwood.
  9. She's going to be fine once she recovers. They've now caught the guy. Apparently he chose her house because some neighbors told him she lives alone.
  10. My great-grandma was attacked in her home a couple days ago. She is now in the hospital.
  11. I forgot that pigeon crap was considered hard work by you old people.
  12. Inception. I agree with everyone here, good movie. Although the ending was a bit predictable. Toy Story 3. Fun but not as good as the first two. The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I liked it even though I'd never really seen Cage playing a role like that.
  13. Family reunion today. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
  14. Washington seems like it would be a bit off course for your trip.
  15. Eclipse. Awful. Not that I expected anything different. Also wondering why it was snowing in the summer time.
  16. I got to ride with a police man.
  17. SAT tomorrow. Tons of fun.
  18. I'm heading out to the Northwest Folklife Festival in a little bit. Should be fun.
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