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  1. He should add an enchantment to the spell list or a magic object that allows uninterrupted rest that you can only use once in 24 h, like secure shelter or sthg. Spam with random encounters those who rest in a dangerous area without using it. That way you avoid the back and forth problem and avoid the rest onceeachclearedroomretardness at the same time
  2. Man, I want Obsidian to work. 6 months with no salaries for owners means that they are really trying to share the pain. Best of lucks for those of you that got laid off. EDIT: As I didn't hate Microsoft enough by now.
  3. Turned base rpg with 2d or isometric perspective should require little art & animation budget, everything written, no voice-overs. It would bring to the table something a lot of us desire without huge needs of moneys. Just focus on a good tactical gameplay, good story and choices and consequences. Don't use any game system or content license to avoid cost raising.
  4. Steam is not helping much with the marketing thing, the DLC doesn't appear in the 'coming soon' section of the RPG category for me.
  5. This is going to be an all time Codex favourite. Expect every frame of that video-interview to end as something entirely else.
  6. You have a couple of ranged attacks with Lucas that should made them easy to defeat, they are slow. If you don't have those attacks by the first time you met them, the hit, run and heal has worked good for me on hardcore.
  7. I killed I think a couple of them yesterday, so I remember. Besides the hit and run, I used the charge attack, the one with the hammer icon, you can get some good use of Anjali. Once you kill his minions make him center his attention on you, with the hit and run tactics, while Anjali attacks from the other side of the screen son he can't use his shield to parry her attacks.
  8. Well, physical copy costs me 12 € less than the digital one so it makes sense for me. I still don't understand what steam is trying to achieve with its 1:1 exchange rate. I don't have anything against digital distribution, I got Witcher 2 through Gog, but you have to add value to the buyer to make him purchase just data not take it from him.
  9. Ha! After seeing some gameplay videos, I`ve reached to the conclusion that I'd never brofist Reinhart. Lucas is braindead
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