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  1. i also find this game pretty hard tbh, and i too havent had trouble playing BG/IWD etc. on normal i have found several fights where i die pretty fast. usuaully against multiple enemies like shadows/phantoms, will o wisps. and thats with 5 companions! i also find that enemies do always go for the squishies at the back like my mages etc, and keeping aggro on my 2 fighters is next to impossible. with shadows able to teleport all over the place making my life an exercise in frustration and much swearing. doesnt help that 2 of my companions have melee weapons when theyre only chanter/priest. can they use ranged, or wont they have the stats for it?
  2. How do i know what im viewing in a merchants store is better than what im currently wearing? is there a way to compare?
  3. i played the game ages ago on the pc and completed it. now im playing the game again on the 360 and theres a certain side quest that i havent seen. it was a quest to question people in stonebridge about their involvement in the chapterhouses downfall. and then after questioning them you made decisions on whether they should be punished or not. only quest ive got left in stonebridge is for the dlc, and to go to the spire (which says i wont be able to return to stonebridge) so where do i get this missing quest from?
  4. the ai can be dumb as bricks especially when you see them just standing in flame auras or not dodging out of the way of incoming, slow moving, projectiles. however they can be very useful - to resurrect you when you die. and to act as decoys or meat shields for ranged/magic characters. they dont steal xp, they dont block passages or get in the way generally. no reason not to have them.
  5. i believe you can force steam to check your dvd drive. if i recall the command line (this is for the future, as youve installed the game now) is something like. steam.exe -install e: where e: is the drive letter for your dvd
  6. the only thing i can think of - reason the patch being late and no word - is that its going to be part of a franchise deal on steam sometime in the next couple days. the patch would add one of those 'ticket' achievements and thats what they are waiting for, and why they havent said anything.
  7. yes, obsidian patched all sorts of things into the games user interface based on feedback and moaning. it took them a while, but they did it. so itll likely take a while here aswell. at least they are doing something. mage knight apocalypse was never patched, nor was dawn of magic. at least obsidian arent as bad as that when given the option to patch.
  8. kudos to the devs for actually patching the game i can think of quite a lot of rpg games that had no patches at all for them despite being bug riddled.
  9. im assuming that you arent using a laptop. with that in mind, you need a new graphics card. you dont even need an expensive card, a reasonable mid range card will do. if youre unsure about what one to get, then go to somewhere like newegg, set yourself a price, then pick a graphics card thats close to price and then post the link of it here asking if its any good.
  10. lessen learned i hope - that being, never ever keep just one save game when doing rpg's. any rpg. and never ever rely on autosaves for anything. too much time invested to lose it all with something like this. i learned just like you did, years ago when playing chronotrigger, not to keep one save.
  11. looks like its time to remove the cpu fan and reseat it. preferably with arctic silver 5.
  12. steam its impossible to rollback unless you backed up the data before an update occured. xbox live is easy. you clear the cache and dont accept the update request when it pops up on the screen. if i recall its similar on the ps3. delete game data and dont accept update request. but of all of them xbox live is the easiest. idiot proof almost.
  13. download and run furmark for 30 minutes at its default settings. it will stress your gpu beyond anything it will normally do in most games.
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