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  1. Those are good, well thought out ideas, I agree with them. I wonder if the system allows the fatigue or stamina levels be alleviated or increased by stimulants you can concoct or buy from merchants. Buying a roll of beddings or even some sort of tent to pitch for rest could increase the effectiveness of sleep or provide the increased rate of convalescence at less amount of time spent. And sleeping during the day as opposed to night (in regards to monsters who may be nocturnal, dirunal) might present some interesting way of planning.
  2. Romance in games is quite a tricky concept, since one delegates the emotions attached to a certain being through the perspective and experience of another who design the events and dialogues. I personally find it quite creepy to substantiate the emotional state involved in romance through such vicarious manner. One could contend how that would be different from a book or film, but I feel they are realized via established characters acted out by consummate professionals within careful crafted narrative that I merely identify as one removed from involvement at a certain distance.
  3. Could the fantastic world of Eternity have some sort of advanced currency system where paper money is possible, which itself has some weight, or have an abundance of fantastic malleable materials that have no perceivable weight and fashioned into coins? If gold has weight, maybe there should be a bank or something where hoarding of wealth can be done with convenience.
  4. Some very salient and astute observations here. I also believe the challenges and difficulty 'plateau' should be distributed on a variety gameplay options in an encounter or objective. Like mentioned before, the difficulty could hinge upon environment where there is a restriction of movement, placement of enemies, or even a time limit. And the solution should reflect the variety of design that is available. If the combat is difficult, then there could be a diplomatic option. There could be a very dangerous area, but you could skirt around it to reach a destination, although it may be a bit longer to trek and outside of reaching possible side objectives. There could be secret areas where one could definitely visit for the sake of difficulty alone.
  5. Onyx won't be used, and the backgrounds will be combination of 2D and 3D. As to how that would affect the chance of modkit even being viable, I wouldn't know, but it wouldn't certainly be as well documented as in the case with Skyrim. In the end, I personally think the game will be as moddable as previous BG games were.
  6. I would also prefer the journal system in Arcanum that is editable with personal comments, with log of the most recent conversation available to draw more information from if your perception rating is high enough. Maybe you are not the only one who keeps a journal, a companion or two can keep a journal, comprised of simple entries, that you can perhaps spy on. Also ability to add a coordinate system to the entries that corresponds to markers you can denote and view on map would be nice.
  7. I would buy into this solution were they to include one more thing: 0.25$ rebate to KOTOR3. This just basically confirms the existence of KOTOR3 in development, in the well respected hands at Obsidian.
  8. Well somebody's gotta have to cut the check, if any progress on either the patch or the fabled content update is to be made. I think Obsidian's working on contract per patch basis here, if there is no funds, due to LucasArts not consenting, there isn't going to be anything.
  9. The thing about Troika is that their products didn't sell enough to remain a profitable business, that is a shame. KOTOR 2 is selling well, and has been one of the best selling games in UK recently and in US. I hope Obsidian try harder next time, that their standing within the industry enables them to do so. The sad reality is that they are one of the last remaining RPG developers on the PC side. People will certainly move on, a lot of them tacitly did already, but they will be assuredly more wary of the kind of mishaps and oversights. And it will figure into their future purchases if the market for RPGs flourish again, what with Dragon Age, Oblivion, Gothic 3, Fallout 3, etc. So no more free rides, lol.
  10. I feel storywise that KOTOR I and KOTOR II did their respective plot justice. The first one had this powerful character in the form of Revan, that really took hold of the game plot's flow and tension, while tantalizing gamers with lack of info and rather obvious twist at hand. KOTOR II has Kreia, whose significance in the plot really expounds upon the intricacies of good and bad and your place in the galaxy, delving deep into philosophical roots of your actions as you face off with a new kind of Sith threat. I think in RPGs the role of villainy cannot be emphasized any higher, and both KOTOR featured exceptionally well rounded adversaries.
  11. I heard of some mod that one can download from some KOTOR fansite that makes the game very difficult. http://www.starwarsknights.com/
  12. I guess the amount of bounty supposedly set in a way made them forego their erring on the side of caution.
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