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  1. I can't believe the nerve and IQ of some of these NPC's. You know, the badguys. Bounty hunters mostly. I try to let my Sith Lord to be as much of an anti-social as possible. Killing people if their answer or attitudes do not appease her. Respect or death, that kind of thing. Her face looks so evil that my party members consider from a distance that maybe she wasn't the best kind of leader they picked to follow. Massacring over half a city's troops like Ondoron for the worse should give me a decent reputation on badass level, right? Wrong! Bounty hunter #204 arrives: "Oh, ho ho. I have finally find you. I am so smart and superior compared to you, boy will this be the easiest fight ever!" *One force lightning later, only some smoldered boots are left in his place* Rinse, repeat. All these NPC's are so overconfident. I was hoping to build a reputation in this game. People see me, they should either scream and run away or shake in their boots when I talk to them. But not these people. I'm sure these same kind of people would just walk over to Darth Vader and tell him to go have sexual intercourse with himself in a not so nice way if he gave them his cold stare. I therefor blame the NPC's for making my PC go dark side. Their overconfident arrogance doomed their world, mwuahaha! Ahem Well that was just my small rant. I actually enjoyed both games quite a bit, and this was my only gripe with it (apart from the ending). Oh, and hi.
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