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  1. Issue: No one reacts to you murdering people outside. Also, inside of the Dracogen Inn, Sid and (sometimes) the House Harond Guard located in the north, do not react at all to any violence, instead just standing there (although they do go hostile). To reproduce the issue: 1) go into town 2) find a villager in near a guard 3) attack said villager 4) notice how guard just stands there, doing nothing. For Dracogen Inn: 1) go into Dracogen Inn 2) attack Dengler 3) notice how Sid just stands there, warming her hands by the fire Expected Behavior: Guards trying to stop you from systematically cleansing the population of the town. Other Remarks: I'm uncertain why sometimes the House Harond Guard in the Dracogen Inn sometimes does and doesn't react. It is not an LoS issue, though, I've had him stand there while my dwarf offed him with an arbalest, or while my characters surrounded and wailed on him.
  2. Nice ad hom, Monte Carlo. Really boring how you seem to do nothing but follow LoF around and complain about how you've got him on ignore SO HARD. Secret crush, maybe?
  3. Sengoku Rance. No, but seriously though, there are loads of games in this genre. True Love 95, for instance. Uh, I didn't say that at all? I said that romance sans sex is just romance sans sex. Pretty simple. I don't see where the confusion comes from. Plenty of people have successful romantic relationships IRL without sex, too. If you approach romantic relationships IRL from the perspective of them being all about sex, that's pretty ****ed up. If you just want sex and don't care about romance, that's why man invented casual relationships and one night stands. No, ME2 is pretty bad. The combat's stupid and horrendously repetitive, the main plot is godawful (THANKS FOR NOT LETTING ME CHOOSE NOT TO ALLY WITH THE INSANE RACIST TERRORISTS, GAME), all difficulties are made trivial by the cover system, etc. Dragon Age is also really bad and talking about "post-Dragon Age" Bioware is stupid as a consequence.
  4. I am curious about what it is about videogame shooting that is so appealing to some of you. If you want to kill people with a gun, you can just go do it in real life? It's called the US Army, numbnuts. OORAH. Yes, the only difference between romance and flirtation is the presence/absence of sex. For ****'s sake. The difference between romance with sex and romance without sex is this: in the latter there is no sex. YOU'RE WELCOME. Garrus from ME2 is a good romance. Simple, to the point, doesn't do much more than transfer a relationship from platonic to romantic/sexual in a reasonable way rather than some overwrought melodrama (the romantic part basically goes, "hey Garrus, I like you, wanna have sex?" "well... *scratches head* **** it, sure").
  5. Looks like disappearing Trotsky... disappeared. Too soon?
  6. You're all missing the real appeal of Joffrey being such a sadistic ****: it means he can still die a virgin.
  7. No way, Shepard ain't no chump. An asari baby is a fool's choice. Okay, guys, let's compare two options: adopting a human child, or having an asari baby with Liara. Human Child: Pros: - won't take a century to reach adulthood, and in fact will probably be capable of supporting you before they've lived half a century. - might be a boy - allows you to avoid the "whine and crap" phase of a baby's life if you adopt later. - will probably not ever be a one hundred year old virgin - when they become an adult, they will probably not run out and start stripping their way across the galaxy, shaming the Shepard family name Cons: - won't be your biological child Asari Baby: Pros: - if you don't think about it at all, you can pretend like it's your biological child. Cons: - it isn't.
  8. Whoa, a dude whose work was criticized gets mad about it? Too bad his point basically amounts to "she had an agenda!" edit for content: Actually, dude, the point is that the experimenter may present the stimulus of the human face in a different way depending on the sex of the baby, not that the experimenter is interpreting the evidence differently. Further, she actually gave another study with a similar methodology that did divorce the experimenter from possible knowledge of the baby's sex and they found that... you guessed it, there was no sex-based effect. Christ, I read this book like a year ago and I remember that.
  9. Oh, okay, right, it's my responsibility to establish that men and women are actually the same. How exactly am I supposed to do that? Spoilers: not possible. Nice articles, and by nice, I mean lol. Women find men who are nice to children more attractive?? That is crazy. I know I get a huge boner when a woman beats a little kid up. The other two are some weak mushy guesswork evopsych crap. Here's a link to a good book on the subject: Delusions of Gender. Really brief summary: the sexes have no difference in social skills; some societies have statistically identical std devs (and means, naturally) for female and male ability at mathematics; newborns have no difference in preference for systemizing versus empathizing stimulus based on sex; and there is a major negative psychological effect from gender stereotyping on relevant skills, which likely accounts for the known variations.
  10. *busts into thread w/ a pile of books*
  11. Well, we only have LoF's (and yours now) word for that... I would take it with a grain of salt UGH, this took FOREVER to find (it's from nearly 2 years ago!), but here it is: DEAL WITH IT, KREZACK IS LOF, NOT ME.
  12. Interesting theory. Allow me to point out some major flaws. First of all, LoF is not Freedom Fighter is not Obyknven (Oby is a Russian nationalist, LoF is an American communist, and this Freedom Fighter guy is way too wordy for LoF as of late). Secondly, I believe Krezack came out as LoF's alt quite some time ago. Thirdly, just because we share the same username, does not mean that I and the SA Poster are the same person. Fourthly, even if he were, that still doesn't prove that I am LoF in any way. In conclusion, I'd appreciate it if you didn't drag my name through the mud in your desperate attempts to dismiss anyone who disagrees with you as yet another head of some sort of bizarre hydra of other people's opinions that exists solely to argue against you. Perhaps you should go all the way, just declare everyone else on the forum to be one guy's alt.
  13. His sword has a lead core (you can kind of see it in the video, and it's apparently explicit in the books), since it's a training sword and thus needs weight. People use blunt weapons against plate armor all the time - a nice cool helmet doesn't do much good if you're smacked with a mace, after all.
  14. Yes, exactly, it's not even good as pornography. It's just embarrassing. Then perhaps you could... not make the scene take place in a brothel with two hookers getting it on?? It's a stupid scene.
  15. Personally, I'm outraged on being treated like a child. When I want to watch pornography (and occasionally I do), I'll watch pornography, not HBO. Every time that I see some obviously male-gazed up image in fiction (and Good Lord was that scene ever one), I feel like I'm being treated as some sort of dimwitted cave man who has to be lead around from scene to scene with **** and ass.
  16. Oh, yes, I forgot that your culture's particular views on sex just so happen to be correct and accurate.
  17. I think it was. There was that gay scene between kings brother whats-his-name and shiny knight whats-his-name. Now everything is good in the kingdom once again. Oh yes, the two minute scene establishing romantic liaisons between two male characters with about three seconds of mildly amusing slurping noises is totally equivalent to a ten minute scene with two random women engaging in sex. The way these two scenes are treated is a huge example of the distance between the way our culture treats male and female homosexuality. Female homosexuality: totally hawt, let's draw this **** out, throw in pointless characters doin' it, because lesbians only exist for our (straight male) amusement. Male homosexuality: whoa, supergross, lol that sound effect, why are they making these two character's homosexual relationship explicit?
  18. Ah, I see what the problem is. You didn't actually read LoF's link. It goes into depth on variations between races, including a discussion of the large variation between races of non-covarying elements of facial shape, with tables and everything. Its sources are almost all peer-reviewed journals. Its conclusion is obvious: the fact that you can splatter lines with ratios of 1.6 over the faces of American fashion models means exactly jack ****. I'm sure you could make a similar beauty mask if you used sqrt(2) as well. If you think it's wrong, why don't you try putting together a counterargument instead of just going "lol, internet!" and acting hysterical? It's not that difficult, is it?
  19. ..... I..... I..... This is the best forum ever. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statistical_significance
  20. Uh, no, LoF is Krezack. I thought we had established this? An internet study's about five times better than any argument you've ever offered. Studies are the most reliable data gathering method.
  21. I don't know why you'd confess to putting the best poster (LoF) on ignore. He's so dreamy~~
  22. Oh, many apologies, my mistake entirely. Is this better? Deathdealer, I'm beginning to think you're trolling this thread.
  23. Guatemalan right-wing lawyer assassinates himself, tries to get it blamed on the center-left government.
  24. What a surprise, an Austrian talking about running a country into the ground by electing a far rightist politician.
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