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  1. The entire human race is just a bunch of chemicals. That doesn't invalidate our experiences.
  2. I'll agree with your views on Love, but love isn't the same as romance at all, really.

  3. When I said magic, I didn't mean hocus pocus, but rather the wonder and amazement that comes from a really good connection with another person. Yes, I believe it is primarily a function of biology, which is why I said in my first post that romance and romantic responses can be manufactured. Archie, I'm sorry if I offended you, I just really was amused by everyone's responses to the initial question. Anyhow, I do believe that people who very close often pick up on each other's brain waves, somehow. I've just had too many instances of dreaming of things I didn't know, feeling things that someone else was feeling with no explanation and even having odd urges at the same time as someone else. But that's probably a discussion for another thread.
  4. Yeah, when they didn't ever come up with the body and real scientists and such, I was pretty sure it wasn't real. Which sucks. It'd be awesome if it was real.
  5. Really when I talk about romance I'm not talking about attraction. I've been attracted to people I have absolutely no romantic interest in at all and attraction can be really powerful, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a mental and emotional connection. That connection is what drives women in relationships, even their friendships and other family relationships. The connections can be stronger when added to attraction, but they're independent of each other in a lot of situations.
  6. Oh, yay, the thread opened back up! really why? hmm step into my office and enlighten me Mostly I find it hilarious, because all you guys are talking about all aspects of male / female relationships *except* romance. Real romance is that magical connection that occurs between two people. The one that makes the rest of the world sink into the background and let's you believe that everything will be good. It's easier to experience those emotions early in a relationship and so that's why serial monogamy is so attractive to so many people. Romance can be manufactured and that's a lot of why women like chick flicks so much. They trigger the same part of the brain somehow, and it allows them to forget about the immediate problems in their own relationships and remember their feelings for their partner. However, it's a double edged sword, because romance can seriously mask the real problems in a relationship. The most romantic relationship I've ever been in was also the one that left me the most miserable in the end.
  7. I found that thread to be hilarious because you guys were all talking about every aspect of male / female relationships *except* romance. i really don't think guys have a romance gene. If they did, they'd love chick flicks too!

  8. As a chick, I'm finding this thread *hilarious*.
  9. The Clone Wars It was reasonably enteraining and my 8 yr old son loved it. It is definitely a kid movie, and I know it's a big advertisement for their new cartoon, but I can't help but wonder what the point of it all was. Do we really need a blow by blow of Anakin's life? Anyhow, I think that for most people this one will wait until video (if you catch it at all) and it might even look a little better there, too. 6/10
  10. Yeah, it's really bad when you read a book and go oh, there's Obi-Wan, oh and Uncle Owen, and Han, and Leia.. damn, what a ripoff! It's not so much that he used archetype characters as it is that he didn't mix up the elements at all. I'm sure I'll be buying and reading the third book, though, just to satisfy my curiosity of his parentage... I don't think it's who they left it with at the end of Elder.... Anyhow, the Wachowski's wrote the Speed Racer screenplay too... and they DID direct that one. Even if you don't wind up liking it for whatever reason, it is one of the most visually stunning movies ever. It's too bad most people missed getting to see it in IMAX, it was gorgeous.
  11. I don't know how accurate an interpretation it is, but if you don't run K2 in administrator mode in Vista, I don't think it actually saves any games. It thinks it does, it will list them, but they never load (at least mine wouldn't) and they just don't exist as files on the hard drive. What's really weird, is that if you switch it to run as an administrator, none of those games will be in your game list anymore.
  12. I guess when you're raised on it you get used to it. I also think that European candy bars always seem to be softer than Hershey and probably wouldn't re-solidify well for this particular pie. You might not like the waxy chocolate, but it is good for some things...
  13. My grandmother owns a big tract of land in a *very* rural area in SE Oklahoma and there are regular bigfoot sightings there. One day my uncle was down at the creek fishing and out of the corner of his eye, he saw what looked like someone in coveralls or maybe waders walking further down stream in a very overgrown section of the land. He went down to investigate and found a single wet footprint on a rock next to the overgrowth. He'll never say he saw bigfoot, but he will say he saw something...
  14. I made pies for our monthly "cake day" birthday party at the office. They're Hershey Bar pies and consist of melted candy bars poured into almost frozen cool whip and stirred really fast to make the chocolate break up into small pieces and resolidify... they're yummy. Everybody loves pie!
  15. They were glad to go back. At least for a day or two... lol. My daughter started middle school. She's so big! *tear*

  16. Not much. Working, that's about it... it was my kids' first day back to school today... whee :)

  17. I work for a University, so I find your rant hilarious. It's so true! If a student changes their address, they have to give the new address to the bursar's office, admissions and records, financial aid, accounts payable (if they get checks from us) AND the college they're enrolled in. I personally blame it on the political games constantly being played. Professor's think they're god's and administrators are almost worse. Thank goodness I'm not in a politically charged position anymore.
  18. What's to be ashamed of? That you didn't lock the door?
  19. You're *killing* me! I love that whole area so much... The Jefferson and Iwo Jima memorials are my favorites! Especially at night... so pretty. I haven't been back since one of my friend's weddings... and that was almost ten years ago now! Damn it, I need a vacation!
  20. i got right there and realized: you never had to drive in DC! ahhh! oh wait, you're a chick. ok. taks lol, I did drive in DC a little bit, but you're right, it wasn't much. Though it probably was some of the scariest moment's of my parent's lives... And yeah, I'm a chick.
  21. I'm really torn on G0-T0. On one hand, I can't stand him. Ugh. On the other, I've used him as the primary antagonist in one of my stories so I must find something compelling about him.... He does make a great antagonist, and I also love the fact that he's a droid.
  22. lol, I'd *never* want to live there again, but I would like to be able to go back to visit more often. I lived there for 2.5 years in a little po dunk town east of DC and south of Annapolis. It was a great place and it was really neat being in the country but so close to the Smithsonian. We spent a lot of Sunday afternoons in DC at the traveling exhibits. The nice thing is that I was 14 - 16 at the time and my mom had no problem with me riding the metro with friends and going to the mall (not the shopping mall). I also loved going into Annapolis with friends and looking at the pretty scenery... and by scenery I mean Midshipmen, of course. Yum!
  23. When I lived in the DC area we used to go to a place called Orleans House in Alexandria. It was a dive, but they had the *best* prime rib and salad bar... I drool just thinking about that place. :D Of course that was at least 16 years ago... sometimes I really miss DC and Annapolis...
  24. Last night, in an attempt to rescue my sister from her overwhelming life as a housewife with sick kids, I took her to see Mamma Mia and The Mummy. Mamma Mia was *fabulous*. Ok, well, not a great movie, but so much fun to watch anyway and Pierce Brosnan is *hawt*. Of course, the whole thing was made much more entertaining by the pint of rum we smuggled into the theater and added to our drinks... :D The Mummy was very entertaining. It was lot of fun and really flowed well. I have to agree that I really missed the real Evie, but this one did a nice job of it, I thought.
  25. The University I work for gives away free symantec anti-virus to anyone who connects to their network (students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.). I think they're just trying to keep infected computers off the network.
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