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  1. I have just experienced this bug in whatever the current version is as of this post (I think 4.1.2). I got the grimoire but no gun.
  2. The Beast of Winter icy armor set seems to be made to synergize with forbidden fist monk. Any thoughts?
  3. Here ya go: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104050-character-build-the-iron-hammer-swashbuckler-unbrokentrickster/ It is excellent and works with Eder.
  4. The first inn is accessible 5 minutes into the game - do the intro fight and go straight to Port Maje. You can immediately hire and spec a full gang. They cost 250 gold per for level 1.
  5. I encountered this bug and wanted to post a fix I figured out, which requires Unity Console. Stand outside the Sunken Crown (where the King is supposed to appear) Open the Journal and expand Unity Console. Click Global Variables Click Filters Type "wandering" into the filter - you are looking for "LAX2_n_huana_wandering_soul_state" Change the value to 4 - the quest should immediately advance That variable was at 3 for me. There are also 4 variables called "LAX2_b_wandering_soul_interaction_[01|02|03|04]". For me, 01 was set to 0 and the rest were 1. I did not change 01 to 1, but I was able to finish the interaction with the King. Maybe some dialogue options were missing but I completed the quest without changing it. Hope this helps!
  6. Sure does. I have only done two runs, but I took XP down to 60% until I hit L16, then bumped it up to 80%. That seemed about right for my games in which I feel like I need to do everything.
  7. Here's a nice thread about getting xp before fighting anything, I think you can get to 16 easily, especially if you do a few quests that have easier fights: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103025-guide-grow-strong-before-fighting-anything/
  8. Yes, Ananisapta, I am quite glad I didn't tattoo my face when I was younger. I wonder if hiring a beckoner and sacrificing 60 skeletons to berath would appease that haggard... lady.
  9. Oh god, the kraken fight. I have never completed that right the first time around because at least one of my characters end up getting stuck underwater or something. On one playthrough I ended up killing tekehu who was stuck. I had killed the kraken a few times already but somebody always got stuck. I couldn't bear to redo the fight again so I sacrificed tekehu to ondra and was finally able to leave the room. I consoled a couple of the important items he had because I couldn't loot his body. Ugh. This playthrough at least I only got stuck on the first two attempts. That is by far the most emotionally difficult fight for me.
  10. Bekarna's Observatory - the opening fight in the library was harder than the boss fight on the rooftop patio! I couldn't figure out how to not pull all the baddies at once. The even with the distraction, the second fight at Splintered Reef (the one after the pub) is pretty brutal. Before the PoTD tuning, it was a breeze at L16. Now it is tough. It's not even the charming, just the sheer number of enemies. Gorecci St I see as teaching you that fighting isn't always the best choice. Sometimes there is nothing lost by talking your way out of a pickle. You are weak and inexperienced. I have no problem skipping the fight here. But the hardest (excluding SSS and FS DLC which I have not yet played) was the sayuka druid battle. I'm sure the level at which you approach these fights has a huge impact but it's not totally clear what the intended level is. Generally on PoTD all upscaled, all the hard fights have at least 1 triple red skull and a few triple white. The battles generally feel really intense and satisfying W/ this difficulty.
  11. Allow disenchantment of weapon and armor qualities so that we can get our rare limited resource ingredients back. Specifically this is for legendary+ quality enchantments made by the player initially as the ingredients are very rare. Let us explore the high level game system without having to reroll entirely. It should not be cheap, though. Some ideas on how this could work: The weapon or armor is permanently destroyed in the process of removing the kraken eye or whatever. The disenchantment is free. You can pay the same amount (or possibly more?) as it cost to upgrade quality to downgrade it and get the ingredient(s) back. There is a trinket with a certain number of charges that allows for "essence extraction" of the item. Weapons are fully unenchanted when using this and ingredients refunded. Perhaps one of the Dwarven spirits from White March or Abydon could be involved in a quest leading you to a reclusive dwarf hermit forgemaster who can't forgive himself for making weapons that ended lives, but has a desire to fire his forge once again. So he compromises by disenchanting weapons. Or the spirit of a dwarf who died having failed her duty. She was charged to forge a mighty armor and weapon for a member of royalty, but due to some circumstances, was overconfident in her abilities. The armor (or weapon or shield) failed at a critical moment and her kind or queen was fatally injured. She dedicated herself to understanding how to make an armor that could not fail and died without having found the answer. However her research led her to understand how all weapons and armour have weaknesses and imperfections and she is able to spiritually detect those and spiritually explode a weapon, leaving behind only it's essence - an unenchanted, unenchantable, visually identical weapon of normal quality (below fine) and the ingredients used to enchant it. Besides the disenchantment service, she can reskin weapons, armor, accessories, etc by infusing the spirit of the weapon in another at the cost of the first weapon. I haven't read the full thread so consider this another vote if this general idea has been suggested already.
  12. Important to note that ACC gives you decreasing returns. So if you value not getting hit as much as you value hitting and have no preference for either, +5 DEF is much more valuable than +5 ACC.
  13. Say I use mule kick on an enemy not yet affected by body blows, with with morning star and with the morning star modal on. Do I get the ACC bonus on that mule kick, or do I need to hit the enemy once before to get the fortitude debuff and then use mule kick?
  14. You can get Willbreaker with a few points in stealth, boots with leap (will need two leaps) and two sparkcrackers, no aggro. Leave the party near the stairs from the cave. Sneak to the NW room, park yourself in the SW corner of the room. Move a meter or two to the right and throw a sparkcrackers in NE direction. While the big dolts have a look-see, throw another one further to the east. You can chain sparkcrackers like this and move the bad guys anywhere you like. In this case you just need them all to move east a bit. With them over there, you can leap to the weapon rack or chest (can't remember), grab your big smashy implement, and then as they return to their post you can leap back to the corner of the room. May need to time your leap so that you leap over them. You'll have to play with the timing for getting back out BC the scary monsters are patrolling.
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