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  1. How does Suppress Afliction works in RTwP? Afaik in my playthrough of TB, what it does is simply 'freeze' the time, a.k.a your target shld not get the affliction for the duration of the skill, but then after Supress done, it will apply again. So basically more like a delay rather than a dispel. Isnt that how it supposed to work?
  2. I always thought that the invocation explode all corpses nearby. On my chanter playthrough, I always thought that was the norm and that's why I never took the skill anymore.
  3. I'm not finding this to be the case. It is however easier to snag them with the tank as they go by because you can control every move. Later in the game, there are few enemies who would just Leap to your backliner. Im not sure if it is specific to me, but I always start the first round buffing, meaning my team will always still clumped together. Learn the hard way when all enemies suddenly just Shadow Leap, Blind and Stunned everyone. Some Spirits enemies like Shade would also teleport behind the line and attack whoever has the less AR or Deflection, which is most of the time caster
  4. I think in my playthrough, right after I went back to Neketaka from Ashen Maw, a.k.a visiting the Palace after Ashen Maw. Llengrath visited me right when I sail out from Neketaka, and I havent even found the Black Isle in this playthrough. Spoiler: The puzzle in the Hall of the Unseen suddenly solved by Llengrath, since she opened up all the door to reach the Sanctum LOL
  5. Why have I never encounter Rathun frostcaller? Most of Rathun I encountered are Fire based. And i did open up and explored all the islands.
  6. The bile duct I assume is our friends since it was listed green instead of red, although it is more of a hindrance really. At first i thought if all of them destroyed I would game over. It does create slog zone when destroyed. The conduit seems to me allowing the Oracle to use its beam power, assuming 4 tentacle eyes and 4 conduits. I did this DLC on turn based mode, and some enemies still have 1-2 skulls on them, so I supposed I was in the right level or at least close enough. The Oracle was a weird fight for me, I mean assuming most of you did it in RTwP mode, including OP. First t
  7. I think the real Old Gods do exist, i mean the Ukaizo Kingdom believe in Gods even before the Engwithan came and created the Wheels. The current Gods are more like a perversion of it maybe. I feel like they are more like an organic Soul-AI / Steward of Souls (why did the Engwithans make many of it I dont know), or maybe they just have God Complex and want to control the world / Eora, much like a type 1 Civilisation would, a full control of one own Planet and possibly star system. And for Eora, Soul is what Thermodynamic Law to us, meaning controlling soul means you can control all aspect
  8. I recently played and finished the game with the DLC. During Beast of Winter, in the Sunken Kingdom, the King talked about how Ukaizo was before the Engwithan came, a vast expansive Empire in the Deafire, with many Kiths from far away land come and acknowledge him. And then the Engwithans (I assume) came and offer to build a machine to speak with the Gods, which in turn destroyed and bring Ukaizo to the ground. The question is, was that the same machine as the Wheel of Berath, or was that the same construct Thaos use to create the Hollowborn. The king did specify that the Outlander said i
  9. Just recently played FS, I think Fassina might be an interesting choice, maybe on her way to scribe new magic so she can be Archmage. And based on the end game story, maybe Bearn as substitute for Eder (assuming Eder would train him), or heck maybe both Eder and Bearn. And Rekke definitely, and maybe one location at his homeworld or homeland. A new Godlike such as Abydon, Ondra, or Rymrgard would be nice too.
  10. Oh wow, I just finished FS and never noticed this. Also I brought Aloth and Fassina for the flavor dialogue. But knowing the Hand's Occult interference i think this is a very nice little details. It is creepy though, i mean the entire FS DLC is creepy, from the setting and all the experiments.
  11. I have rarely experience any memory leak and fps drop until recently when I played Beast of Winter DLC. As soon as I entered the shattered passage the memory just keep going up and up. I have to restart the game several time, but that only serve as a band-aid rather than a solution. Weirdly only for this DLC have I experienced this. I played Forgotten Sanctum without a hitch.
  12. Maybe instead of turning it off against disengagement attack completely, something like a limit of one reflect each enemy? That shouldnt be hard i guess, since the system definitely have a counter of enemy's type in each encounter right. This alone shld make turning blade still works against it but cant be used on same enemies twice. A bit of a nerve but it shld work.
  13. Well, if it's not a bug, I'll be damned. I turned on the auto end turn after action thing, which I know disable most of many possible tactics, such as moving or using another free action after attacking, but I just dont seem any necessity to do that as of now, since most encounter, save some bosses, are easy enough, and pressing an extra button to end turn is kinda tedious, mostly cos I havent found a good shortcut key for it yet. My Space button is for my pause and my other mouse button is reserved for weapon info, which I used fairly often. I always get used to the idea that in any turn
  14. I agree with arkteryx, the ability to buff different free spells on wizard is very helpful, especially in turn base. Maybe something like any free action that deal damage can only be used once per turn. As for the Black jacket subclass, a simple limitation such as free action with a cooldown might help here. Something that I notice as well, regarding free action, there is some bug regarding free action on enemies, Some enemies have been observed to use their free action during player turn, such as changing stance. I encounter this very often when fighting enemies fighter, that during my
  15. Based on my current playthrough, something I notice that most of effect proc of unique item is very insignificant. Since in turn base (with current initiative system), each char can only act once or attack once, some unique item weapon procs become quite insignificant due to low percentage. I see some items with 1% or 5% proc. 10 % is still something debatable. However, anything below 10% feels very weak in the current turn based system, where char can only act once, the probability for such effect to occur is quite rare, hence the unique item become rather, useless in a way. Unless the cu
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