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  1. Too many branches would significantly cut the amount of resources available for the length of the game.



    THAT is the key factor.



    Imagine you have the manpower money and time to make a linear game that takes 20h to play through. For every branch away from the centerline, you chip away from that time. You want to have both male and female characters? That rather small and seemingly insignificant option means the dev has to rewrite all the dialogue, re-record voiceovers andcreate new models, textures and rig for every variation of clothing you need. Throw in some branches in the storyline with new locations and all of a sudden you have a 2h game and noone wants to pay for that.

    On this forum we're pretty educated on the process of developing a game, but out there you see tons and tons of kids howling for non-linear freedom without having a clue what it takes to accomplish that.


    Indeed, and all this gets the more amplified the more different the branches are from one another, because than you cannot reuse as much content between them. That's why I rarely call for 'more choice' in games - I like my games longer, though the illusion of choice is essential.

  2. "as in no marketing at all."



    Do you even know what you're talking about, or do you just make random statements out of your ass?


    As far as Cthulhu development, I think the game was supposed to be much bigger initially, with several detectives available as playable characters, so it was just a case of an inexperienced developer biting off too much. Still a work of art though, too bad it sold so poorly.


    I guess they didn't have much marketing. I was not even aware that there was a Cthulhu game.

  3. Cool now go buy another TB HDD! 2TB FTW!!


    Do these even exist at this point in time?!?!

    Seagate makes some nice 1.5TB drives. Get 2 of those and you are covered for the next 6-12 months :huh:


    Interesting - I thought 1TB was the biggest at the moment. My largest HDD is a 320GB external drive, while my laptop has a 100GB HDD. My new laptop about to arrive this week or the next will have a 500GB HDD.

  4. The possibilty of k3 all depends on how well the MMO goes. Maybe if the MMO bombs out, they'll say "Hey! Maybe a continuation of k2 -that's not a MMO- is a great idea!" If the money they made the MMO for doesn't show up.... maybe they'll see it the fan's way.


    Sadly that seems unlikely to me. For one thing, SWtOR has hijacked the K3 plot. So even if it fails and LA decides to retrace their steps towards SP CRPG, there is virtually no way to recover the Revan and Exile vs. True Sith plot...


    It's dead, Jim. :huh:


    What's more, the SWOR MMO will not fail. It will almost certainly be a huge success and even any kind of 'failure' in terms of meeting expectations would still probably not result in the game losing money.

  5. Call me a treacherous heathen if you must, but I'm so absolutely satisfied by Fallout 3 that I'd prefer further Fallout games continue in the FPS/RPG hybrid genre over a return to turn based. At least as long as they can maintain the quality of the role playing and combat. In fact, I wish Bethesda would just dump the Elder Scrolls to some other development studio and focus entirely on Fallout games.


    Heh, my main hope before the release of Fallout 3 was that it would be at the very least, enjoyable without mods which Oblivion failed at. F3 has completely surpassed all of my expectations so far.


    I agree, although I think they should develop an ES game before every Fallout game. That way they can make a ton of huge mistakes in the ES game and correct them for the Fallout game.


    Hahaha - great plan! :shifty:

  6. "Why does Obsidian have a spotty track record? They've released three successful titles. They might not have been huge blockbusters, but I doubt they failed to meet expected sales numbers."


    Well.. According to LA, KOTOR2 didn't make their sale expecations hence why they won't allow (currently) Obsidian to make a KOTOR3 instead deciding on a MMORPG so while KOTOR2 did sell reasonably well, it surely didn't meet LA's expecations and that's what matters.


    That's interesting, I hadn't hard that before. It's a shame.


    I have never heard that before either. Any sources?

  7. she would have had to fill out a provisional ballot, but no, she did not. she's paid by the hour and didn't have another 2-3 hours to waste.




    Ouch, so she was actually prevented from voting by the voting authorities because of their mistake. Ouch!

  8. anyway, i voted. and i'm filing an official complaint with our county (el paso) for a) directing me to the wrong polling place and wasting over 3 hours of my morning (i'm holding the voter card that told me where to go... and it is wrong) and b) dropping my wife from the registration list.


    Sounds pretty bad - at least you did manage to vote after the ordeal. Did they allow your wife to vote in the end too?

  9. Does Betheda actually have the full Fallout IP? I know Interplay owns some sort of Fallout MMO IP. Does Bethesda need to license the IP again to make Fallout 4?


    Bethesda has the full IP. Interplay does have the right to make a Fallout MMO, but it's right is limited even in that regard. I don't recall the precise details, but it is something like, one game only, has to enter development by a certain date, Interplay has to raise a certain amount of money for it by a certain date and so on.

  10. I guess it could do so in theory, but it would probably want to develop further Fallout games by itself, so unless Obsidian was willing to accept a very strict contract to the benefit of Bethesda, I don't see this happening.

    I'm not sure Beth would be that strict about that. I mean they're also a developer, so they're sitting on the same side of the table, right? It would be more a matter about relationship and trust I think, but I think if Obsidian is interested in it and Ferg presses Beth to make a deal, it could really happen.


    I meant financially strict in favor of Bethesda. Fallout is a lucrative license, especially now that it has been reinvigorated by Fallout 3.

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