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  1. I just bought the full version of King's Bounty: The Legend from Gamestop, so clearly the game is out in the U.S. in the retail. It was the last copy in that particular store though!


    Ohhh, so its out in retail as well.


    I'm crossing fingers real hard that it'll be shipped over to Singapore soon'ish.


    Yes, it is definitely in retail now. The game is awesome... just to tantalize you a bit before it arrives in Singapore (unless it's already there)!

  2. I just found out STALKER is coming to Gametap next month. I'm pretty excited about that, I always meant to pick it up, and now I don't have to.


    Clear Sky or SoC?


    Strix, how did you manage to turn the picture into your sig? I would like to do the same if possible... and with the same picture! :(

  3. I just bought Fallout 3. :(


    I will have to wait until my new computer arrives to play it though. I have ordered it over two weeks ago, but there were some complications. Hopefully, these will be sorted out soon and it will ship quickly!

  4. Since Storm of Zehir has gone Gold, it is now in a fixed state. I would love if NWN2 franchise continued further with more expansions, so here is a thread to make suggestions and express wishes for the third NWN2 expansion pack!


    Let's hope there is a third XP for NWN2!

  5. No, sorry to say, they're gone.


    Dankee. That sucks to hear though.


    King's Bounty: The Legend


    Great game - old school RPG/Strategy hybrid with turn-based combat. So far, I am still playing the free demo, but I am planning to get the full game.


    I'm personally hoping with my fingers crossed that the game will be released in retail. Presently it seems to be only available via download online, a purchase system that I haven't yet place my faith on due to location difference.


    Same here - I would prefer to buy it at a store here. If you don't mind buying the DVD version online, though, it is apparently available on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Kings-Bounty-Legend-Pc/dp/B0012N2AB6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1225469609&sr=8-1).

  6. Yatzee actually thinks Saints Row 2 is good:


    Its a poorly done and rather immature GTA-ripoff with very ugly graphics, thats it. Yatzee is a bloody idiot.

    Yahtzee is a very funny bloke but he sometimes gives good reviews to crap and gives bad reviews to stuff which deserves much better, c.f. his treatment of most CRPGs. the thing to bear in mind is that he's writing to entertain more than actual analysis - even when he's ripping on a game that i like, i can appreciate the jokes he's making.


    Definitely! I certainly don't go to the site to get an opinion-forming review of a game - I go there to be entertained.

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