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  1. Because he, correct me if am wrong about this, wants to finish it perchance?


    I got that, but why does he want to finish it if he finds it boring and thus not enjoyable? Is it for story reasons, or perhaps just for the sake of completionism? These are all valid reasons, but I am just interested what the reason is that compels him to continue playing it despite the lack of enjoyment.

  2. I mean, a talking radscorpion with glasses? Really? :brows:


    :brows: How regularly did things like this appear in the game?

    Every five minutes. It almost ruined the game.


    Ouch, that does sound very over the top. I mean, I don't mind occassional humor (anybody remember the spectator beholder from Baldur's Gate II?) of the game not taking itself seriously, but if it appears too often, it would ruin the experience for me.

  3. There are enough races and subraces and such in the game now. I say add content to expand on the ones we currently have. More appearance customization, a plethora of race specific quests and such. Maybe have the story deal with one of the dwarven or elven kingdoms so we can see something from a not so human viewpoint. I'd also like to see another expanded Crossroad Keep type feature. Maybe building from an initial settlement up to a fortified castle town throughout the game.


    There is enough content, in terms of races and classes, that's true, but I would still like to see the implementation of what I call 'combinational' or 'combinatorial' prestige classes that allow the character to progress in multiple types of spellcasting simultaneously. This means classes such as the Mystic Theurge.

  4. Not sure which thread this belongs to, but I read an article that Fallout 3 has already outsold ALL other Fallout games put together!

    The cross-platform release pretty much guaranteed that from the get-go.


    Good point - but still - so quickly?

  5. What's Indigo Prophecy syndrome?

    Generally its accepted that indigo prophecy syndrome is when a game is REALLY fantastic for the first 3/4's of it then the developers either ran out of time or ideas and everything that was fun about the game evaporates into action territory with the main character seemingly pulling superpowers out of nowhere and then using them to try to defeat the evil villian.


    Basically the game is good for the first part then the quality gets beaten by the stupid bat for so hard and long that it craps itself inside out...


    you know what watch http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/vie...ned-2-Bloodshot


    That was hilarious! :lol:

  6. "as in no marketing at all."



    Do you even know what you're talking about, or do you just make random statements out of your ass?


    As far as Cthulhu development, I think the game was supposed to be much bigger initially, with several detectives available as playable characters, so it was just a case of an inexperienced developer biting off too much. Still a work of art though, too bad it sold so poorly.


    I guess they didn't have much marketing. I was not even aware that there was a Cthulhu game.

    I was only aware of it because somebody here played it and they all came to the general conclusion that the game didn't live up to the mythos iirc. Also it suffered from Indigo Prophesy syndrome.


    It is a pity when good games are not sufficiently publicized to generate large sales. I think King's Bounty currently falls into that category - I have only heard of it accidently.

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