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  1. I actually prefer a good book to a good game.


    Keyword being "good". Most "novellisations" of things aren't really that great, though I liked what Feist made of Betrayal at Krondor.


    edit: actually come to think of it, that may be because there aren't so many games that are as good as good books. Kotor 2 is definitely up there as one of the best written games ever, same with Torment, and it would be hard to beat with a book.


    So in the end I guess I have no special preference of game vs book, I just want whatever comes out to be well written!


    Don't get me wrong, I like books, but not as a means to continue one of my favorite computer game franchises.

  2. Help! ;)


    Where in the world would I go and look for virgins? There seems to be a severe shortage of them. I asked random girls on the street, but only two bothered replying, implying that I was either some kind of cultist or worse.

    ... there is a pack of nuns at the freaking hospital.

    I thought Dandelion had seen to that there was no virgins there :teehee:


    Ok, I'll check out the status of the nuns. Thanks :)


    :o Gorth! Behave yourself! :lol:

  3. Also, why do hard disks always lie about their size? When I bought a 250GB HD, it actually was only 230. With a 500GB HD, it was 455. Now with this 1TB HD, it's 930 (so it says in the menu mentioned above).


    They don't really lie. It stems from the difference in definitions of prefixes.


    Standard definitions:


    Kilo = 1,000

    Mega = 1,000,000

    Giga = 1,000,000,000

    Tera = 1,000,000,000,000


    Therefore, in standard terminology Terabyte is 1,000,000,000,000 bytes.


    In computing terminology, however, each new prefix is defined by being a positive integer in 2^10n, so:


    Kilobyte = 1,024 bytes

    Megabyte = 1048576 bytes

    Gigabyte = 1073741824 bytes

    Terabyte = 1099511627776 bytes


    (Note, this terminology has now been officially replaced to avoid confusion with lame names, such as Gigibyte...)


    Hence, your HDD probably has 1,000,000,000,000 bytes, which is 1TB in standard terminology, but in the old, but still widely used computing terms, this only amounts to 909.4947017729282379150390625 computer Gigabytes (Gigibytes).




    Yeah, manufacturers usually choose to measure memory not incorrectly, but so that the seems to be larger than it actually is by the way most operating systems measure it. But a friend of mine bought a 500gb drive this summer that was about 502gb, so not all manufacturers are running this mini-scam. I think it was a Seagate but Im not sure.


    Well, technically speaking the way manufacturers measure it is officially correct and the way the OS measures it is not. But yeah, it can be a bit deceptive.

  4. - Make monsters burst out of nowhere (those tongue hound things)


    Horror and startling someone are two different things.


    Yes, but they are related. If you expect that an Alien can burst on you from nowhere... if you expect you may be startled at any point but don't know when or if it will actually occur... that kind of uncertainty does contribute to an atmosphere of horror.

  5. I'm sure I'd enjoy this game if I could actually install it. Been trying all day and am now going to buy an Xbox instead.


    Just out of interest, what seems to be the problem in the installation process?

  6. I donno... I'd at least expect them to do a fade to black if you pick up a hooker. It kinda throws you out of the experiance like a shot put at the Olympics when you pay a hooker for her professional duties and then get a spooning...


    Could you imagine the hysteria if there was nakedness in a game where you can decapitate people on numerous occasions, tear off limbs, turn them into slag as you hear their final cry of pain, and is loaded with "foul" language? Not to mention the rampant drug use and potential promotion of slavery.




    Well, the they wouldn't even have to have nakedness would they? Fade to black and all that...

  7. I mean, a talking radscorpion with glasses? Really? :o


    :ermm: How regularly did things like this appear in the game?

    Every five minutes. It almost ruined the game.


    Ouch, that does sound very over the top. I mean, I don't mind occassional humor (anybody remember the spectator beholder from Baldur's Gate II?) of the game not taking itself seriously, but if it appears too often, it would ruin the experience for me.

    Only it wasn't a talking radscorpion. It was a lockpicking, chessmaster radscorpion.




    The plant in the lawn next door did the talking. Folks are blowing the issue out of proportion, I think. The game does have a lot of silliness, but it's a huge game and it's not cluttered by that. I think it's very significative that this alleged excessive cheesiness is the only fault people can find with Fallout 2. 3 is more like 1 in this regard... the over-the-top humour is almost non-existant. It goes with the tastes, I guess - I know I miss it sometimes, but some people are grateful that Beth didn't go that way.


    Well, yes, it is a matter of taste. Personally, I can find over-the-top humor amusing if it is used sparingly.

  8. I think the reason we aren't seeing Fable 2 and Fallout 3 is because of the "ghettoization" of the australian gaming scene (his words) where months can go by between a release in america and a release in the outback.


    Poor Aussies!


    BTW: I think these kinds of staggered game releases also contribute to piracy.

  9. Ingesting something sharp and then puking up blood n' guts. I think it stems from eating a lot of fish growing up and always worrying about bones in them so I'd spend a ridiculous amount of time chewing to make sure there weren't any bones in the fish.


    I can't stand most fish, bar salmon, tuna, and shark <sic>. I got a fishbone through my epiglottis, that then got stuck in my throat wall. Two hours of pain every time I swallowed or tried to tell anyone, or turn my head. Bloody awful.


    How did you get rid of it in the end?


    BTW: I also take a long time to eat fish to avoid the bones.

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