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  1. Ok, so i decided to pass on Dodurugan, i totally dont have nerves for that. It is certainly beatable, but why would i bother. Its trinket is crap (although theres no use for any of trinkets, only ukaizo left = no point), and constructs are just stupid. I went to sigilmaster, failed with captain banquets completely - several times, then went to Neketaka for Konstanten room buff. Lightning sigil killed itself after second activation, i didnt even bother hitting it with anything. Xoti with herald ancient memory was able to easily outheal it. 30-40 perc reflect on all party just makes it easy. Potions didnt seem effective, because cleansing sigil and her dampener (or her spirit summons cast it) removed them in moment. EXCEPT terror sigil. That one completely disabled all party, so in the end, i was half afk, party constantly terrified, Ydwin's gouging strike doing 7 damage ticks, and Herald auras healing. That took maybe 10 minutes, maybe longer than rest of fight (zzz), but noone died. When sigil broke, Auranic died in moment after. So 3 bosses out of 4. With sub optimal party except tank + main, although Xoti who i consider usually dead weight, was shining in these fights. Not bored enough to deal with Dodu. Oh and about sigilmaster - my sage main didnt have arcane dampener. I thought i would need to respec, and it was not needed, to my happiness. (respec in Deadfire feels like big cheat, it should be for some major price, or just once per playthrough, or just few levels - it is completely anti RP and metagaming is most boring thing possible ----- although no respec at all + no info about basic things, like Pathfinder Kingmaker is probably bit worse, just a bit, lol)
  2. I am not sure if i need to kill xaurips in the bottom left area - when i open door next to that weird looking dog, there are 5 xaurips + 1 grub, they are insta feared - no idea why, i dont have any infamous captain or fear aura or anything. When i kill them, combat never ends, tried reload and kill them again few times, and game crashed =( which was first crash for whole completionist playthrough + all dlc. Restarting doesnt help. I have no idea what is purpose of these rooms, bit confused whats going on there, i just hope i dont need to kill them, because i cant.
  3. Hmm, good for you have only fps drop. I have lag. Every first time i cast mirror image (especially last playthrough as trickster) i have mini lag, like 0.3s-0.5s freeze. Next recast is ok smooth. Next combat/next map/next reload, again.
  4. After beating Belranga PotD upscale with Galawain challenge (it had bullish buff - my st elca tank was not even able to heal herself, ALLWAYS interrupt, god bless she had resistance to knockback... not to mention buffs on small spiders, LOL) i thought nothing can be worse, but that ooze was even worse crap. They totally dont merge at 50, the smaller they are, sooner they merge, but when they start merging, they chain merge without any delays. Worst problem is, that it takes ages, and one small mistake, and you are screwed. I lost my nerves 3 times, fourth time i beat it. I really like these fights - they have brain, but it should be finetuned a bit better, not make it so frustrating crap - especially with so meager rewards (mythic stuff is NOT needed for anything, and just 4 pieces for all bosses either wont change any outcome of any battle - which one, guardian of ukaizo? ...). These fights bit smoothed should be part of game, because every fight in vanilla game is just walk in the park. Instead they are just optional stuff, basically worthless to do them (i dont care about achievements personally, but i know lot of people do, and it doesnt even give achievements, uhh - imo these battles are the only thing from all game, worthy of achievement). I am playing with vanilla companions, only st Elca/Troubadour tank mercenary, because Pallegina is useles, and Eder also can tank almost nothing. Now going for that hellfire colossus, another half day spent LOL (or more? i hope not). Keeping sigilmaster as last, because i dont like idea to need to respec for one fight - so far i didnt, and seems for her i will need it.
  5. +1 on first - i have personal problem with fanatic zealots - and priests in general - tho, kind of priest as Tristian is quite ok (even if i play chaotic neutral character) And about Jaethal mad dog - i saw guides for that build... nah she does perfect as inquisitor, comparable to Amiri in power, and having so many support tools. If you feel she is squishy just give her mace+shield. Wish she had channeling, i wouldnt take priest with me at all, or make her priest, but that would mean one wasted level of inquisitor. I was thinking - it cant be Obsidian writing, because in Tyranny i enjoyed, really enjoyed companions - except Barik bleh! Especially Sirin omg the best companion ever. Theres something weird off in Deadfire companions, started with Durance and Aloth in POE1 - continuing with almost all companions in POE2. I read lot of people liked Durance, and i think they pushed it all this "pop" way. But for me he + Kana was most repulsive, same as Barik. + I forgot Aloth in my post, because my POE1 save has him sacrificed. Even when i played with custom history, i just ignored him, except his quest. Guess why.
  6. Yea seems you have same problems with Xoti and Valerie as me - lol. If someone is just plain dumb, i cant stand them. Btw Jaethal is perfect, she heals herself great, she resist so many things, and even if she gets downed, its no biggie, she just stands up nothing wrong. You can give your main healer some harm or injury spells, just in case to help her, but its not that needed. She actually survives way more than Harrim. Some say put heavy armor on her, but there is no point, she has lot of DEX. I specced her all those teamwork feats, she gets bonuses even if noone else has them. Very valuable party member.
  7. So, few of people answered it Why? This is a serious question, and I am indeed interested in what you think. The problem with flat out unqualified and unexplained "love" or "hate" statements is this: anyone can say them about anything, but they convey absolutely no information. Could you do a little bit of "I love the writing, because..." and "I hate all Deadfire companions, because..." so the rest of us can at least have some kind of idea of what you mean, please? So few people answered already. Of course its very subjective, hate or love. Its just... lets look at deadfire companions: Eder is simpleton farmer - well... Xoti is complete freak, in a bad sense... i dont mind freaks at all, but her plot seems to me ridiculous Pallegina - fanatic who serves fanatically to some greedy bunch of nobles - anything you do agains those ***heads, she goes full postenago, leaving forever - her plot seems to me ridiculous Serafen - is bearable from start, but later he gets annoying as hell - and looks like some green squirrel Maia - is nice voiced, not bad personality in general, but is pro Ruatai fanatic, militia wainbrashed - and looks absolute hideous, same as Kana - same as all Aumana Tekehu - probably most acceptable of all, but as damage dealer misses everything, and i dont like summons, as healer - he resist his stuff, so i never used him much. But he is quite ok. All in all, i find them freaking weird and annoying. As in non believable weird weirdos. But - Mirke is pretty good, and Ydwin as well (it might be, because theyre just not developed sidekicks) it just all might be just my subjective feeling or non compatibility with whoever writes companions... but i dont have problems in other games, lol And about PF KM companions - i had such laugh with some, and theyre fun, even those evil and freaky ones are interesting. Just Valerie is dumb as hell. And yes Octavia's romance is awesome, even though i am not lesbian i think, ended up with her, whatever so i could flirt with anyone until she broke up with Reg - Tristian reactions on pickme ups just lol. Nok-Nok's and Linzi's sidequests made me laugh to tears.
  8. I started playing with 1.1 (waiting for major crap gets fixed) and well... There are some minor bugs or glitches - mostly some inconsistencies (ffs), but so far nothing major - in chapter 5 now. It is way way bigger - not sure what sizes are we comparing, but playable area / encounters etc, kingmaker wins by alot. Not even talking about dungeons - those are uncomparable. What makes it even "bigger" is sluggish movement, and total lack of documentation or explanation, and if you try to google things, it only confuses you, because everything was bugged, and even if it is fixed now, its hard to orient or get any info. Very frustrating. Takes you one, or at least half of whole first playthrough, to understand how most of things work. What makes it "smaller" is ever present time stress, which kinda forces you to not explore much - but also somewhat prevents overleveling. Out of topic i also totally love writing, i really love almost all companions (and i hate all deadfire companions, sorry but i cant stand single one of them - )... Even them romances are quite interesting. So yea, this is HUGE, but its 1.1.1 - and its still quite bit of mess. No idea how long this will take to polish, but its pretty playable atm, seems all gamebreaking stuff is fixed.
  9. So you should be able to do the same here. Give it a try! Worst that can happen is it doesn't work and you have to hit ctrl+z Thanks! I didnt really follow any tutorial, i just figured it by watching other mods - according to this info, most of them do it wrong. Time to try it, and also check tutorial.
  10. I have mod to change height of races - it works nice I copied whole block of Game.GameData.CharacterStatsSettingsComponent and changed GlobalRaceScale values. Question is - can i delete all other values, or do i need to keep whole block intact? In mods from nexus, i noticed they have all blocks intact. But in this case, its almost half of original gamedatabundle. And there are values, which scare me - attack speeds and weapon specifics and whatnot. It doesnt seem as futureproof solution (i better redo it every patch, in case anything would change) Can i do it like this: is it possible this way? (all mainly because aumana are so hideous, and making them smaller is much better lol)
  11. 0.95 quests 0.85 combat made me lvl 20 without having done Bekarna, Scriveners, DLCs and Ukaizo I slightly raised it for next playthrough, it felt too low ... because simply many multiclass characters unlock most important things at lvl 19 - and some things were quite hard. Also damn drake encounter in enguitan ruins at lvl 3 was quite hell. Ofcourse speaking potd wise. People seem happy to level fast, so their "builds" are finally working, but imo its super boring to play rpg without progress.
  12. Mind lance hits allies, and uhh... positioning in that chaos when theres lot of mobs... But thinking, it might be really good for big boss fights. Gonna try to respec for it. Since i have amplified wave, its ok. But spamming mind blades is super annoying, so many pauses and micro, for - hmm, well it works great, when there are slash vulnrable 2 mobs, if theres crowd, its meh, if theres one mob, its super meh. The best it worked when she was confused, she did more than half hp of all party by one cast... These 0,5s casts would be best to AI them, especially with blood thirst, but i never use AI on watcher (only for auto drugs use lol). Just one thing - why the heck has cipher only one casting sound, i am getting slightly annoyed 1000x hearing same thing again and again ...
  13. Yes lol, how to do it? On the other hand, i think they changed something about her, because her usual romance progress - seems stuck for me atm. She started talking about eder, then suddenly whole conversation was stuck and ended - like nevermind. I even tried to reload - same results. And when i talk to her after, theres new option, to ask her something what she had in mind - and she just answers something nevermind. But she doesnt romance watcher (she would sooner, for sure). I am leading her to darkness ofcourse xD. Theres something different now.
  14. One thing just occured me, comparing witch to mindstalker assassin, she has not so much more hp, 1 armor from barbarian passive, less reflex less dodge. She survives so much more (actually she died only once to some multi rogue assault on her, so far, whereas assassin would be dead like 20 times, to anything). Makes me thinking, that enemy AI targets assassin because of that damage debuff. Because now, the most targetted is my helwalker sage - they even break multiple engagements, gets almost killed, just to once hit the poor thing. So maybe, assassin is not crappy by itself, but thanks to enemy AI. Btw party composition is same, except helwalker sage - was heavy armored helwalker fury - so its obvious - target priorities. But then, assassin brings almost nothing, thanks to stealth guile cost being just too much. Witch is so good (omg LDV), mindstalker trickster is so good. Makes me thinking, tank should definitely be the most squishy member lol. But how to do it. Oh and comparing ascendant to soulblade - uhh, i think soulblade is more fun to play, diverse, this thing, spamming mind blades - 0,4s cast - pause - target again rinse repeat to oblivion. I was happy that i got scream - but its not that effective, well depends on enemies, but theres nothing much else to spam. So i need to wait for amplified w.
  15. Hmm i just did that, it seems that quest ends when you send Remaro free, you get weapon reward and serafen gives me that crit headpiece(only reason why i do his questline). Thats the end. Then, when you enter boat, Malnaj is waiting - i just killed them (she appears there just as consequence), looted all, nothing happens, but it doesnt need to happen anything, IMO. Either mine two last playthroughs are not bugged (i never take Maia - if that helps) - or it doesnt feel bugged to me. I am allways very nice to Serafen, and shady in general. So i hit 2 relation before i get to Remaro, while doing this quest as one of first (at first enter neketaka - buy spyglass > fort deadlight > progress through serafen quest), so i can get rid of him asap from party. Never felt bugged. Fair favor earned, task completed. Malnaj is just some consequence encounter after that.
  16. i love pickpocketing, so i allways turn this one on. Started fresh game with 3.1.1 and so far - Port maje and Neketaka two zones, not counting zones, where sooner never was some extra loot, like fort deadlight - well, nothing, nothing at all. I picked all npcs, even walking ones, if i missed some, it must've been only really few. Usually i would have more than 6 items - it was 2-3 in every zone. Either its some unusually bad luck, or it stopped working. I dont mind, mainly asking if i should waste time trying in other zones, or its simply no go. UPDATE: just got Nature Embrace belt from some commonner, so it seems it is working, just having some bad luck
  17. it happened to me on gorecci street - killed those looters, then saved, wiped on illaro, tried to reload and error Only autosave from before i entered that street loaded. Thats a new one. (old one is wiping on looters, reload entering autosave error - it has something to do with that script as you enter, load from menu works) I have also absolute reliable loading error this way: start new game, progress to that huana outskirt of port maje, enter mokeha or chieftain house, go out - error. This happened about 6x exactly same way - different playthroughs. It does everytime since maybe 2.1 or even sooner, and i think it has something to do with weather, when i enter, its sun, when i go out, after reloading (which works), its rain. Same thing in Poko Kohara, i killed that titan, entered ruins, right after went out, error. Some foggy or sandstormy weather after reloading, but it was sun, when i was entering. Thanks to what i see, i have suspicion on weather. OR weather randomizes on reload, then it can be anything. Loading from menu allways worked for me, except todays gorecci street - i could not load entering autosave from menu, neither quicksave in mid. Those saves were broken.
  18. This Essence Interrupter fix - does it also fix no loot bug, which was making weapon completely unusable?
  19. I totally love this build, using it on hireling, and she wrecks. Problem is that killing those halbediers etc is quite trouble being low level on potd, I managed it at lvl 10 with several dominate savescumming, it was not easy. LOL. And thanks to this i started hating Pelegina, bich leaves party on first whim just goes full postenago(not only this time, several others). No other companion does this ... It seems collateral damage has been patched. Fate managed to kill party members, but only with storm of 7 wall bounces, or ball lighting. Either way system shock after res is not a biggie. If i compare collateral damage with sage helwalker, 30int aoe dot is more meh - this fury seems way more foe only aoes. Thanks to her tools she dishes out more damage in the long run AND +++ she survives way more than poor squishie. And them stuns, watcher mindstalker loves stunned things! No need wizards lol. I kinda ignored druids as dps, as presented by mr Tekehu aka sparkcrackers style, so this was real surprise.
  20. depends - when there is crowd, its much better to do 3x amplified wave - and ok, mindblades 15 focus, but i never found that one particularly effective. So ok, i gave up on assassin, because it just doesnt work, and decided to try corpse eater witch ascendant just from curiosity, and to see that +5 power level. Kith meat is plentiful, and that vessel mess too, just need lot of eggs = +2 power level all the time, but no razor skewers hmmm. Seems fun from RP perspective, evil witch, not raging like berserker + i dont like meta, lol. Might be another dissapointment, or not. 5th cipher build - so far melee trickster was most fun and most effective + survived alot. Update: OK she is low level yet, but eating corpse made her straight ascended at lvl 5 - not sure how this scales further, but i was like wtf (not working, im probably just not used how fast she gets focus, one blow full charge - but if that would worked, that would be super cool - now its just on the way to other mob, she just eats some corpse to get another blow - its not that slow - 2.3sec for now) - just missing that soul blade concentration, otw barbarian is quite tough
  21. i was thinking about trying melee ascendant - but those 3pl ascended wont make even 1 pen - and soulblade can do 3x amplified without problem, then bam bam few attacks and again - when comes to lower level shred skills, she can spam some even more than ascendant, if you chose to - f.e. soul shock 5 focus - and has free almost perma concentration, and almost perma 20 perc weapon damage - seems winner - not only because soul blade my problem is, that assassin brings nothing seems - guile cost of being hidden is simply too much - and setting up circumstances for good backstab makes usually rest of party without any management far too long, and it often fails - if mobs are moving etc. Assassinating mages is fun but pointless, because trickster with escape wrecks them easily without stealth (arguably easier, because you have to be fast, until they cast their buffs, so quickly escape bam bam done)
  22. Sorry for necroing thread, but i was playing trickster/soulblade with sanquine sword (there might be even better weapon choices, but crits + modal + constant self heal + i simply wanted greatsword). All maxed dex with helm of falcon+miscreant+those fast gloves - made to 2,6s recovery on GS. Only rogue active i took escape, rest just trickster skills and passives + all good stuff from cipher. She had about 40perc crit chance - probably more (having lot of money and that money crit ring OP). And she was able to offtank one medium heavy enemy, until they died, without being hit - thanks to trickster skills. Although single target dps/with some dominating and by choice emptying focus to 3x amplified wave or spam scream - she did majority of dps in party, including evoker and fury, but that might be most because microing her alot... I am trying to play now assassin soulblade, similar build and stats, but i took +2 blessing and distributed it between might con and res (to compensate squishiness and more might). 2 handed should be ideal for assassinate, which, after setting up whole situation, if works out, she can backstab kill 3skulls brute. But... its gimmicky like hell, gets messed if mobs are moving etc, and takes ages to set up. This she can do 4x for all fight with assasin shoes (she is mid levels now) - which sometimes simply doesnt work, and then she is out of guile even for dumb escape. I have super hard time to keep her alive, and (at mid level) for now it seems totally not worth it. I tried aoe assasinate with endless paths (that thing got nerfed to oblivion, i wonder what buid can use so tiny aoe like 2,5m with 16int zzzz) not good. It seems like wasted 3k to mahiri - maybe some weird monk hybrid with 30 int could use it - MEH. Any tips how to play assassin mindstalker melee? I kinda refuse to play ranged cipher, because its super boring.
  23. well, something yes, but AI conditions hmm no idea point is, why - it was challenge with potd, with any difficulty its just some spice to game, not really challenge, so lets enable mods (if they are disabled because some can make things easier - besides most cheaty thing is unity console, and that works, i believe) it just makes no sense at all
  24. THIS. I use 3 mods just for aesthetics (made myself, just changing few armor models and headgear + making aumana lower, slightly less hideous, than they are) - a must One for less XP (which is challenge by itself, especially with new potd changes, but reaching level cap in half of rpg is meh) - top recommended 30 perc slower leveling More AI conditions - no comment, its a must Enhanced UI - not a must, but its very good to have I refuse to play any challenge, because i wouldnt play without those. NO and i dont see point of that limitation, especially when you can do challenges now with all difficulties.
  25. well, thats what i am trying to get, i think i had almost allways perception - which is not bad, but my watchers have allways maxed perception possible anyways i need brilliant for mindstalker assasin... otw i need to take another mindstalker just for ancient memory - which is ridiculous - i love cipher but two = meh general consensus seems - clever, so this playthrough i will try only clever or no indicator options with gods, nothing else... but im worried that it wont be so easy btw - imo it is absolute blast skill to have, especially if you dont have cipher in party, or solo, or watcher is cipher multiclass with resource hungry class, like assassin etc replenish class resources vs any other tier3 buff wins almost allways and i wonder why noone investigated this properly EDIT i am pretty sure, that i did all clever options already, but when there was not clever, i went for rational or stoic or cruel few times... so only option remains, clever + rest neutral EDIT 2 - yes got it, all clever and nothing else, just neutral if there is no clever - meanwhile i figured that brilliant got nerfed... but still helps!
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