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  1. As I enter my last year of college, I have been thinking a lot about my degree and exams. Right now I'm working on my critical essay. I need to finish it in two weeks. Luckily I've already applied to one college essay service to help me with that task. Next year I hope I'll get my bachelor's degree!
  2. Re-reading the Galactic Milieu trilogy by Julian May. On Magnificat now.
  3. Today I'm planning my trip to Argentina. Through site I found out area phone code here https://areaphonecodes.com/argentina/ and booked cheap apartments in Buenos Aires near the city center. Besides I found a few nice city tours with local guide. I was waiting for this trip so long. Hope it will be unforgettable!
  4. Found Windoor Skydiving live webcam https://worldcams.tv/other/windoor-skydiving a few days ago. Like to watch how beginner "skydivers" float awkwardly around in the tube or expert ones as they do maneuvers. Want to try skydiving one day too. it seems to be very entertaining.
  5. I just watched new cool movie Blackkklansman Excellent acting, every character was well portrayed, Adam Driver was especially good, which surprised me. 2h15m runtime but it was honestly enjoyable until the end. I think it could deserve an Oscar for best supporting for Driver. Id actualy like to see it get some noms, not just cos its "black actor spike lee omg equality" but cos it was really GOOD!
  6. I like wolvesand here is my fav live webcam https://worldcams.tv/animals/international-wolf-center from International Wolf Center in Minnesota. Very interesting to to observe these amazing beast. Wolves only attack humans in rare cases like rabies or if they are absolutely starving to death. However, wolves do attack other wolves because of territorial disputes or mating disputes or hierarchy disputes.
  7. great photos! I just returned from my trip to Turkey. I'm fond of this coutry, its culture and cuisine. After this trip I decided to buy apartments in this city. I found local real estate company with the heard office in London and they helped me to find perfect Istanbul apartments for sale. Hope this year I'll buy my first property in Turkey. That's my old dream
  8. I started attending the gym finally. 3 times per week regular trainings with personal trainer + healthy diet. It's not so easy as it seems. I even started thinking of non-invasive sugar thread lift procedure. I heard it gives results much more faster.
  9. GoG, always. Prefer to have a game DRM free. Besides, most new games on GoG are cheaper thanks to their regional pricing.
  10. Super Mario World still feels like the best Mario game, physics wise. Great level design, great music, etc. What's not to love? Also Diddy Kong Racing is still a pretty great kids/family racing game by today's standards. If I had a switch, and they re-released it with a graphical update I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.
  11. West of loathing! Glad I waited to get it on the switch, was pretty cheap either way
  12. Wizards of Legend. I love it on the Switch even though it lags occasionally.
  13. I play easy free games right now mostly. Candy Crash, LOL and CS:GO
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