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  1. I don't remember where they were in the lengthy chain, but I do have the images. (Sorry whoever edited them)
  2. Dispositions are so laughably broken. Its kinda amusing seeing Aloth be a huge ass though. Traveled with him through Dyrwood and the Deadfire, helped him with his awakened soul and his hunt for the Keys. Disposition: Zero. What a jerk.
  3. Um... I'm afraid your age is showing, sir. Have you seen him lately? Guys still hot.
  4. These might make for some interesting portraits? Edit: Removed the one that was done.
  5. When you're tasked to kill a single slaver but you end up clearing the entire fort.
  6. Black Hound. Where is my dog Obsidian? What happened to him!
  7. How to be a good parent, Watcher edition. Bring your child onto a ship of war. Let your child drink ale Do not under any circumstances talk to your child When facing a storm designed by the very Gods themselves, heading into uncharted waters following a rogue God with no assurances you'll make it back, do not leave your child in someone elses care. How will they grow strong otherwise? Investigate as many plague ships as you can.
  8. Stand under her hut and wait around, near the merchant. I don't know what kind of ghost crap she is pulling its the only place I was ever able to catch her in her wanderings.
  9. I think the entire problem comes from three factors. 1. You're playing as the Watcher, 2. You're playing before Eothas breaks the wheel, and 3. A lack of drive in the main story. Playing as the Watcher Feels like the cons of this far outweighs the benefits. First the pros of playing as the Watcher. Obviously you're continuing this characters story, which means plenty of links back to the first game, from companions to side characters you can meet again and continue their story. Far as I can tell that is really the only benefit.. But I don't even think that is of much note. The links ba
  10. Its so strange that they would change pistols to a one hander yet not make dual wielding them viable from a min-max perspective. No idea what they could do, but something. Maybe a melee/ranged weapon style that increases accuracy or reload speed for your offhand pistol.
  11. The most fun I had in Deadfire were the side quests, the factions and exploring. The least fun I had was the main story. You're not really discovering anything, or even doing anything but following the God around and turning on some adra pillars. Which does.. Stuff. I guess. Meanwhile in Pillars 1 I found the main story to be far more engaging, its more personal, has lots of mystery and pays off.
  12. The quest in the er, town with the large coral. Its part of the Royal Company questline. You need to shut down the machine to get the boss.
  13. Does Aloth feel rather out of place to anyone else? He is by no means bad in Deadfire. But I don't know, coming across him randomly on the same island you crash on? That feels a little much, and while his personal quest was interesting it feels a bit tacked on given there is no other mention of the Key cult in Deadfire outside of it. I like his character a lot, but it feels like it might have been an idea to sit him out (Guys busy dismantling/running the Key) for Deadfire, give others time to shine and bring him back for the third?
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