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  1. Is it possible that those additional options are only available if certain character conditions (e.g attributes or class etc.) are met? I really didn't want to lose the bonus stuff in the crate but starting the game by letting one of your crew die wasn't the way I wanted to start my adventure.
  2. Apologies if I'm missing something obvious, but for the Burning Bridges quest where is Mokeha? I travelled to village of Satahuzi in the North West, she's not in the Mokeha's lodge and I've talked to everyone in the village and she's not one of them. I don't know if it's a bug or not. I tried waiting for a different time of day to see if she was away from the village and came back but no luck. Can someone tell me specifically where in the village she is meant to be please? Then I can confirm if this is a bug in my game or not. Thanks S
  3. You can import the save file once you start a new game, you get an option then as you follow through the introduction story. Although in my case I had multiple completed games but only 1 save file option was given and I'm not sure which of my saved games is being imported and don't know why the other finished games don't come as an option.
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