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  1. Sorry I typed your name wrong .. Yes sure whenever you are available. I was just so happy I finally made Ranged/Melee setup work for myself, and the playstyle also integrate really well with new subclasses so I figured I'd share it on forum.
  2. =================================== The Dark Wanderer =================================== Difficulty: PotD, upscaled -------------------------------------------------------------- Patch: v4.01 -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Forbidden Fist/Arcane Archer -------------------------------------------------------------- Animal Companion: Boar ® -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Hearth Orlan -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: White that Wends - Mystic (optional) ----------------------
  3. Please take a look at Corpse Eater subclass. Firstly the flesh commune ability casting time of 3 secs is absurd for a 50hp heal. Then after mid-game all corpses explode somehow(crit?) and my barb can't eat anything.
  4. I think Ranger is the strongest single-target dps in game, but its play-style might be perceived as boring. Other people may feel rangers are lacking abilities but truth is you only need Marked Prey and Wounding Shots to be effective, considering the resources are limited. Melee duel wield ranger has the highest accuracy of any melee class and hit hardest on single target. With Evasive Roll you can get to any mage or archer and insta delete them. Ranger is also especially good on boss due to accuracy and raw damages.
  5. Berserker/Street Fighter is my favorite melee build now. Honestly this is probably the only build that features two handed weapons that is not completely inferior to duel wield. This build is inspired by one of Nerd commando's youtube so you may want to check that out. Might & Int: dump (both stats are useless. It's fine if you don't want to dump Might, but a high Int is detrimental to your party as berzerker) DEX,PER,RES,CON: max Key Abilities: Frenzy & finishing blow Key Items: Bloody Link (ft. deadlight merchant) Unique Poleaxe (Old city) The idea is to stac
  6. Why? Because at range you're still only going to fire the gun/wand in one hand, and in melee you will only swing the weapon you have in the other. Dual wielding two ranged means you'll be firing two weapons at range, swinging two weapons in melee, and every active ability that says they are a Full Attack means that you attack with both weapons during the active ability. Examples: Flames of Devotion and most rogue abilities are Full Attack. If it says Primary attack then it is only your main weapon that does the damage. So, a guy holding two pistols using an ability that does Primary attack
  7. Where exactly do you get the Aldris Blade? You could also use Beza's Toothed Blade, which gives an armor penalty on a critical hit. You could also combine this combo with the Gatecrasher gloves which give knockdown on critical hit. Dragon lair in Ashen Maw. It's in a really tiny container near treasure hoard.
  8. You can lose Pallegina quite early in game during the feuding families quest.
  9. I really like my DW Stalker-Soul Blade multi class. To be a great tanky melee dps I look for the following: 1) dps bonus: candidates: rogue, cipher 2) teleport-like abilities to navigate in battlefield, as a melee you really don't want to get stuck with enemy tanks: candidates: rogue, fighter, ranger 3) attack speed bonus: candidates: barb, monk 4) accuracy bonus: candidates: fighter, ranger 5) not a glass: basically no rogue-cipher Of all options I think you want to pick either one of Rogue or Cipher, as their damage bonus are significantly better than oth
  10. My impressions with ~50 hours so far Eder: died in the initial ship battle -.- Aloth: I successfully converted him to be the main tank (since Eder died) with Battlemage multiclass which really shows the flexibility of the new class system. RP-wise his quest seems especially short compared to other companions. Xoti: Priest-Monk multi starts out really bad, but as she gain levels her power grows exponentially. I'm really impressed by her combat wise after ~lv10. Another note is both her sickle and shield have great upgrade opportunities. My only issue is her quest feels very promis
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