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  1. Oh come on guys and girls. Why romances of all things have to suffer from this attitude? "Do it perfectly or don't do at all"? You know what results this attitude brings you in real life? You'll always chose "don't do at all". Because there is no such thing as perfection. Come on, sure you know it. It's terribly simple! I'm really thankful for the fact romances were included. Because, well, i like them. They are not perfect but aren't poorly written either. There just could be more content. More dialogs. Eder for all the people who wanted him. Or perhaps a more interesting female character as LI. But still! It's a damn good step forward from "nothing". What I would like to say is "thank you, Obsidian". I really appreciate that you gave us romances. Because for me romantic feelings are an important part of life and I feel so much more tied to the story where my character can not only kill people, rule ship and save the world (i.e. work) but also care about someone. It just seems right. Now, maybe the next time they will do a bit more. But surely not if all the community says "all or nothing, period". I mean I find it perfectly fine to express any desires, thoughts or dissapointment but just not in a way "drop it next time because it didn't turn out perfect". This way we will just get nothing. Again. And I for one am not fine with it.
  2. The first pet i found was a white bird with +1 Intellect bonus. Got it somewhere in Neketaka... maybe from merchant. Also why is there so many pigs?
  3. I have max insight, so it's not that. I think the dialogue is just bugged. I wish I knew enough about game code to work out where the actual text for that exchange is in the files. Things were so simple back in the BG2 days... Yeah, tried that too and both -1 and -2 rep dialogs just end after the first phrase. That definitely shouldn't work like that. My question is, is this a bug or did I mess things up with nexus mod somehow (triggering those convos too early for example?). Dunno
  4. Probably intended. In that conversation it looks like she's the one who pretty much calls him out on it. Without that push he probably suppresses it ala usual. I'm pretty sure dialogue file (companion_aloth_relationship_player) has rivalmance lines for suppressed Iselmyr aswell. Can't try it ingame though yet
  5. Nice find! Any chance you can post a screenshot of it here? :3 Well it took 27 screenshots (all convo, but 1 path) so I'm not sure how to post them xD Dropped it here in an archive http://dropmefiles.com/378Vd so if it's not against the rules to post external unprotected links you are welcome to check If it is then I apologize and will delete it. The convo should take place in act 3 I suppose but I just triggered it via nexus mod...
  6. Wow. Apparently Aloth also has a dialog for MINUS 2 rep which can go quite romantic. You can kiss him and he's all confused, angry yet still certainly cares. It doesn't end very well (he always just says that maybe after you deal with Eothas and everything you could think of it again) but the scene itself... I somehow liked it too much. His response to you also changes. Not sure if there's any more content but now I'm tempted to try this "route" till the end more than I should be
  7. Thank you all for answers and tips! I went back to my old saves before the quest resolution. It went exactly this way for me: Also checked the quest log and found 3 entries about encouraging Xoti. In two I encouraged her toward light and in one towards darkness So my best guess is... maybe if you go one way the entire time she listens to you and does what you say? And if you give her mixed advice she does the opposite? After I said "keep the souls" she released them and felt much better afterwards. Eh. Chosing normal adra pillar or the animancers seems to have no effect on this.
  8. While the numbers are questionable I'm sure that POE2's critical path is the shortest I've ever seen in a... how to call it? "Big" RPG. It's really incredibly short. All the Obsidian, Bioware, DOS games feel much longer. Like minimum 2 times longer! The game itself is great in my opinion - I'm from those people who even trully enjoyed sea battles xD But I couldn't bring myself to complete like probably 40-50% of the quests because It started to feel boring without development of the story and characters. So... yeah, it shouldn't be this way.
  9. In my first playthrough I got the worst ending for Xoti. She went insane and all that, eventually disappearing in the dark. So now I have a few questions I brought her to animancers with her quest after collecting souls. Was it the wrong decision by itself (the whole scene at Spire looked rather grim)? Or could it go better if I found some right words at the moment? I also did never reach rep 2 with her (well, pleasing her got harder after she became all creepy). I doubt that's the problem, but who knows? Will appreciate any info. I'm not sure if I want to drag her along in the next tries but still. Poor gal... she could use a better guidance
  10. So far I've only dragged around Xoti and Tekehu from new companions. Those two can be annoying sometimes (Xoti much more of that for me) but by no means shallow. Teku is just great. He's so alive, open, emotional... somehow very easy-to-understand and exotic at the same time. Plus it feels like he changes hella lot while travelling with you. He has plenty of interactions, dialogues about Huana quests and main story. And they are never meaningless. So... if someone calls him shallow I just won't understand Xoti didn't impress me that much but maybe that's because I didn't complete her quest yet. Anyway she also feels quite alive even if I don't always like her personality or plot. And I didn't even start with Maia and Serafen. So... I'd give POE2 companions a really high rate. I certainly like them more than what Bioware does with characters in latest games, for example.
  11. After playing a bit with Nexus mod on I start to think that his approval is not hard to get but rather easy to lose. And the worst part is that most of the time he disapproves silently without giving you any marks. Same goes with approval and for all the companions, actually. For example I got quite alot of approval points for just a small convo with tavern keeper at Wild Mare while having Tekehu in party. So the keeper scolds Tekehu for his previous visit and if you manage to keep your mouth shut and tell the fishboy that it's his own problem in the end, Aloth approves like you've saved the world already. But no, he won't tell you. Never. Maybe the first fix system needs is an option to show approval gains and losses? I guess it could make the game too easy, but right now it's sure hard and confusing.
  12. Dunno, they first group I met was talkative and after a brief convo they brought me to their leader, who actually turned out to be the pirate woman helping roparu people with food (in return for assistance). So it all went really smoothly for my friendly approach =(
  13. but killing pirates lower my reputatuin with Príncipi. i'd like to avoid it. Oh. You can talk your way out of fight (and the whole area is friendly after that) but I don't remember requirements. And sadly I also didn't find any other way to escape Old City.
  14. There is a boat in a cave with pirates, right side of the area. It will get you out
  15. Could you tell how did you "find" it in the end? Because I'm at the same state - raised Aloth's disposition via mod to 2 after completing his quest. Aand... no romantic dialogue. Tried previous saves and on some of those it worked. But not on all. Can't understand what's wrong. I'm definitely not in a romance with anybody else and only completed some Huana quests between the "yes dialogue" and "no dialogue" state. Could just forget it and lose 1-2 hours of the game, but I'm scared to somehow break the romance again. If you don't have a romance dialogue with Aloth after completing his quest and having rep of 2 then go do the main quest (Ashen Maw). After the talks at the palace he will talk to you immediately. Oh, wow, it worked! Thank you very much
  16. Thank you very much! I've also made some discoveries since yesterday. Seems like the proper way to get there is to complete quests from Huana chain (2 from price and 1 from queen). After "Shadow under Neketaka" quest Onekaza sends you on a mission to the named island. Then the locals accept you (sort of) and you can get to the Sanctum without fight. Hope this helps.
  17. Could you tell how did you "find" it in the end? Because I'm at the same state - raised Aloth's disposition via mod to 2 after completing his quest. Aand... no romantic dialogue. Tried previous saves and on some of those it worked. But not on all. Can't understand what's wrong. I'm definitely not in a romance with anybody else and only completed some Huana quests between the "yes dialogue" and "no dialogue" state. Could just forget it and lose 1-2 hours of the game, but I'm scared to somehow break the romance again.
  18. Oh my. An interesting point, I can relate to that with both POE and POEII. Must say I do enjoy Deadfire itself very much, but the story... it does have problems im my opinion, yes. First I'd like to mention, "dry" and "boring" don't make any story bad for everyone. Remember your books written by classics. Many of them are slow-paced, overly detailed, filled with unnesessary descriptions... but they are still considered great. Because they are. They just don't usually strike you as stories you'd fall for instantly and forget to eat and sleep while dwelling into them. Now what makes an RPG plot catch your attention? When it feels personal. When it's feeled with emotions, when you can easily relate to what your character does. Look at POE2 for example. A God had awoken right in your house and killed everyone you knew there. Good. I mean quite personal, yes. But hey - you don't see it yourself, you are just told about that ((12) Mage made a great point about hearing vs expiriencing). You are given no chance to feel the loss or anger. In the next 30 minutes you speak with another God that gives you "mission", find out that you have a ship for some reason, fight with pirates, explore caves, travel to some town and are basically overwhelmed by info about world, races, fractions and so-very-important local sidequests. And that's what POE is all about. Can you relate? What emotions did you experince? Most likely you are taken away by all the small problems and gameplay itself. That's exactly what "dry story" means. Compare it to Baldur's Gate 2 where you wake up in the cage, are tortured, watch some of your friends die and meet with the powerfull enemy face to face for the first few hours of the game. Compare it to NWN2 (which I really consider the best Obsidian game even now ) where you first make relationships with your foster father and some village folk and then see them almost-killed by brutal attackers who try to get some strange artifact which you are now are asked to hide... If you don't like "they killed my relatives!" beginig, try remembering Planescape: Torment, DAO... all that games start with YOUR feelings, your motivation and your very personal quest. That's what's not boring. That's what makes game feel closer to you. On a side note Are you sure? Oo Because if you look at steam revievs I think you'll find that every fifth or them or so says that Divinity OS plot is the worst part of the game Even the positive ones It has the same problems actually but just... on another level. Makes all POE story problems look small in comparison x)
  19. Can anyone tell me where to go? I'm at the point he spoke to me for the 2nd time and asked to find the Painted Masks. Now apparetnly I need to sail to some Ori o Koiki Island. Sadly, no further instructions or details (which is funny since my char is from Archipelago but seems to know nothing about her homeland ). I looked about everywhere but still didn't find it. May be I'm missing a talk with someone else? Any help? Please? *_*
  20. Had the same problem. It's in the cabinet on the first floor, in the corner. You have to move closer to the window for TAB to work on that spot (actually fair for all spots - they just don't show unless you see them clearly).
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