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  1. Doesn't look like there are any new achievements for now. You can still play for the experience, it's not like anyone but yourself cares about that you got the achievement anyway. On topic: People complained that the game is too easy/player was too powerful already early on so nerfs were guaranteed and expected. If you didn't think that was the case i don't know what to say.
  2. When pausing while fighting Rotghast enemies, there can be a sound effect that starts looping on itself constantly making it unbearable loud. Unpausing/slow mo resolves this.
  3. "...might have one been..." to "...might have once been..."
  4. ^Title. I get the window message to apply menagerie or captains quarter upgrades but it doesn't apply them if i select yes. The upgrade slots themselves also stay empty and the items to upgrade the ship with are still in my inventory.
  5. But a few of the bounty targets names in the questlog are different from the names on the world map.
  6. Happened twice to me now that the scenario specifically says that the storm shows no signs of subsiding and the next thing that happens is that i am back on the world map with no xp gained.
  7. As the title says there is a naga totem that rapidly switches places back and forth in Hosongo. Obviously hard to show in a screenshot but it should be easy to verify it by going to the location.
  8. This also fixed my problem which prevented the game from using DSR. Thanks.
  9. For me, it's about the inconvenience of backtracking or save-scumming in cases where you get stuck in an encounter without an option to leave the area. Difficulty indicators are simply a time-saving mechanic. Out of curiousity, what does removing them when the game offers a specific option to scale "upwards only" accomplish? If the goal was to annoy and to waste time i guess that was achieved. Pretty much like the unskippable intro of the game which you just have to sit through, unable to save, before being able to make a new character. lmao It's a problem for anyone not having a lot of free time to play the game for hours on end and for anyone who just doesn't like to have their time wasted for no reason. If i want to play and progress but have to waste multiple hours figuring out which quests are at my level and which are 5 levels above, the game is just wasting my time. It's also clearly a feature which is not working as intended which makes it a problem in itself.
  10. Wizard - Ghost Blades "and hobbled to enemies in the area of effect" instead of "a hobbling enemies..."
  11. Created a history where i let her go and kill her father but Skaen still says i wiped her mind.
  12. ^Title says it all. I mentioned it in the beta patch topic but it was ignored. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98361-fixes-to-the-patch-beta-build/page-2?do=findComment&comment=2015731 Regardless which DSR resolution i pick, the game stays at 1080p. Edit: Build 1.0.2 doesn't run in exclusive fullscreen mode which breaks Gsync and DSR. User Divvy in this topic https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99985-how-to-fix-g-sync-in-102/ found the solution to this problem. Right-click the game in your steam menu, select "properties" - Select "set launch options" - Copy-paste the following into the text box: -window-mode exclusive - Select "OK" and close the properties window
  13. They know about this, there are 100 posts about this. When level scaling is turned on there are no indicators. This is a design choice and one that no one likes. Please search the forums and watch the q&a. They will replace the skull indicators with the enemies level. Since there is an option to chose only upwards scaling (which i mentioned) the logical thing is to show difficutly indicators since you still need to know if the quest is 4 levels above you or not, just like with no scaling enabled. This is clearly an oversight and not a design choice. It makes sense to have no difficulty indication if you scale everything to be at your level but that's not the case here. Edit: Also, i really don't care how often it has been reported. It could be 1000 times and i would still post it until it's fixed. If it annoys or bothers you, how about not reading it? Easy.
  14. If you play without scaling there is a difficulty indicator showing in the quest journal. Since i started over with only scaling up enabled, it's completely gone. Even the option to show/hide doesn't work at all. Once again i feel forced to restart since i really don't want to waste my time finding out if the quest is too high in level or not by trial and error. I am on the current beta patch if it matters.
  15. I tried to reproduce it but was unsuccessful and i didn't take a screenshot at the time. What i do recall is that the last time it happened was in a city random encounter while travelling from the palace in neketaka to queens berth after getting the cornet of waves for dereo. It could be unrelated to them being charmed but they were charmed at the time it happened. If it happens again i will take a screenshot and post it here.
  16. Currently playing as a bleak walker but now seriously regretting that decision. So far i have multiple dialogues which just lock you into using a few dispositions to progress (for me, non of which i was particular wanting my character to use). I was playing this character trying to limit myself to 3 dispositions (cruel, aggressive, clever) but that's simply impossible. After coming across a bunch of dialogues where i just couldn't progress otherwise, i decided to add another disposition even though it doesn't fit the character i play. Well that also doesn't work since i now progressed the story to the point where i had my second meeting with Eothas and the subsequent discussion with Berath about it. That conversation with Berath forces me to be diplomatic which is disfavored for bleak walkers. It literally became the only choice after trying every other choice available. I know the penatly is minor overall but it's still a penalty which i can do nothing against and it's forced on me for no good reason at all. I am guessing (hoping rather) this is not intended and will be fixed sooner rather than later.
  17. Considering you pretty much OHKO everything already, i am going out on a limb here and say it's going to stay that way.
  18. The game has an absurd amount of gamebreaking bugs so far. Crashes, history is wrong if imported and if constructed within ingame tool, respecc wipes your Watcher abilities and bought training, companion reputation not working at all, memory leak, dialogue's cutting off for no reason and a build so broken it crashes the game completely. ( https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/2828702373007353692/ ) Then there's also the performance issue which comes with the memory leak, the performance overall in queens berth, the random fps drop which happens sporadically while running around and probably a lot more. It's fine to like a game but burying your head in the sand and ignoring every issue is neither helping nor particular honest. Posting a meme on top of it is just showing the ignorance towards the issues. The fact that you can finish the game doesn't mean it's not broken. Everything i listed above are things currently happening with much more probably i didn't even come across so far so saying it's not broken is a joke. It's a mess so far. An enjoyable mess but a mess nontheless.
  19. The beta patch prevents me from using DSR to downsample. I can select other resolutions but it will stay 1080p regardless. Opted out and i can downsample again. It also lowers my fps on the world map which hovers around 40-50 and drops further whenever i move the camera. That also stops happening when i opt out and is locked at constant 60 fps in the release version.
  20. This should be added into the known major issues topic both here and on steam. I only just noticed this since i haven't fought anyone for quite a while in the game and respecced like 10 hours ago. Also respecced companions bunch of times for testing a bunch of stuff so i expect my playthrough to be thoroughly fubar. Guess i have to start over.
  21. I can confirm this is happening to me to. Xoti is not progressing at all even though her responses from my choices show up as they should.
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