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  1. 1) this isn't looking in a mirror, people are not looking at themselves but at their creations (many roleplayers create/play as characters completely unlike themselves) 2) third person viewpoint gives players a better view of such things as the character's stance and surroundings, how close people/things are, their footing (their feet), etc 3) see other posts for people who suffer from "motion-sickness" from first-person view point (I believe it is caused by the perception of movement without actually moving)
  2. I've been waiting for the PS4 version of Deadfire (which I suspect may now be doomed) Regardless of the impact on me, I offer my best wishes to Obsidian and all their employees and hope they do well
  3. the PS4 version was published by Pardox - thy handle the patches so communications should be directed to them or on their boards https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?forums/pillars-of-eternity-bug-reports.990/ My own experiences are with an unpatched PS4 version so I don't know if my problems are the same. My issue of the save was it appearing not to save but the next time I played the save would be there. I had a few crashes but not many (one was on a save -and the save file was there to reload). One issue with the game's saves is that every item you find is permanently i
  4. yes, there is a problem with paladins on the PS4 version (it occurred to me on a certain npc paladin) Paradox are responsible for the PS4 version and it's patches - if you are playing on a patched version you should report it on their forums rather than here. If you are playing without patches then they will probably just tell you you need the patches. (their first patch should have fixed either this issue or a similar one) As it is affecting your player character the best suggestion I can make (other than getting the patches) is go to an inn or equivalent and change the abilities o
  5. not only do you 5 approved posts but when creating the account you have to answer an anti-bot question (which, if I understand correctly, may be in need of an update if not changed in the last 2 weeks)
  6. I don't know anything about patches and am only playing the "raw" version of the game - so if an update has caused your problem I can't help. The character portrait is changed by:- pressing L2 and up to display the character information use the right thumb stick to select the chardacter portrait There should be 2 icons at the bottom of the portrait -an eye in the middle and a head at the right the eye is for selecting character portrait and voice, the head is for character's A.I. story companions do not have an eye icon as their portraits and voices are fixed use left on the directio
  7. I would imagine a relationship with Pallegina would be awkward it would depend on whether or not you liked birds if you didn't like birds then having a relationship with her may be uncomfortable if you did like birds she would hate your tastes harming your chances of having a relationship with her so, either way, it wouldn't be likely to work
  8. dungeons and dragons was designed to use 20-sided dice and 2 10-sided dice for percentages (in addition to regular 6-sided dice) but at the time they could only be bought in sets with 4-sided dice, 8 sided-dice and 12-sided dice so, in order to justify players buying the whole set and not ending up with useless dice, Dave Arneson created rules using all the different varieties of dice
  9. I will mention that I had the same problem (on the PS4 edition) as soon as i reached Twin Elms I hurried back to Defiance Bay to resolve some quests, visited the embassy and everyone in there ended up dead. When I finally tried the Anamfath (after a detour for White March 2) I could not find a way to advance Pellegina's quest despite it still being active. Not wanting to go back to an earlier save, I continued on to the end and did not get an end-slide for Pellegina (despite her being in my team at the end).
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