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  1. Definitely a challenging fight considering the resources you have available. My comp was: PC: Priest of Magran/Evoker Eder: Fighter/Rogue Xoti: Priest I set a trap on the ramp, pull the mobs, and use Eder/Xoti to block off the ramp. Then just use all of your AoE to blast down the pack. Use all of your bombs and spells, then empower yourself and use all your spells again. Touch of Rot is strong here.
  2. I think they haven't done enough nerfing. PotD is still too easy on the beta patch (although it is much improved) even without powergaming and that's largely because there are so many OP abilities. Chanters, Paladins, Monks, Rogues, Wizards, and Barbarians all need to be adjusted downward so that every class is around the powerlevel of Priest or Cipher.
  3. Some good advice here. But I just killed the thugs that detect you when you enter Delver's Row from the Undercroft. The reputation hit wasn't that bad and it didn't break any quests (apart from letting me skip ahead in Pallengina's quest).
  4. There were some very challenging and fun fights early on for me in PotD, particularly because I went to the Old City in Neketaka early on when everything was 5 to 6 levels above me. But once you get to around level 9 and start gearing out your characters, the content becomes extremely easy. The main problem is that there are a ton of amazing (arguably broken) items and abilities so no matter what build you take or what quests you complete, you end up with these super stacked characters that the enemy NPCs can't handle at all. To even begin balancing the game on PotD, every enemy n
  5. I feel like I should just register a new account because I think something is wrong with mine. I've been here for 6 years and I still need moderator approval for anything to be posted
  6. I've been playing Wizard/Priest of Berath on PotD and I could not be happier with the combo. Use Deleterious Alacrity of Motion to haste yourself and then empty your spellbook spamming buff/debuffs. I put most of my points into Dex and Int although in hindsight some more perception would have been nice.
  7. Are you sure it's not working? PotD doesn't really increase the difficulty much at all after Act 1. You may not have noticed the changes
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