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  1. Maybe you should lecture josh about "how to recognize basic structures of storytelling, identify themes etc." Because he explicitly said "after you know what he's doing, your goal is to influence how he ends things".
  2. I like the way PoE handles races. But I'm a bit disappointed at Princippi/Republics having few dwarves - they are supposed to be as common in vailian people as elfs in Aedyr. In general, culture > species. So Aedyr and Glanfathan elves behave differently, as glanfathan orlans are the opposite of slaved orlans, which are unlike Ixmatl and Rauatai orlans. Huana and Rauatai amauas, godlikes in deadfire and elsewhere etc.
  3. White March did it right. You could not fight Ondra, and people did not complain about that. Because we could change the fate of Abyddon, the Eyeless, and save the whole reach. We did not fight Kyros in Tyranny. Instead, we were presented with a rather complex clash between archons. Deadfire was lacking on the intended "influence Doctor Manhattan" part. The particulars are too narrow and the outcomes too vague. All we can do is beg for a rather limited mercy, a gentler cataclysm. All things said, I really liked the main storyline. I guess giving more meaningful options to influenc
  4. Just finished the game. I was also puzzled by this. My 2 cents: Engwithians created (or at least drastically changed) the In-Between, not the Beyond. Ukaizo was the "switchboard" to channel souls, as Sawyer spoke. Adra done most of natural processes pre-apotheosis. Bekarna research shows some insight on cosmic role as well. Post Eothas Folly, the extra layer is broken and the natural adra/star signature cycle needs to be restored. I believe it's very akin to the nitrogen cycle IRL. Engwithian meddling not unlike anthropocene. The different "better" endings hint about kith looking
  5. Baldurs Gate 2 is the greatest game I ever played, but Baldurs Gate 2 fanboys are insufferable. Pointless to say "Pelé > Messi", "Jordan >Lebron", "Ali > Mayweather". You can compare them, all right, but this "u cant beat the best!!!" is childish.
  6. I did not finish the game yet for a full report, but it's safe to say most enemies lack meaningful abilities. And that's an issue after lvl 9, when you have all your builds working. So it's tuned until lvl 9, and afterwards it's low effort, but not exactly faceroll like at release. It's still fun, trough you are not going to experience the challenge of the first game after exploring neketaka.
  7. I spent some hours naming my pale elf female from first game. She is called Memsaab Sherpas. I was reading about the Sherpa back then, and I had in my mind pale elves as Himalayan elves. More than that, I found some similarity between Rymrgand and the theme of death in hymalayan mountaineering. Looking at the ingame names, I can see no clear pattern :/ I can think of some nordic, inuit and indian roots, but it's not clear which is obsidian inspiration.
  8. Both Tekehu and Xoti are nice characters, very active in the game storyline. You miss a lot without Tekehu insights about the whole Deadfire situation, and without Xoti's grasp on the main plot.
  9. Maybe requiring an empower to activate a figurine would make everyone happy.
  10. I believe all classes are strong enough. Priests have good damaging spells at high lvls, and great support abilities all over. You can buff everyone, supress any debuffs, withdraw/ress your buddies, and spells like symbol of eothas and storm of holy fire are broken because AI won't react to them. What else do you need? Rangers have issues with pets and subclass balance. Gunhawk > Ghost Heart >>>>>>>>>>>> sharpshooter, stalker and pure class. Also, bears and birdie > every other pet. I think Rogues are the only "too strong "class after chant
  11. You make a strong point: there's a bloat of useless skills in most classes, and this issue favors multiclass.. Swashbuckler is the extreme case here.
  12. I believe single classes are best for most casters. My Chanter and Priest Xoti are powerhouses. Martial classes have little reason to go single class, however. I'm cool with that, because martial characters usually lack options, so multiclass seems tailored to them.
  13. Great patch, thanks. You are in the right track. Kudos for chanter changes, specially. A few points: 1. I cannot understand how hard it would be to show skill trees on demand. I mean, it's been a thing since at least diablo 2... 2. Are illusionists getting more dough in the future? I remember director talking about Trickster and Illusionist both. 3. Can you please explain exactly how Alchemy/Explosive scaling works atm? I believe 99% of the players have no idea, myself included.
  14. No options were removed. And you can rest between each fight. PoE1 figurines would mostly die in one hit, and rest was limited.
  15. I also needed board fights for kith damage. Any damage will do, so if you are a spellcaster, lots of AoE spells can make you reach the cap faster.
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