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  1. Mentioned at length in last weeks Dev Q&A: the “bugged” portion of the problem was fixed in 1.02 (but isn’t retroactive) and the “balance” portion will be fixed in some future patch. Seriously? Can't find it anywhere in the patch notes. Guess I'll have to watch the Q&A after all. EDIT: Are you referring to the part about some of the relationships & conversations being affected by a certain disposition? If so, that's hardly a fix.
  2. Didn't expect the balancing fixes that soon tbh, much appreciated. But I find it more than a little troubling that companion relationships/behaviour haven't been mentioned thus far - unless I'm missing something.
  3. Relationships were fixed in the second patch released over a week ago now. The Respec issue is not a bug, it's just a feature a lot of people would like. Import was also fixed over a week ago. Relationships have not been fixed. The respec issue is absolutely a bug. The save import is still slightly messed up for a lot of people, myself included. How about getting your facts straight before you try to tell others what is or isn't an issue? Just a suggestion.
  4. Exactly this. If it weren't for those issues I would be defending Obsidian as well since everything else, including PotD balancing, is pretty much tolerable - but the fact that especially relationships and the save import won't be fixed until a month after release, at the earliest, is honestly a complete joke.
  5. Who exactly is against warning people about bugs? It absolutely should be done, especially for the ones pretty much everyone is experiencing. If I were a bigger fan of Eder / cared more for his story, I probably would have stopped playing right then as well. I already mentioned that it's mind-boggling to me how this went through QA and tbh, they should have rolled out an emergency patch/fix a day after release, at most. Just saying that some other things are being blown out of proportion, which is always the case when a game releases.
  6. Bugs aside, if PoE1s PotD difficulty was too easy for you, you're better of waiting for the rebalance patch because right now Deadfire is noticeably easier.
  7. I know, right? Such a small, easy to implement feature that still brings so much enjoyment to a lot of players. While I don't use it nearly as often as some of you guys, it really is hella immersive in towns/cities and indoors.
  8. Stop your fanboying lol Playing the game has nothing to do with observing the reviews. What you or I think about the game is irrelevant, the topic is about negative reviews in general, the forums member's experiences are less trustworthy than that of say someone on Steam because at least they are less likely to be tainted with favoritism and bias. Alas, What I have been saying has been true, no matter how we try to sugar coat or justify these things. The generic "You don't know what you're talking about" is no good here when any reader can look up for themselves. Edit: Btw you're right, I haven't played the game, as many others, I'm waiting for the game to be patched so it can actually work, not that it matters. Ah, of course, the obligatory "fanboy" when you've run out of arguments, not that you had proper ones in the first place. Your reasoning is a complete joke, based on cherry-picked second-hand experience. Alas, you're making absolutely no sense no matter how much you try to hide your inexperience while not even noticing that you're showing way more bias than anyone else in this topic; like, do you have an opinion of your own or do you always parrot other people's thoughts and observations? It wouldn't be quite as bad if there were any truth to the nonsense you're spouting but there simply isn't. As I've already pointed out twice, Deadfire has a slightly higher percentile than PoE1, for all that it's worth. So yeah, continue living in your little bubble devoid of common sense and facts - I really, really can't stomach more ignorance for the day.
  9. No, of course people like you and me who are actually playing Deadfire, as well as the overall percentile are lying to themselves. The person who hasn't even touched the game and is basing the "general consensus" on a small percentage of cherry-picked Steam reviews is absolutely correct in their assumptions. 27% is not "a small percentage". And also, as I've said before, the import/history bug affects everyone and is 100% reproducible. You and everyone else has encountered this bug. The fact that you haven't noticed these bugs does not mean they don't affect you. It's 17%. It's also about the same as PoE1, despite most of the negative reviews being about bugs/crashes/performance, which again speaks volumes about the overall quality of the actual game. And I didn't say that I haven't noticed any bugs; if you took the time to read my first post, you'd know that I even partly agreed with your OP.
  10. No, of course people like you and me who are actually playing Deadfire, as well as the overall percentile are lying to themselves. The person who hasn't even touched the game and is basing the "general consensus" on a small percentage of cherry-picked Steam reviews is absolutely correct in their assumptions.
  11. Except that you can create your PoE1 character before exploring and "looking for berries", which is what this topic is about.
  12. So your own Multiclass choice not working out because of your chosen abilities and party composition means multiclassing isn't worth it in general? Like... what? Tbh, it sounds more like you didn't really think ahead when creating your character. My Holy Slayer is an absolute beast, especially with Priest & Cipher/Chanter/Druid support.
  13. Sigh. Can you stop with your uninformed opinions? Have you even started playing the game by now or are you still trying to convince yourself that you shouldn't pick it up? Deadfire has the same Steam user score and a higher Metacritic score (both professional and user) than its predecessor, for all that user reviews are worth seeing that the majority of them are pretty much vapid - despite a somewhat buggy launch. So in which world exactly does that lead to your "general consensus"? Yes there are quite a few bugs, some minor and others more severe but the game is far from the unplayable bug-fest some of you are making it out to be. That obviously doesn't excuse the Eder thing, which is pretty mind-boggling, and the game would have benefited from some more QA, but what's done is done and what is left is for us to see how fast they are on the beauty treatment front. The patch coming tomorrow is a good start.
  14. 100% agreed. Tbh, if you wanna have fun with Cipher in any kind of melee build - doesn't really matter if single,- or multiclass - I think the best advice to give is to just skip the Subclass. I feel that all of the Subclasses except Beguiler, which isn't exactly great for a melee build, simply limit your playstyle way too much. Yes, SA can hit for ridiculous amounts but it's also simply sleep-inducing to play while the Ascended mechanic is way too gimmicky. Good overall testing though, thanks for the effort o/
  15. So, I'm currently questing in Neketaka and after about 25h played I've experienced several instances of different companions wanting to talk to me (indicated by the speech bubble on their portaits) without anything happening/progressing whatsoever. For example, is it normal that pretty much nothing has happened with Xoti's storyline since after she guided the first souls back in Port Maje even though she has done plenty more "guiding" after that? Guess I don't need to mention Eder's quest not triggering at all since that seems to be a known bug. So far nothing has happened on Aloth' front either - I'm a little worried tbh and asking myself if I should stop playing for now.
  16. Lmao. So the positive reviews are biased but the negative ones with 30 minutes /played aren't, huh? Interesting perception right there. The game runs absolutely fine for 90%+ and I'm willing to bet that at least half of the "game crashes/doesn't run" crowd should troubleshoot on their own end. Seems like you're desperately looking for reasons not to play the game right now... so why not just wait instead of writing nonsense like "technical issues erupting at all angles"?
  17. So... how exactly did they manage to screw up Critical Role's Vax watercolor that badly? Like, how do you get from this: to this: Like... wtf? That doesn't even remotely look like the same character. So I sat down and instead of actually playing the game put in the time to learn to do it myself - shoutout to Orillion for their Gimp guide. So even though they might not be the best, I figured I'd share them anyway.
  18. Absolutely concur, and I like Angry Joe for the most part though he has gotten a bit uh old hat lately. That said, there are always degrees of professionalism. While I just said I like Angry Joe for the most part, I would not rank him very high on the charts of said professionalism if you feel me. Oh yeah, I absolutely agree. There are definitely quite a lot of reviewers who are more professional when it comes to the structure and seriousness of their reviews, but I do like me some comedy in my reviews lol. But that's basically why I mentioned Easy Allies, ACG and Angry Joe in that particular order - all of them are great at what they do but they each have their own style. And obviously all of them have "meh"-quality reviews every now and then.
  19. So, I'm guessing the Critical Role portraits and voice sets will be available when Deadfire officially launches, right?
  20. Gonna tell you a little secret: If you're paying your bills by doing any given thing, you're doing said thing professionally. But pssst! Don't tell.
  21. My reaction was meant to address the generalization and the shill tin foil hat propaganda is simply annoying af. You can find just as many terrible user reviews as you can professional reviews. Aside from that there are several excellent professional game review sites/channels out there, such as Easy Allies, ACG and Angry Joe (although his reviews can be somewhat hit-and-miss).
  22. Absolutely, unbroken isn't really necessary to be a good tank. Guardian stance + concelhauts parasitic quarterstaff and you should be sticky (enemies will be afraid to disengage) and durable (healing from summoned weapon, +deflection spells, spirit shield). You can even use the staff modal for an extra 20 deflection, for a total of +50 with mirrored image or +70 with arcane veil. If you just focus on quick casting self-buffs, rescue spells for your allies (like dimensional shift) and so forth, I would argue that he has a higher potential as a pure tank than Eder does. That's good to hear, thanks for the sound advice. Even though I really like Eder, I'm probably going to bench him for my first playthrough.
  23. I was wondering... can Aloth actually be made into a decent Tank even though he can't subclass into Unbroken?
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