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  1. Boereor didn't change the subject - you misread his argument. He pointed out that the reviews - both user and critical - did not reflect dissatisfaction with widespread bugs. Generally speaking, gamers are pretty vocal about issues like bugs making it hard for them to enjoy a game - but if we have no evidence that people were complaining about bugs, then it's unlikely that the remaining bugs in the first game turned people off from buying Deadfire. Beyond that, saying "it's because there are bugs that never got fixed" ignores several counterarguments - the fact that Obsidian had a reputation and gentle teasing for their history of games with lots of bugs, the fact that Pathfinder: Kingmaker sold well despite just as many, if not more bugs that were widely reported on and criticized, and the fact that Bethesda is still in business.
  2. From what I remember, companions and sidekicks are recruited at the same level your Watcher is at, and then they start receiving partial experience. So if I was level 12 when I recruited Fassina or Tekehu, they would be level 12, and then if I kept them out of the active party for a while, they would have only gotten part of the experience my active party members had earned after their recruitment.
  3. Your thread is still here, just in the Obsidian General section. Probably wasn't moved since it wasn't specifically about The Outer Worlds, just you expressing what kind of game you wanted and it happens to match some of what Obsidian was working on. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106810-sci-fi-shoulder-cam-action-rpg-next/ I also say "some" since a bunch of the things you wanted in that thread are either contradicted or not discussed in the current information on The Outer Worlds. No QTE's, there is more than one planet (two planets plus space stations and who knows what else), spaceships look to be a major feature, not much evidence of alien species outside of animals, no word on romance yet, a protagonist with no set character or personality... The action-driven sci-fi FPS part matches, which is of course core gameplay and all, but saying that it "matches what I wrote to a tee" isn't really all that accurate.
  4. I'm guessing that loaded pockets only applies to pickpocketing based off of the description. If it applies to all loot from enemies, even corpses, then it's super useful - if just for pickpocketing, well, at least it makes that a skill I would actually consider using.
  5. I had the same issue - think/hope it's a bug, since I don't see any good reason to expect a character using both to have to get 200 hundred afflictions. As a side note, after I finished getting the afflictions for the plate, future ones didn't trigger for the shield at first. I unequipped the armor and the shield, and then re-equipped the shield with different armor, and then the shield started triggering its affliction count. Not sure what might show, but it could be helpful for anyone else trying to get both soulbounds taken care of.
  6. I voted "Yeah, right away" since that was the closest to what I actually did. Since I had already gone through the Inquisitor's area (and I might have gotten a hint from pressing Tab to highlight stuff and looking for what the portal was labelled), I wound back time to explore the early parts of the bridge before going back to Dusk and going through the portal, figuring it would go to somewhere else in the level. Maybe the issue is that the bridge only has that one portal, so if you haven't done the other areas first (considering that the bridge and St. Waidwen draw a lot of people's interest and probably is their first), it becomes less clear that it's part of the puzzle?
  7. I really don't see the appeal of a prequel based on the Saint's War. Trying to go "dark" for the sake of it can easily turn into something where you just don't care about anything or anyone, and the idea of engaging in torture and mass murder just doesn't interest me. I prefer a dark world where I try to make things better, even if I have to make difficult decisions that don't always give me the resolution I want instead of just seeing suffering and pain everywhere I turn. With how disappointed people are with Deadfire based off of how it ended (which I think could have been done better but overall enjoyed) then having a game where we have no control over how the main conflict ends would probably go even worse. Sure it could end up focusing on some other plot during the same time that history never talks about, but then that raises the question of why even bother with a prequel. The next game should offer players the chance to really change the final ending of the game in some really meaningful way - and with the ending of Deadfire, there are some potentially really interesting things they can do with the next plot. The Saint's War already happened and has a clear ending and main characters - we could just as easily read a book about what happened instead of playing an RPG where we have relatively little impact on what would supposedly be the main draw and focus of the story. I'm still making my way through the Beast of Winter DLC, but I get the feeling that we might get some insight into the Saint's War in either this one or one of the future DLCs, so this idea might have already been dealt with by Obsidian. Also, I just don't see the appeal of a story that focuses on Durance - or even having him return. Aloth and Eder sometimes felt kind of forced in during Deadfire - and while ultimately I think that their presence was a good thing, bringing back Durance in some way risks the same thing but even worse. What made Durance so interesting the first time around was partly how cruel and blunt he could be, but also his confidence. Most RPG companions have their quests feature a moment where they don't know how to feel about something, and they need the player character to tell them what value to follow or what feelings to have. The main other situation is having the player come along and help them deal with another person in their life. Durance had none of that - his beliefs and convictions never wavered, and he always acted like he was the one giving advice instead. Having his personal quest end not with you giving him the answer to a question or issue he had, but showing him a truth he had missed that let him make his own conclusions was just so different from any other companion. I don't see how we can bring back a companion with such assurance and confidence without undermining his original portrayal in some way. Plus, as great of a character as Durance is, he's also too cruel for me to find him likable, and so I'm really not interested in spending more time with him. Durance works best as a one time companion in the first Pillars game, and trying to bring him back in either a prequel or a sequel just feels like it will ruin what made him great in the first place.
  8. I was one of the backers, and during the campaign they said that they would be incorporating all 6 books of the AP. One of the stretch goals that they hit was to add an additional seventh chapter of original content, so we'll see additional main story content that everyone should be surprised by.
  9. I think that part of it is the same problem that Bioware has been struggling with - the fact that developers only really get to write one game at a time. There was an interview or something similar where a Bioware developer talked about some of the ideas they had for the plot of Mass Effect 3, and there was a plot revolving around dark matter that they had hinted at during Tali's recruitment mission in Mass Effect 2, but they ultimately decided not to go with that in ME 3. Think similar stuff happened with ideas about indoctrination and the like. Now this happened with the Mass Effect trilogy, which was built from the ground up with the idea that decisions from one game would carry over to the sequels. And even then they were still figuring out the plot as they wrote (outside of some big concepts and the idea of a trilogy) which meant that sometimes ideas or plots were built up in one game and then just fizzled out with no major impact later. The original Mass Effect trilogy was better than Dragon Age or PoE about not letting players completely rewrite any parts of the setting until the third game (see how Dragon Age keeps hinting that players will get to resolve the Mage-Templar conflict only to let it continue into the next game). PoE has it even worse - the first game was made with no firm plans that a sequel would happen, so players were given the opportunity to make decisions without any plans about how they would impact future games. Having a dragon owe you for letting it possess someone, or empowering one god with tons of extra power can have fun consequences - but they are best explored in a single game where you can write just enough of the consequences into a single quest or ending slide. How could Deadfire really reflect tons of different choices - the Defiance Bay faction, the dragons, the fate of the Hollowborn souls, the fate of Thaos's soul, your decisions with the Eyeless - and make each different outcome feel unique and consequential? It could probably be done, but it would take a lot of work, and basically turn a huge chunk of the game's development and story into continuing the decisions of the previous game. Every time developers let players make huge decisions, they let players choose some content to see and some to not see, and if the developers want to have decisions effect later games, they need to plan in advance about what decisions they will let players make and how they will change their future interactions and options. In a sequel to a crowdfunded game that they had no way of knowing they would get to make? There was almost no way for Obsidian to properly plan out their quests and choices that far in advance. I want to see games that really do reflect that level of player agency, but until developers have the freedom and resources to plan multiple games in advance, I'm going to expect the best reactivity to be limited to only being explored in the course of a single game.
  10. All right folks, a few things. First, Josh Sawyer has acknowledged that the Mac bugs exist, and that they are working on a hot fix that should be out by next Tuesday. Check the comments/replies on this tweet to see them. We have acknowledgement from the project lead, what more do you want them to do? Put out a full press release? They know its a problem and are working to fix it, just like the bugs with save imports and other issues. It's only been two days, and their focus is on fixing the problems. https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/994276131573383168 Second, why is everyone claiming that Obsidian knew about this? Yes I know there was a bug in the beta, but are you really saying that because they didn't solve that, that means they never bothered to solve it for release during the month-long delay to deal with bugs? There's no evidence, just looking for reasons to claim that they didn't care. They also have been having problems with the save imports, which is something Josh said they tested so it seems more reasonable than not that they tested for Mac stuff and somehow missed this one as well. Obsidian games are known for being buggy, and while we should encourage them to be better instead of just accepting that, this assumption that they just don't care about Mac users seems more like people looking for a reason to be upset than anything else. There's no proof that they didn't care about us - just proof that they missed a major bug. Frustrating, but not evil. https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/173652711001/orlan-babies-arent-appearing-in-streamers-games
  11. If you look at the tweet Josh Sawyer put out about dealing with the Eder and Vela bugs, he's responded in the comments (or whatever they're called) that they are trying to fix the Mac bug right now. They're working on it - hopefully they can deal with that soon.
  12. If you look at the tweet Josh Sawyer put out about dealing with the Eder and Vela bugs, he's responded in the comments (or whatever they're called) that they are trying to fix the Mac bug right now. They're working on it - hopefully they can deal with that soon.
  13. You can add me to the list of people with the same crash at the first Adra pillar. I'm using a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) and running macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.3
  14. My plan is to go with a Moon Godlike Cipher+Chanter (Beguiler+Troubadour). CC and support focus!
  15. The voice actors might, since Eder (and Aloth and Iselmyr) are married to Maia, and Tekehu and Xoti are expecting a kid... So? They're actors - it's their job to portray other people, including people who are in relationships with other people. You can even see this on Critical Role - several of them had their characters enter into relationships with each other, and most if not all of those were with characters played by people other than their spouse.
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