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  1. As the image implies "This patch does not support your version of the game please download a new installer" My version of the game is 1.0.3. And I am trying to install the 1.0.3 to 1.0.4 patch. I've deleted and re-downloaded the patch several times to the same effect. Please advice
  2. Armed Assault 2: Operation Arrowhead Alpha Protocol Fallout: New Vegas and on my very distant and very dim hope radar: Nexus 2 ( http://vimeo.com/1156420 )
  3. Even though, he as some good points: 1. 9/11 should still be investigated. It should not be disregarded even now by americans. 2. the war on terror went as far as invading Iraq for no apparent reason than "believed to have weapons of mass destruction" What the Bush administration did was setting it up, so that the US can attack any country for no other reasons than their own imagination of what they believed to be a threat. Thank god that he is no longer the president of the USA.
  4. had a little pirate laugh when the music industry failed to force Norway's biggest net distributer to close off piratebay from its customers. But that might change when they force upon us new laws. I'm sorry but when it comes to my freedom of choice, I'd rather let piracy flourish then let the corporation rule the world.
  5. wasn't my cup of tea. I liked the music, reminded me of some other game I can't quite remember.
  6. getting the demo. a bit skeptic towards the game
  7. I did, and I actually played ME with that intent in mind. And it was good to have that conformations in ME2
  8. Did anyone save the rachni in the first game?
  9. anyone know how that nuclear weapon functions? it makes a big "whoop" sound and does nothing
  10. I remember well. I was wondering I should post it... but didn't obviously
  11. oh, but I just ignored the comment, hoping other people would do to. But I clearly see FAIL here
  12. THis is a great game I played a few years back and still play from now and again. Its probably one of my favorite all time RPG's. its an outdated game now, but still fun to play. And I really loved the combat of the game. You could choose to let the character just fight out the battle for you or try to click accurate enough to dodge/evade/attack/powerattack without much use of skillbased icons. Although you had icons for the magic spells Summoner on Wikipedia It had a sequel, but was only released on PS2 and probably doomed it the series. I've never played the sequel.... Ho
  13. I liked it. It was a nice change from the clickclack of NWN and other skillbased systems. clickfestSkillbased rpg's should be burned and buried six feet under. Why did noone ever copy the summoner fighting and made improvments to that
  14. It was funny, yes, but a bit touching too. and not only that, they seemed to have just one party tune
  15. wonder how that works for MEPC, with no achievement whoring whatsoever
  16. If just ME fighting was THIS interesting
  17. still got to wait a day to play :/ and I figured the romance parts would get dumbed down because of AMERICA; "OMG we can't have our sexually frustrated 12 year olds play a game with a pixel naked scene (that does absolutely nothing for you i might add). It might upset our masterplan of eliminating babies in the world so we can have an interstellar freebee with three legged creature of the 9th dimension from outer space" They should have released this game as a book with multi dialog options. "If you choose to go with dialog option 1, please skip to page 118 of this book. If your a min
  18. Probably not a bad idea to wait for the impressions of the community who will be playing the game. But om the plus side, it seems that they seem to be happy with it... might there then be possible to do ARP-G?
  19. hopefully Conrad Marbug does not have Winnie the Pooh or Darkwing Duck voice Cummings did a great one for Minsc
  20. SCAR with customization. then you'd pretty much get anything you want. from short to long weapon. 7.62x51mm NATO or 5.56x45mm NATO. etc etc or the T.A.R. 21, which is accurate over long distances but still ment for urban combat
  21. If I had picked that game up today, I would have hated it. But its better than what comes out of Bethesda by far
  22. A boy and his dog: the game
  23. I'm not gonna buy this game if it doesn't have icecream!
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