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  1. So why is having different characters available based on gender choice such a problem? The previous games featured this trick, where dialog and plot options were changed depending upon what the player decided from the beginning. A male revan can romance bastilla. A female revan can get with carth. A male exile can have a variety of chicks, the female can get with atton. KOTOR 3 shouldn't be any different.


    Concerning the panic attack is coming from alleged LS "bias". Both games have allowed the characters to eseentially decide if they were going to be LS or DS, and also allowed for separate endings that reflected those choices. So it basically comes down to who prefers what. And if a majority of folks prefer LS to DS, so be it.


    The problem would be more to do with any of the characters from the first two games showing up to much. I think one of the reasons LA hasn't said anything about KOTOR 3 might be because of the difficulty in finding ways to bring some of them back. Carth could be in KOTOR 2 regardless of if Revan was LS or DS, as could Bastilla which at least soothed the tempers of the fans who wanted to see some of the original chars in there at some point. But they still had to ignore everyone else, the droids aside. Now imagine trying to work out who should reappear in KOTOR 3, at least one character is out based on the gender of the exile, and another two are affected by his/hers aligment and one more could be dead regardless of either. Just going with Mandolore and the droids again would be a cop-out.


    In fairness LA can't be faulted for landing themselves in such a difficult place when it comes to a plot for KOTOR 3, I doubt that they ever seriously considered the possibility of ending up making three games in the same series like this.

  2. Kreia/Kae; I'm guessing that the cut content has something in here that would let us know if they are one and the same. Still, it is worth noting that there is nothing in the game that indicates that Kreia ever faught in the Mandolorian wars as Kae did.


    The '....Said to be a skilled warrior....', since Kreia is talking about a Jedi-who are known to be fairly skilled fighters anyway-this could be explained as an indication that Kae was much more skilled than the average Jedi. As to why Kreia wouldn't know this, well Kreia does admit to have been a historian which wouldn't be a job that required her to leave the academy much, if at all, so it wouldn't be unusual if Kreia had never seen Kae fight outside training. (And both would seem to hint that Kreia never faught in the war, again hinting that Kreia and Kae are not the same person).


    Kreia manipulating Atris creates a problem, in that there is nothing to show or indicate that they ever come face to face while the Exile is on Telos. (And it creates a problem with Atris mentioning she doesn't remember seeing Kreia at the Academy anyway, since Atris was shut in her room apart from the period when she talks to the Exile and Kreia is locked in a force cage). If Kreia managed to manipulate someone at the other end of the academy without being able to see them at the time, then she would have been a hell of a lot more powerful that anyone gave her credit for. My guess is that the alt diolog was scripted, then someone noted it didn't make sense so they changed it but failed to change the text notes so that was what can appear on the screen. I think they could have changed the lines to show that Atris is something of a grey figure who is quite willing to lie even when she doesn't need to. In a film or even a TV show this might have worked better, but in a computer game when it could be months before to go from one cut scene to the next and with nothing to really remind you of that line it just gets missed.


    I've always assumed that Atris did send the Handmaiden with the (Male) Exile because of how she felt about him, not because of Kreia.

  3. Interesting, but the basic plot has a major hole in it, namely that depending on how you played KOTOR 1&2 some of the characters you have would be dead if you played (Or picked) Revan as Darkside for example, as would some of the chars if the Exile is picked as darkside-And going with the cannon lighside paths for both would raise howls of protest from...well more or less everyone.


    I'd also point out that the reason(s) you have for traveling around are a mix of the first two games, maybe a little too much. Of course, in fairness there are only a limited number of ways/reasons you'd be traveling around that much. The only other reason I can think of is that someone is after you and each planet is an (Unsuccessful) attempt to get away....which it could be argued is a little like KOTOR 2 as well in some areas.

  4. Do I have to read this thread's FAQ before posting? Because I'm sure I can post something that isn't covered in it.


    Will you be adding new items and a dificulty tweak?


    Will you be adding the droid planet?


    Also, I feel like bashing LucasArts, this is the right thread for it, right?


    I can answer that, in order;




    no, but the droid factory will be restored



  5. The problem your having is fixed by loading a save game from just before you enter the academy, then when The Handmaidens challenge you pick 'Who are you?' as your first choise, followed by '..I didn't come here for a fight'. That will get you past this problem. I've run into this problem a few times, and it is the only game stopping issue I've had with the game.


    Are you sure about that number?  On page 48 it says only 43 minor problems are being tracked... what happened?

    If you look at the bottom line, it says 167 open and 596 resolved issues (problems).


    Edit: Thats on the progress report page on their website.


    *Nods* That includes all the files that need to be altered, or rather all the issues they're working on. For anyone who hasn't taken a look on their website I should explain that they are not just adding the missing content but also working to polish the game as a whole by getting rid of all the problems they can find and fix. Be impressed, be very impressed :aiee:

  7. Last time I checked there were 167 files/problems that needed to be sorted out, but this is slightly misleading since (from what I can tell) this is all fairly minor stuff. Best guess is that it will be finished in a few months, plenty of time to play the game through and get a feel for how everything works...then you can sit back and enjoy the restored content :cool:


    And yes, I'd like this out soon as well, but hey, these peeps are doing all this in their spare time and not getting paid-the gushing of all the fans not really paying the bills :(

  8. If you don't get it from elsewhere they you should get a lens for building your own sabre from the masters, including Vrook.


    Tip; If you want to get a sabre quickly on Dantooine-that is before you even meet Vrook-then its easy. What you do is alter the salvagers will when you find it in the lower enclave level so you get the loot. You will get a lightsabre part and a crystal or two when you hand it in to Zheron. (You earn DS points for doing this, but you'll get a sabre faster and its easy to make up LS points before you leave Dantooine)


    If you buy the Jedi artifacts Suru(?) offers you after you've rescued him from the lower levels you'll get another lightsabre part from him.


    Do the two together and you should be able to make a sabre before you have to free Vrook, or even before you go back to the Hawk and have to fight Visis. (Which also means that you'll get a sabre for beating her, and another one when you finish the main quest on Dantooine)

  9. A lot of the stuff you missed is cut content from the game, look in general discussion and you'll see a sticky thread about the resteration project team gizza is doing to restore the cut content. You can check here; http://team-gizka.org/ for further information.


    The guy on Dantooine is the Diciple, he's avalible as a party member if you play as a female exile-he takes the place of the handmaiden for a female character. Otherwise you've not missed anything with him.


    The door in the sith academy just has a couple of lockers in it, chances are you didn't miss anything vital in there as the contents are random, not fixed.


    The order of the planets is up to you, but from what I've read elsewhere most peeps seem to start with Dantooine or Nar Shadda. Not that it makes a huge difference to how the games unfolds...honest ;)

  10. I think a fable style beggining would be good. Starting out on coruscunt as a child would serve as a good tuturial, then teenage years where a master takes you as his padawan where you go on your first mission to a planet perhaps like taris or peragus. And after that the councill assigns both of you to find out what happened to reven and the exile. Thats my take on what would be cool to happen at least.


    They could include some cool stuff into that, building a lightsaber, training and such


    Since it is stated that the Exile was the only Jedi around at the time of KOTOR 2 you couldn't have a master in this way unless the game was taking place quite a few years after the last game-at least 10-20 years which would be a little long I think to tie everything in.


    You could do up to the teenage years, but leave it with your master getting killed and you stranded on a planet. Maybe you've been stuck on the planet for years without a way to leave when a small ship (The Ebon Hawk) crashlands on the planet. You'd have a good reason to be totally ignorant of whats been going on in the Galaxy if you'd been stuck on some slimey mudhole in the middle of nowhere. If your playing as LS you'd want to find the rest of the Jedi to see if you can help, if your playing DS you could be out to get revenge for never coming to pick you up.


    A totally unrelated idea would be to give all the jedi in your party a Create/build lightsabre skill. Instead of having to spend ages looking for a sabre they (and you) can build one if you have enough components. Sabres you make could be customised for the character who made them, and thus they grant them a small bonus when they are being used by them, but a penalty if anyone else tries to use them. This would also allow each customised sabre to have a different hilt depending on who build it. You could also balance things by saying that the basic sabre can only be upgraded after you each a particular level.


    For example you start with a basic sabre, and the only thing you can change is the colour of the main crystal. When you reach level 3 you can add a single crystal to that, at level 6 you can add another crystal and so on. If these upgrades are based on the level of the character that made the sabre in the first place it would make combat harder-no more jedifying a party member then giving them a sabre that gives then huge bonuses in combat. It would also mean that sabres you pick up can't be upgraded, if you want to use two lightsabres with upgrades you'd have to make another sabre. It would be interesting as well if you can only make a single bladed sabre at the start, a short sabre a few levels later and a dualbladed sabre a few levels after that.

  11. That build would work best with a Male Char-you can pick up a skill from the handmaiden that allows you to add your wisdom modifyer to your AC. The only downside to this build is that you have to take a gamble that you will find a good robe or two during play as the Jedi armour in the game only allows a +4 dex modifyer.


    And yes, I've tried this build before, works ok.

  12. Personally I'm tired of playing a character who faught in the Mandolorian wars. It's been done twice before and having yet another Jedi who faught in the war but who didn't follow Revan or get killed afterwards would bore me. Better I think to have a character who has no such history.


    Again if they wanted to be brave and allow the developers to finish the game in their own time they could allow you to pick a backstory for the main player. Instead of letting you discover the players backstory you pick one from a list at character creation, ideas could be;


    A former student who, like the Disiple, never finished training but maybe served with the Republic in another way-such as a soldier, diplomat or scout. While the beginning would have a touch of KOTOR about it it would be simple to do. As soon as the Jedi council reformed (assuming that it did, and it would be hard to have a game involving Jedi without one) you would know you could be trained, and could go off to seek them out.


    The mainplayer is the offspring of a Jedi who left the order to get married. (Or a Sith who had a change of heart). When the character reached their 18th birthday they discover their heritage and decide to go off to find someone to train them. Instead of discovering your history the backstories might concentrate on you finding out who your parent was. They could still be alive but retired from the Jedi way, currently serving on a new Jedi council or *Drum roll* What if your parent was or is hinted to be either Revan or the exile?......It would give you an added incentive to discover what happened to both of them.


    Or maybe you don't have a history as such, maybe you were just an average person in a dead end job when a visiting Jedi discovers you. You could start as a youngster getting training, a bit like Fable in which you see the character grow from a teenager to an adult before jetting off to find Revan.


    In the first two cases the begining of the game could be about you trying to find someone to train you, maybe its finding the Jedi council or just someone who used to be a Jedi but retired...or of course you might find an ex-sith to train you instead. After all who said you have to be trained by a Jedi?

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