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  1. Ok, everyone seems to be overlooking the Handmaidens. According to them they were meant to watch Jedi, and Kreia does state that they have been trained to resist Jedi mind tricks-maybe the same training makes them harder for a Jedi to spot. If nothing else that training would probably allow them to get fairly close to a Jedi without setting off any alarms. It is also worth remembering that not only were the Handmaidens good computer hackers-they deleted all the records on the Ebon Hawk on Citidel station-but they also managed to remove that ship from a secured hanger without anyone being the wiser. To me this strongly surgests that they had been trained for covert operations. (That or security on Citidel Station really needs improving)


    Since Atris knew the Jedi masters she could have made educated guesses as to where they might decide to go, and she could have sent the Handmaidens off to find the masters. This would explain Dantooine, Nar Shaddar and Onderon. (Although quite how she would know about Korridan is beyond me since I can't see her sending her minions there.) If the Handmaidens knew who they were looking for (Which they did as Atris had recordings of the masters to show the Handmaidens), and they had a fair idea where they might be they could start checking up to see if there was any evidence of the Masters there. If they could hack computer records on the station, they could probably do the same elsewhere and check passager manifests and the like. If they needed to they could have gone to the world in question and taken a look for themselves-since Atris trained them to shield their minds she would probably also have told them about other tricks a Jedi who wants to remain hidden might use. Such information would allow them to filter out which rumours about Jedi were more likely to be true far better than any bounty hunter.

  2. One thing about Nihilus is that it's not fully stated what his hunger kills. we no it kills sentinents but we arn't told if his power touches the cretures and plants on a planet.


    According to Visas Katar is a world where nothing living remains, as the force is meant to touch all living things this makes sense,


    If Nihilus can kill everything then there would be no plants to make oxygen meaning Visas would have nothing to breath when she walked on the surface of Katar.


    Errm, no. There would still be enough Oxgen in the atmosphere for a long time, more than enough for someone to go down and breathe just fine. While there would be nothing creating oxygen there would also be nothing really using it up-or nothing that would use it all up in a few years anyway.

  3. Well, all the ships who wanted to get to peragus needed to upload new navigation maps to get though the debris field. I'm guessing that the station wouldn't transmit those charts to every ship that entered the system-just ones that had clearance. This would, from a security prospective, make perfect sense if the station is half as important as everyone keeps telling you.

    If the Ebon Hawk wasn't one of those ships,it would also mean that Atton's comments on not having the charts makes much more sense. It might also explain why HK-50 didn't take the Hawk off the station.

    I'd say that a sith ship that turned up isn't going to get the charts it needed. It should also be remembered that no one seemed to know the Harbringer was missing, let alone captured, so it would still be listed as a Republic ship and have clearance.

  4. After Chodo heals me, my party is gone with no explanation! Is this right?


    Yes, for some reason they vanish

    After you complete the mission with the droid

    . You have to re-select your party members (which is a little daft as there are only two people you can pick at that time.) Providing you have a full party and you keep everyone protected by energy shields dealing with the Mercs isn't that hard.

  5. As to why it took so long for the Sith to realise you went to Peragus, i have a theory...Sion probably felt Kreia's presence as she woken up (hey, why not..she was probably not powerful enough at the time to shield herself), and was able to find out the Hawk went to Peragus. I think Kreia didn't wake up sooner on purpose, just so she wouldn't led the Sith to Peragus too soon.



    Its more likely that the Sith were able to track Hawk when it entered hyperspace so had a fair idea where the ship went. As to why they didn't follow straight away-well don't forget that HK-50 shut most of the Harbringers systems down when he was trying to capture the Exile, it probably took the Sith troops on board some time to repair the damage.


  6. Sometimes when you change the resolution on a game the monitor screen no longer displays everything as it did. I have no idea if this is the case here, but what I would advise is trying to see if altering the geometry and the like on the monitor helps this-if you do this while you have the game running on the screen it shouldn't affect any other games or programs you use.

  7. "Do you want to fight for the Republic?


    Do you want to work towards the elimination of evil?


    Are you a galactic minority full of burning hated towards those who would exploit and enslave you, with no place left to go?


    Do you like to make meaningless statments and call it wisdom?


    Do you want your own lightsabre?


    If the answers are yes then why not Join the Jedi order today!


    Apply to Master Vrook at the Hidden Jedi Enclave on Dantooine today! Ships leaving every hour on the hour from terminal 3.


    Ps; Please do not read this if you are affiliated with the Sith or any other group opposed to the Jedi order.


    Disclaimer; The Jedi order takes no responsibilty should you;


    Turn into a Sith Lord during or after training.


    Attempt to take over the galaxy,


    wipe out whole species,


    Destroy whole planets just to kill the one person you really want to kill,


    Lose your sense of humor


    Lose all your hair


    Become sexually frustrated due to the ban on Jedi having any type of romance-this includes so much as looking at a member of the opposite sex.


    (Poster in the Taris docks)

  8. You could assume he gets smoked by HK-47/50 at the end of the Prologue...he'd just be junk droid parts.



    3C-FD is in the locked room next to where T3 starts on Peragus. If you play on the highest diffuculty level he's the droid you have to blow up to open the door. On lower levels, when T3 can use explosives to get the doors open, you can click on him to get the message "This astromech droid appears to have sustained irrepairable damage". In other words Hk-50's attack destroyed the poor little trash compactor during the prologue.


  9. Does the game really state that Juhani went do Dantooine?


    I think Juhani simply went in search of the Jedi, rather than Dantooine.


    It is possible that "hidden refuge" refers to it being hidden from the public, not all Jedi/former Jedi. It's not like the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, which is pretty hard to miss.


    Which still raises the question as to why they would call it a hidden place. While it might not be advertised on every street corner in the Republic it was well know to the Jedi....and Revan, Malak and all those dark Jedi/Sith were once Jedi and would have known about it. Hiding it from the masses is irelievent if half the people your fighting happened to train there.


    The settlers on Dantooine weren't exactly known for going offworld all the time. There were hardly any people living there anyway. It's a remote system not many people care about.


    The settlers might not have been going offworld, but there would be plenty of people who were. During KOTOR there is a mention of a spaceport and at least one business that seemed to work out of it-This would imply that if nothing else Dantooine was importing goods. Hard to imagine that the fact that there was a Jedi Academy on the planet would have remained a secret if everyone on the planet knew about it, and people where coming in all the time.


    Then there were the Mandolorians on Dantooine, they seemed to be guns for hire, have their own ships and to not be all that impressed with the Jedi. It seems very unlikely that they would failed, at any time, to mention the enclave on Dantooine-At the very least anyone with the smallest amount of brains would assume they would feel no compulsion at telling anyone who asked.


    And again, this just raises yet another question; If Revan and Malak knew about the enclave on Dantooine why did the Jedi not move somewhere else? Seems that the Jedi decided to remain on a world their enemies already knew about, and which was remote so presumably away from any major Republic fleet that could come to their aid should it be attacked-In turn meaning why would the Jedi assume Malak wouldn't attack the place? There would seem to have been nothing to stop a Sith fleet turning up in orbit and carpet bombing the planet.


    The more I look at the choices the Jedi Masters made during the Civil war the more I'm starting to think that they were not losing because Revan was a huge tactical genius, but because the Jedi had the collective Tactical skills of a turnip.

  10. Repair the Ebon Hawk

    Have Coorta contact a smuggler


    This makes sense. HK-50 wasn't working in the hanger area so he might not have realised that the Ebon Hawks Nav-computer was locked. In fact I don't think that there is any mention of the computer being locked until after the droids started to repair the ship. While HK-50 could have stopped the droids from repairing the ship at this point, it would have given someone a big clue that who-ever sent the droids to repair the ship was reading the logs. This in turn would imply that the 'faults' with the mining droids were deliberate and someone was directing them. If this happened then HK-50's plan would have fallen apart very quickly, since security would, no doubt, have turned all the droids off leaving HK-50 to deal with all the miners on his own.


    Once the Hawk was no longer a viable way to escape another way would need to be found, hence the plot with Coorta.


    Of course at this point we have to ask two questions;


    Question; Who, or where, is the smuggler Coorta was getting in touch with?


    Answer; Well the only person who fits that bill is Atton.


    Question; So what happended to the ship Atton arrived on?


    Answer; Well, either the station has two hangers (which seems not to be the case) the only logical answer is that it left. This would imply that Atton probably arrived on a supply ship, rather than in a small ship of his own. (Besides which it would be impossible for a ship to sneek into the system if they have to contact the station for a map of the astroid field in advance).


    This, however, leads to another problem. Atton was arrested by security and questioned by them before the droids took over. I hate to say this but at this point it seems that HK-50's wonderful plan falls apart due to studidity. It seems that he started killing all the miners to take over the station after his ride off the station had left.....even if he was worried that someone was getting to close to discovering his plan would it not have been smarter to have stuck while the ship was docked with the station, not wait until it left and stranded him there.


    Seal off the hangar and stay on Peragus till a ship docks with the station


    This is about the only part if the plan that makes total sense. Even with its Nav-computer locked the ship would still have been able to fly off the station. Ok so it might not have been able to jump out of the system, but it would have a comunication system. That system would not be tied into the stations computer so couldn't be turned off at a distance by Hk-50. Locking the hanger prevented anyone from reaching the Hawk, not so much to prevent them from flying off as to prevent them from sending out a distress signal. If someone flew the Hawk just outside the hanger HK-50 would be able to do nothing to stop them talking to everyship in range-short of blowing the station and the Exile to kingdom come...and killing the Exile was never part of the plan.

  11. There are only four ways around this I can see;


    1: Revan or Malak had attacked Dantooine at somepoint in the war and were lead to belive that they had destroyed the place, or that the enclave had been abandanded before Revan and Malak returned to attack the Republic.


    Problem; There is nothing to show Dantooine had been attacked at anytime prior to Malaks attack in KOTOR. It would also seem strange that none of the Jedi who defected to the Sith bothered to mention that the place was still open for business.


    2; The enclave was much smaller when Revan and Malak trained there, making it possible that they considered it had been abandoned.


    Problem; In TSL we are twice given names of Jedi masters who served on the Jedi Council. The droids playback on Dantooine shows us that two of those Jedi Masters were talking about the exile during his/her training, implying that they were teaching there before the war, and one could assume during the same time as Revan and Malak would have been training. It seems unlikely that such senior members of the Jedi council would have trained students at a small academy.


    3; Both Revan and Malak knew about Dantooine, but given that Revan was interested in converting Jedi he decided to let the enclave remain as it was-providing the Galaxy with more potential Jedi to turn to his side. When Malak took over his plan-to use the bodies of dead jedi as a power source for the StarForge- it took him time to get everything into place.


    Problem;....Well none really. Revan leaving the enclave intact so it would be providing him with a potential source of new sith would be consistant with the way he would leave anything with Military potential intact-as we are told in TSL. Malaks plan would have taken sometime to prepare, so even if he knew about Dantooine he might well have held off attacking it until he was ready. After all it would be far better for him to have struck at Dantooine when he could do so with full force, rather than run the risk that large numbers of Jedi would escape forcing him to start looking for them again.


    This could also explain why the council thought the enclave was safe. If they had leaked the fact that they had left Dantooine, and then after two years or so the place hadn't been attacked they might well have assumed that Revan and Malak no longer thought it was open for business.


    4; The Jedi were relying on the force to warn them of any potential attack in advance, allowing them to evacuate the enclave.


    Problem; ...Again, none. This would be consistant with the behaviour of the Jedi-after all they had no way of knowing that the StarForge (or Malak) could manipulate the force to the extent that it would not grant them warning.


    Ok, I lied there are two problems with this. First off what where the Jedi intending to do about all the civilians on Dantooine? Did they seriously think that a Sith Lord was going to leave them alone if the Jedi had left?


    Second, this implies that the Jedi would have to have been prepared to leave in a hurry. While this would explain why the Masters managed to escape Dantooine (Both from KOTOR and TSL it seems that all the Jedi masters you can talk to on Dantooine managed to escape), the question has to be where all the ships to evacuate them were. The only ship sitting on the landing pad on Dantooine was the Ebon Hawk.

  12. The Exile was trained on Dantooine, as the droid walking around the landing platform in TSL can show you if you repair it. This would imply that the enclave would have been there before the Madolorian wars. Since at least one of the Jedi masters on Dantooine is also stated to have been one of Revans teachers it seems highly likely that both Revan and Malak would have know about the place long before the wars started. As has been said it is more likely that this is a trick question, and the sort of question interigators often use; You ask a question to which you already know the answer, making it seem like you know far more than you really do. The person you question can fall into the trap of thinking that because you know more than you really do you're not telling them anything they don't already know. It is also worth remembering that the enclave was attacked around the same time you are captured, making it highly likley that Malak had already planned the attack well in advance, which in turn implies he knew about it. (One, of course, has to question the inteligence of the Jedi masters who claimed that the enclave was hidden from Malak, given that he and Revan seem to have trained their as Jedi....)

  13. The problem with what LA has said is that it could mean several things;


    "We discuss this every few weeks but keep putting a decision off"


    If they keep putting the decision to make KOTOR 3 too long, they will eventally get to the point where they start to argue that its no longer worth the time and money to make it. Why? Because no one seems interested......maybe because everyone who would have been interested in buying the game will have forgoten all about the KOTOR series, and attempting to re-release the first two games would be pointless-anyone who was going to buy it would have done so years ago.


    "We're just not interested in making the game, but we'll let everyone think we are so they will continue to keep an eye on things we are developing"


    This is a somewhat cynical view, I'll admit it. But they might figure that the people who would buy KOTOR 3 would also be the same people who would buy anything with 'Star Wars' on the box. In a way this would be an attempt to get free advertising as anyone looking for information on KOTOR games is highly likely to run across whatever new titles they happen to be making.



    "We want to see which platforms it would be worth releasing the game on"


    When the first two games came out there were, effectively, only three platforms LA would have considered producing games for-X-Box, Playstation and PC (and games released for the X-box tended not to be released on the PS as well). Now, however, LA has X-box, X-box 360, Playstation 3, Wii, handhelds and PC's to name just those that come straight to mind. All of these platforms are either new or have altered since the last KOTOR to the point that they might as well be new.


    This creates several problems. First the more platforms you want to release your game on, the longer it takes-both for programming and for testing. As time equals money LA would want to have a good idea as to which of these platforms are likely to be more popular, and hence which have a better chance of selling enough games to make LA money. It would be understandable if LA was waiting to see how these new platforms do before deciding which ones to make the game for.


    The second problem is experience. To get the very best out of a system you need to have an idea not only what a platform is capable of doing, but how to make it do what you want. Again, LA might be holding off deciding which systems they will release the game on until they have a better idea of what all the systems can do-which would mean sitting back and waiting for other games to be released. This would also allow them to get a better idea of how long it would take to program the game on different systems, which would give them a much better idea of how long it would take to produce the game.


    "We don't want to get burned again"


    After the complaints about the bugs and rushed development of KOTOR 2 it would be understandable if LA was wary of making a new game. What they might be doing is developing the basics of the game-getting a plot together, doing the basic designs for planets etc on the quiet. What they could be worried about is that if they do answer the question; 'Are you making KOTOR 3?' They will instantly be asked 'When is it going to be out?'. LA might have decided to play it smart by not answering the first question so they don't have to answer the second-that way there is less pressure to bring the game out early before it is ready. Part of the reason KOTOR 2 was released before it should have been was down to being asked when the game would be ready, and marketing pushing them even harder to release it now rather than later. If no one is asking 'When' It is out they can set a release date that is more realistic, and it doesn't matter if the game is not going to be ready for Christmas if no-one even knows its being worked on.

  14. And yes, KotOR III will be made, because LucasArts does not want to "leave the KotOR franchise behind".




    *Meeting of LA's computer games department*


    Suit one; "Next on the list, Knights of the old republic 3. When do we start to make it?"


    Suit Two; "Well we could get a team together and start by the end of the week, of course we might have to hire a few more people"


    Suit three; "Bugger that, lets wait until we have more people free"


    Suit one; "And when will that be?"


    Suit three; "Ohh, around 2010 if we rush the delelopment of games already being worked on. Of course we'd never do such a thing"


    *Room laughs*


    Suit one; "Ok, so 2010 it is, unless something more important comes up"

  15. Would you also like to see the toilets?


    Maybe thats the secret of the Sith-deny you troops basic facilities, like toilets, then tell them the Jedi designed the ship. A couple of days and you'd be ready to kill anyone you thought had designed a ship that lacked a toilet and had twelve beds for a crew of a few thousand people. Hell, it even explains why the Sith are always trying to kill their superiors. Nothing to do with power, they just want their own bed and a toilet.

  16. I agree that a Director's Cut would be a lovely idea, but I also agree, for the reasons others have stated above, that it's very unlikely. The Restoration Project remains everyone's best hope. I remember they weren't ruling out an XBox version of their mod at one point - does anyone know what they're saying now?


    They said some time ago that they were not going to make a version of the mod for the X-box. As I recall one of the reasons has to do with moding an X-box being illegal. The comment was posted somewhere in the never-ending thread on the project a few months ago.

  17. I think I know what the cut scene in question was/is (sorry-it just didn't register when I first read this). What *should* happen is that Atton comes in while you are talking to Mandolore (I can't recall exactly where he comes in during the conversation. All Atton says is that the Hawk is repaired and you can leave Duxn when you want to. Then, if I remember correctly, there should be a short pause and you get taken to the party selection screen after Mandolore and Atton are finished, if you haven't done so already leave the game for a few minutes and see if it switches to the new screen.

  18. 5, Master Lonna Vash stays a mystery to me, everywhere i go to read i get indications that i can meet and slay her but it doesnt matter what alignment i choose or what order i choose to go to korriban in everytime i get to Master Vash she's dead in a cage. Are those indications about being able to slay Master Vash when alligned to the darkside false? Cuz if it is possible i really wanna slay her


    Yes, it was intended that you should be able to meet with Vash, but once again the knife of Lucasarts came down and cut that stuff out....

  19. High dex works fine, as long as you don't ignore Str totally (meaning that you don't try a guardian or Sentinal with a strength of 10). It does require a little luck in finding a few dex enchancing items-a single point in stealth allows you to wear one of those +8 stealth belts but in general it works all right, you might not hit quite as hard but then you get hit less as well.


    Guardians should get their base strength to 13, then concentrate on Dex (as I said Weaponmasters get a +3 Strength bonus when pure LS/DS so that will leave you 16 Str near the end, if not before, regardless of any other bonuses. Its also worth noting that all the strength upgrades I've seen and can remember always grant an odd bonus to str, +1, +3, +5 so having an odd number can be helpful anyway).


    Sentinal/Watchman tend to be better if both Dex and Str are 14 at the start, then concentrate on Dex from there on-This gives a good mix of damage and ability to hit if you go the Finesse route.


    The only class that can run into trouble are Consular/Master's, since concentrating on Dex means that their force powers are not as powerful-a major problem as that is their main focus. Even then high dex can be more useful than str, you get hit less often. That said I normally attempt to get a consular/master class the full +4 dex bonus (attribute level 18), put them in one of the Jedi armors then concentrate on Wisdom. I always pick Lightsabre finesse for consulars anyway, since their Dex is nearly always higher then their str at the start.

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