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  1. Strength, as had been said, adds to both to hit number and damage cause with melee weapons (including lightsabres). However, Dex does add to your AC making you harder to hit. In my experience a Str of 13, followed by concentrating on Dex works well. As a full LS/DS guardian you get a +3 to strength, leaving you with a str of 16 which seems to be more than enough. Added to this is that I seem to find it easier to get hold of items which add to Dex, than Items that add to str. Even in the very tough fights I find this more than enough. The extra damage from higher str isn't all that much, while the increased AC leads to getting hit less...so I'd say go for it it's worked for me in the past.

  2. From what I can tell the card itself should run the game without major problems (This is, after all KOTOR we're talking about not a 3D first person shooter with all the trimmings). The only thing I would advise you to do before getting the card is to take a look on the Nvidea websight and download the latest drivers-I think all Nvidea cards use the same drivers for the same operating systems but the websight is easy to use and you shouldn't have any difficulty finding the right drivers. I'm saying this for two reasons, one is that the reviews seem to indicate the the driver that comes with the card is the wrong one, the second is that the latest drivers may be in a large file. The downloaded drivers will be in there own file, when you have the card installed you just need to open and run the file, it will install automatically.


    Just a guess here but I imagine that if your friend can install a graphics card he should know how to do all this as well.

  3. One thing I noticed is that the setup program the game uses can sometimes overestimate what your graphics card can do. If you haven't already try turning the resolution down, or failing that switch off some of the advanced graphics options. Other than that updating your drivers would be a good idea.

  4. @mkg-are you talking of that part with the screws still in on it in the lower left hand corner of that picture? So I can just simply put a pci card in it and run the game?


    The PCI ports are in the upper right hand corner of the picture-the white bars. (If I'm understanding the layout of your PC from the picture that would be around the back in the left hand corner of your PC, there is a recess there where you plug something in. You already have a card in place there, I'm guessing thats your modem). An AGP port would be in the same place but a slightly different colour and longer by about 1/3. If your friend can put in a AGP card he can put a PCI card in just as easily, although its far from hard. The area in the lower left is, from what I can tell from the picture, where the CD-Rom and floppy drive are connected to the PC.

  5. There is a list of graphics cards in the manual and also in the games read me file that will work with the game, pci cards should work with the game if the chipset is on the list and the card has at least 64 mb of ram.


    (Your neighbor isn't the only one who's surprised that your computer has no AGP port-while I'm far from a computer expert I did build my computer and haven't see a motherboard that lacks a AGP port in eight years or so.....)


    Your best bet is to look around your area for a local computer shop, not one of the big named stores but a smaller local shop. If you have the list and ask nicely they might be able to help you find a card that will work with the game. They can also (or should if your nice and they are not to busy) be able to talk to you about how much it would cost to get a custom computer built-even with labour costs its not as expensive as you'd think if you have the programs and things like the modem, hard drive, CD-Rom and floppy drives already (which you can take from the old PC). I'm talking from experience here, my computer cost about half what the cheapest computer around would have cost although as I said I put mine together on my own.

  6. By the way, just a quick little question on installation, is it true that I have to install it on the admin account? I remember reading that in the guide link I posted above.
    Yes, in most cases if you want to install games on PC's its best to do so in the admin account-which if your the only user is where you normally end up when the computer is turned on.


    The graphics adjustments aren't causing a problem... I did notice some textures appeared washed out (such as on the walls and doors) so I upped the resolution and texture... um, thing (I did say noob at the beginning. ) which solved that. I haven't figured out the Advanced adjustments yet... (weired bunch of letters). It's not the one to do with shadow and grass rendering. I doubt grass would be a problem: Graphics card Nvidia GeForce 7600, I assume the bigger number means it's gooder. I haven't had any lag yet, but I'm only on Citadel Station, not a lot of Force Storm and Wave used there.


    There can be problems on Dantooine with GeForce graphics cards with the game slowing, locking up for a few moments then jerking back leaving the character you are controling locked in possition, the same error appears in KOTOR as well as KOTOR 2. In both cases there is a way to sort the problem out, but it involves messing around with configureation files. I just leave the game to sort itself out and switch to another Character for a minute which unfreezes whoever got stuck.


    I do like the hotkeys, though a difference I have noticed as a console user is for changing attacks, you can't cycle up or down as you could with the Xbox, instead you have to click with the mouse. Unless I've missed something in the guide that I didn't read.


    You can scroll up and down using the mouse wheel, if your mouse has one. As to the rest of the controls the only one I use is spacebar to pause the game, everything else you can do via the mouse.

  7. Installing the game is easy, put disk one in the drive, sit back and follow the instructions on screen. Once the game has loaded there is an auto-update option on the start screen, those you should get as they will solve most of the problems you could otherwise run into. Having said that I played the game for quite sometime without any patches at all, and only ran into problems once or twice. If your not used to computers I'd advise you to ignore patches that don't come through the updater, most of those I've seen involve moving files around and manualy installing them (and quite a few of them never seemed to work for me anyway, or made things worse).


    As to the difference between X-box and PC versions, I think the only major difference is in the controler (Naturally) and in some of the graphic options-Most of these are set up automatically by the game when you first start the game anyway. If you do run into problems, well at least you know where to come for answers :aiee:

  8. also what are jedi stances forms.. i seem to have one some shi sho but its just there when i click it it says determination activated? what is that.. isnt forms like how ur char acts with a wep? someone explain please


    There are a number of lightsabre and force forms, each of which grants some beneft in combat-such as increased blaster deflection-at the cost of being weaker in other areas-in the case of increased blaster deflection the cost is not being as good against melee attacks. Force forms are similar, in that they grant bonuses to some areas of force powers, such as the damage done by force powers.


    All classes learn two sabre forms automatically at particular levels-Shii-Cho is learnt at level 7, Makashi somewhat later. The other forms are only learnt after you meet one of the masters, and the form you learn depends on your class-Jedi consulars tend to learn force forms instead of lightsabre forms. If you want an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of all the forms you have learnt you can either;


    Keep the mouse pointer hovering over the form currently displayed, after a few seconds it will pop up with a general discription of what that form does.


    Listen carefully when you learn a new form. There will be some diologe that gives you a basic idea of what the form does, and its drawbacks.


    Talk to Kreia about the forms, she will pass comment on those forms you know at the time. You can do this both on the Hawk and when Kreia is in your party and your not fighting.


    Read the Manual, there is a small table in there that lists each of the lightsabre forms and their strengths and weaknesses.



    Don't, however, expect to see any difference in animations when you change stances/forms as there isn't any change.

  9. There are ways to keep an errant Force user confined against their will, one of which is mentioned in TSL. One of the main plot points there is that it is possible for Jedi masters to remove someones connection to the force. If the Jedi really wanted to make sure Revan wasn't a threat and could be contained against his will they could have severed his connection to the force. Sure Revan might be powerful, but even he's not going to be able to do much against a dozen Jedi masters while unarmed and unconcious.


    Sure, this could be seen as passing judgement without a trial but then so was treating his mind like a corrupted hard drive and erasing his memories, and it is implied that The Jedi can reconnect someone to the force afterwards if they really wanted to. To me this would have been a more humane way of dealing with the problem-sever Revans connection to the force then take things from there.

  10. The Jedi has to redeem, and not to kill. That's part of their code. How they redeem, you can say that is wrong. But they follow the Code of Redemeption, taking it to extreme conclusions...It was an act of mercy, an crime, and an act of war...all at once. ("Mercy genocide"?)


    A forced 'Redemption' is no redemtion at all, the same way that a forced appology is not a real appology. For Redemption to have any real meaning it has to be a concious decision taken by the person or persons involved. Just as being forced to appoligise to someone doesn't mean that you are really sorry for your actions.


    Revan didn't have any real choice to redeem himself since the council made him someone they could use, a tool, a weapon against the Sith. While I can understand the urgency and the reasons why they felt they had to do what they did, the council can't-or maybe shouldn't-attempt to justify themselves by saying they were attempting to redeem Revan.


    In this context the Jedi Councils explination/excuse that they were 'redeeming' Revan through their actions comes across as a blaitant attempt to justify an action they must have known was morally wrong. If Revan could be seen to be redeemed that would (Going with the cannon LS Revan) be when he continued to fight the Sith after finding out who he had been. Which of course the Jedi council had nothing to do with at all as it was Malak who revealed the truth.

  11. I've always been of the opinion that what the Jedi council did was understandable...but still wrong. Ultimatly they were using the ends-stopping the Sith-to justify the means-wiping Revans mind.


    While they might console themselves with the idea that they gave Revan a second chance at redemption, forced redemption isn't redemption at all as there is little, if any, choice in the matter. Even Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell, who was a member of the council (and I would assume could have been on of the Jedi Masters to wipe Revans memory) Admits that Redemption wasn't Revans choice.


    I think the Jedi Order itself knew, or understood, despite what they were saying, what that element or piece of knowledge was and had originally forbid him from going, lest he find it.
    I think it is more likely that the Jedi council sensed that there was a darkness comming, and that it was connected to the Mandolorian war. This would explain why they were unwilling to step in to help the Republic-they were trying to work out what the danger was. The Irony is that the danger-Darth Revan-was only created because they didn't act at all. Had the Council acted from the beginning maybe Revan would never have become a Sith Lord.


    By and large, the Jedi Order created Revan not only as an Enemy, but also as a Sith Lord. Possibly, to keep him from finding the truth or information, the Jedi Council tried to assassinate him under the auspices he was already a Sith Lord. But that may have been very much furthest from the truth. There is proof of this corruption in Atris and other Masters on the council.


    The very thing they wished to prevent, they had created. And when they had the opportunity to re-program Revan, you could argue this was their way of attoning for past mistakes...their Redemption.


    Exactly, although commiting such a crime as in wiping Revans mind does seem to be a very strange way to redeem themselves.


    And according to Atton, Revan was a female. But obviously his point of view can be changed. But I agree with the canonical choice of the Exile being female, it just seems right.


    Attons line is an in-joke. The designers of KOTOR intended Revan to be Female, but Lucas Arts decided that Cannon Revan was Male. Thats why Atton says Revan was female.

  12. Jinger is quite correct, the power of the crystal is infuenced by your alignment as much as your level, from what I can tell your level dictates the level of power the crystal will have, while alignment dictates what those powers will be. From what I've seen the most powerful crystal is for a neutral Exile, which grants you something like +24 force resistance and +3 attack bonus.

  13. The correct answer is...it depends. All the lightsabre (and force) forms have strengths in particular areas as well as weaknesses. Niman is a general form with no real weaknesses, but it can be bettered by other forms depending on the situation. Juno is probably the better form to use if your going one-on-one due to the extra attacks you can get, Niman is probably better if your fighting a number of opponents.

  14. Well thought out, and well written. The only point that I can raise is about;

    Darth Plagueis was apparently able to use the force to influence midi-chlorians to create life. Presumably, he used his midi-chlorians to manipulate the force to create life within the midi-chlorians of another individual.
    The only source of this information is Palpatine, who was attempting to seduce Anakin at the time he said this and had every reason to lie if he could convince Anakin to join him. As such I'd be careful of assuming this is the truth, in fact I've always assumed this was a standard type of lie the Sith would tell. Tell a potential Sith that one of the old Sith Lords could use the DarkSide to gain some power they would find attractive, in Anakins case the ability to keep Padme alive.
  15. If you read the novel of Revenge of the Sith it is made clear that Mace Windu was using the Vapaad lightsabre form. Vapaad can channel the darkside to some degree without the Jedi becoming a dark Jedi-this is why Sidious's force lightning was reflected back at him. The form was also so new (invented by Mace) that Sidious had no answer to it. All the other Jedi who faced Sidious were using forms that Sidious knew well, so he could take advantage of their weaknesses.


    - He beat yoda who in most respects is a better jedi than mace windu
    Being a better Jedi does not mean that Yoda was a better lightsabre combantant than Mace Windu. You could in fact take the same argument and use it to say that Mace was better than Yoda-after all Mace would have won his fight if Anakin hadn't intervened, while Yoda would still have lost. (There is also the implication, in the book anyway, that Yoda realised he wasn't going to win and allowed himself to 'loose' so he could escape).


    - He broke the glass during the fight on purpose, perhaps showing that he had forseen mace being thrown out


    The glass wasn't broken on purpose as far as I can tell, it was broken while Sidious was parrying a blow from Mace.


    - Anakin happens to arrive at exactly the same time he is disarmed


    Thats called fate :thumbsup: Sidious might have been aware that Anakin was close by, but I find it hard to belive that he would deliberatly throw his weapon out the window on the off chance that Anakin would help him.

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