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  1. There should be an autosave later on than when you saved yourself-it normally saves when you enter a new area and haven't manually saved for a while. The auto-save *should* either be just before you fight the HK-50's on the messa or even just as you enter the academy. I'd check that out first.

  2. In KOTOR Dorak mentions something along the lines of the colour of the crystal not really being all that important, other than as a guide to what class of Jedi you happen to be. Best guess is that Jedi/Sith either pick colours that are traditonal for their class-Yoda has a green sabre, implying that he was a consular, Anakin used a blue sabre implying he was a guardian-Or they just pick whatever colour they like that happens to be avalible.


    Sith/dark jedi might pick red sabres because they like the colour, or because it is easier to get a red crystal (or produce one, it could be that red crystals can be produced faster than any other colour, and sith are not known for their patience).


    Jedi might pick colours the same way, choosing a colour they like from whatever is at hand. Or they could pick colours that refure to their class, or they could pick the same colour as whoever trained them.

  3. Another thing that would fit with Atton being a smuggler is his time on Nar-Shadda. Without quoting all the lines directly, we can easily work out the following;


    When he left the Sith Atton ended up on Nar-Shadda, this is first hinted at on Citidel station and later confirmed by some of the refuges and Atton himself.


    Once you are on Nar-Shaddar getting off is difficult if you don't have a ship of your own. There are a lot of pilots stuck on the planet (you meet one of them) and without sponsorship you can't get a licence to fly. Some of the better pilots are approched by the exchange to work for them (Again, we meet someone in that position). Attons piloting skills are mentioned at least three times in the game; When leaving Peragus, when you crash on Telos and on Duxan. Given all this is would be reasonable to assume that Atton managed to leave Nar-Shadda because he started working for the Exchange. And of course one of the things the Exchange is involved in is smuggling.


    Atton seems to know a fair amount about the Exchange. He knows about G0-T0, he mentions him on Telos should you wipe out the exchange on the station. Its also interesting that he knows G0-T0 is the direct supperior of Slusk, the Exchange boss on Citidal station. If Atton was smuggling items from Telos to Peragus it would make sense that he would know whos in charge there, even if he had never met Slusk.

  4. And your saying you want to bring real world politics into a fantasy world based on your own beleifs.


    I don't think there are many fantasy worlds where the writer can't be accused of pushing their own beliefs to some extent.....in fact there are almost no areas where someone isn't trying to convince you that their vision/idea/belief/politics is the correct version. Star Trek is sometimes accused as being to liberal, Harry Potter as being satanic and even scientists who should know better will tend to try and convice you that their theory is the correct one.


    And what does this have to do with Starwars?


    Two things. First is that you can accuse it of pushing a belief because it doesn't show homosexual relationships. Look hard enough and you could accuse it of being satanic-no mention of any god, use of the force that could be 'magic'...


    Second is that Starwars is a product. In order to make the most money it has to appeal to the largest number of people. This in turn means that it is, and was, never going to have stories that would offend the majority of its target audience-in this case children and their parents. LA was never going to show homosexualality, not because they themselves are nessasarally homophobic, but because a lot of parents would not want their children to see it.


    As intersting as it might be to discuss all the reasons behind this, it has little bareing on the question of this topic. I have to take partial responsibility for pointing out that a lot of the things people here would have liked to have seen were never going to be in the game no matter how long was spent developing it.


    Back to the question; I keep wishing I could crack some of my party members over the head when they decide that the correct course of action in a fire-fight is to run into a mine-field. At the very least I'd have liked to have been able to have asked them what they thought they where doing at the time.

  5. I'd always assumed that Atton was the person Corta was talking about when he said he knew someone who could help them.


    "...got *another* lecture about contraband today.

    Security hasn't started doing spot checks of our quarters yet, so my cache in the

    lower bunk in my room in the eastern dormitory should be safe; you won't even know it's there unless you know to look for it.

    Coorta came around again, asking if I had any 'special' cargo to sell, but I was getting a bad feeling about how he was asking,

    so I stayed quiet about my stash. I'm going to keep that blaster I smuggled from Telos

    and a few grenades there just in case things here get rough."

    A datapad in the Peragus Dormitory Level, possibly Coorta's smuggler

  6. The theorys I've heard and read about that range from lightsabre crystals being created by the force-red being the colour you end up with if you use the darkside to create them. (Inconsistant with every referance I've read about lightsabre crystals it has to be said). To Red crystals sometimes shorting out other lightsabres when they connect-the Obi-Wan/Vader fight on the Death star in SW IV being used as an example (Although that effect was more likely down to the angle of the shot). Then of course it could be that the only crystals the Sith used on Korriban happened to be red, and it became a tradition for Sith to have red blades as a result. (And if it was traditional for Sith to have red blades that would explain why Jedi used every colour but red for their blades).The latter explination is the one I'd favour as its the simplest one.

  7. It is just speculation but maybe they intended Luke to have Blonde hair in the films, but discovered it didn't look right on screen tests and changed it to brown. (Or someone knew Luke and Leia where meant to be twins and pointed out that they should have the same colour hair). It could also be the case that Mark Hamlton had to dye his hair for something he did before filming Starwars and no one told the toy makers when they were making the toys. I know they had a similar problem in Return of the Jedi, Lukes lightsabre was meant to be blue in the film, but they changed it to green so it would show up against the sky on Jabba the Huts sail barge at the last minute. Unfortunatly no one told the toy makers so there are a couple of toys shipped with Luke holding a blue sabre, not green.


    As to the different colours in games and comics, well if some of the toys have blonde hair it could be as simple as the artists using those figures for referance-this would make sense as it would be easier to use models you can pose, pick up and turn around than to go off a picture/screen shot. They might also change the hair colour in some cases if it was proving hard to tell who was who in comics. One of the reasons comic book characters wear brightly coloured outfits is so you can tell them apart, something that wouldn't work with Starwars characters (one or two exceptions aside, such as Boba Fett and Chewbacca).

  8. One of the most common reasons why you get owned when you face the three masters is because you run down the last passage way killing the sith troups there and end up in the cut scene, and hence the last battle without having any time to prepare.


    One way to get around this is to switch the weapons for the char your controling to ranged. Instead of running in sabres twirling snipe at the troups from a distance, letting your companions take care of the troops close in. By taking out the troops this way and keeping your distance you can then sit back, letting everyone regenerate to max FP and health. Then you just buff everyone up and go forward to the last fight, this can make a huge difference.


    Another thing to keep your eye on during the fight is the tendency for the other two members of your team not to target the main Sith Lord-the one in the middle. As soon as the fight starts I always pause the game and flip through everyone to make sure they are all targeting the Sith Lord in the middle. Once he's taken out the fight becomes a lot easier. You should keep pausing the game every now and then so you can flip through the team, activating shields and using med packs when needed to keep them alive. It can be easy to forget you can do this since there are not all that many really hard battles in the game.

  9. GL has stated on several occasions that he wrote Starwars for kids, which is why there is no blood (the bar in Starwars IV apart) and no sex in the films. The EU can and sometimes does get far more graphic than the films, but they are aimed for a slightly older audience. The video games are aimed at the same general groups as the films-that is more towards kids, or at least aimed so that no one would complain if their kids watched/played them. This is why only Revenge of the Sith had a 12 rating (in England, not sure what the equivilent is in other countries). And to the best of my knowlage no Starwars game has had a higher rating than the KOTOR series.


    It is, therefore, a little pointless to say that you would have liked more violence or sex implied or otherwise as it was never going to happen.

  10. So... is there anyy possibility that this is KotOR 3? :lol: Or is there... not a chance?  :'(
    Knights of the New Republic, perhaps?

    Oh no, God, please no!


    Since LA has been talking about a Starwars game on the Wii, a game that would be set just after Revenge of the Sith, and since that looks like one of the Clone Troopers ships seen in that film. I'd say the image is taken from the Wii game, not from KOTOR 3.

  11. Some points to make;


    A: Comparing Sith Lords from different periods is difficult, mainly because the rule of two only started a thousand years before the films. It could be argued that When you have lots of Sith then those who take the mantle of Lord of the Sith would have to be more powerful as you've got more competition. Then again you could also argue that without having to worry about being shot in the back every second of the day you have more time to study and practice, so the Sith in question are more powerful as a result.


    B: Comparing Jedi from different times is also difficult. The Jedi order has been almost wiped out twice, and I'd assume quite a lot of information and skills would have been lost at those times. Jedi from older times might have known force powers that were lost.


    C: Comparing Luke Skywalker to anyone is pointless, his training was very short-a few months at most-while everyone else in the list had years of training. Its also worth noting that Vader and Papatine were attempting to convert Luke, not kill him outright, so they were probably not using their full powers when he faced them.


    D: Before you can ask "Who is the weakest?" you first have to define what you mean by powerful. If you connect power to ability in the force then Grevious is the weakest-he had no force powers. If you mean power as in what they could do not just with the force but with other resorces then Sidious would be the outright strongest-he could call on an entire Empires worth of resorces. Likewise Luke would be considered weaker than Windu in this context, Windu could call on the help of the entire Jedi order if he needed to. Luke on the otherhand couldn't call on any Jedi for quite some time as there were no other Jedi around. Then again you could mean power as in physical strength, in which case Grevious wins as his punch could put a dent in the side of a starfighter.

  12. also, the relationships wouldn't be as limited, by this I mean female exile falling in love with visas/mira/handmaiden and also that there would be kissing and hugging, and also passionate stuff if at all possible. oh and being able to kill random people to get more evilness, like in fable, if anyone's played that.


    A gay scene is never going to happen in Starwars, period. You forget that there are some very strong groups in the US that would boycott the game and raise merry hell if anything like that was so much as implied in the game, let alone shown. To give you an idea when the star of a US Sit-com came out as being gay these groups had enough clout to have her show pulled. LA is not going to try and tackle these groups, frankly it wouldn't be worth it.

  13. I guess a Sith Lord would argue that it doesn't matter how you win, only that you do. The ends justifying the means seems to be a common Sith/Dark Jedi trait after all. But I can see your point, Malak didn't fight Revan for the title Sith Lord...and when they did fight he lost.

  14. Theres one in the room with the droids in the administration building, but you need a pass card to open it (Thats the room at the far end of the northwest corridor, or to the right and around the corner as you exit the room with the administrator in it). You won't really have acess to this room until you are almost done on Dantooine. There is another workbench in the academy underlevel as well. (if you go down the passage to the left of where you enter and follow the corridor along and around, its the fourth doorway on the right as you go along.)

  15. I guess the way to do it would be to turn the melee shield on, use one of the stims, turn the shield on again, use another stim etc. I know I've used this when fighting Hannar-shield on then one maybe two actions before using the shield again. Can take ages and it helps to have a couple of melee shields in the inventory, but should work.....

  16. Manaan was a good idea...but not executed as well as it could have been. For all its large areas there seemed to be far to little to do, and there is only so much of the bubbling Selkath speach I could take before I wanted to nuke the planet on general principal.


    I think the point I'm trying to make is that I'm less interested in the number of planets they put into the next game, and more interested in having large worlds that have a lot to do-at least if you take the time to walk around exploring. The only world's in the last two games that really filled that requirment were Taris and Nar Shadaar.

  17. Your Dex bonus also affects your armour bonus as well as your ranged weapon skills. Having a dex score of 8 is a -1 to your armour class, not a problem if you have good armour but since you don't when you start (and you can't use a whole load of force powers with most armours) I'd advise against it.


    You might find a more ballanced mix of stats would be better for your GF, until she has a better idea of how she likes to play (ranged or melee).




    Str: 14

    Dex: 14


    Int: 12

    Wis: 12

    Cha: 12


    This grants a +1 bonus to most skills and abilities, +2 to melee and ranged attacks, +2 to the armour class and an extra +2 to your hit points per level. Sure there will be implants you can't use with this mix, but I've not found most of the high level implants to be all that useful since by the time I've found them I've got other items that do a better job.


    I'd also be wary of picking a guardian/weapon master class for a starting char, guess it depends on your GF and how hard she finds fighting. I'd go for a sentinal class to start with, that way she can build up a couple of the basic skills and avoiding fighting in some areas. (Stealth for example can be useful on Peragus, if no where else).

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